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measurement using a ruler

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measurement using a ruler

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CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A HUGE MAKEOVER! - Purchase now and receive free updates for life! Rulers just never seem to be big enough when teaching students how to read and use them! I decided that enough was enough and made an 8' 8" ruler that anyone can print out and put anywhere in their classroom th
3rd - 6th
Engage students with this fun, interactive measurement game. In this Find the Star game, student have to find 7 hidden behind 25 boxes. Play in teams or individually. Students must correctly measure each nail with the given ruler. If correct, the student or group may choose a square to find one of t
Here I have 5 worksheets suitable for students aged 4-8. The worksheets are all based on students using rulers to measure lines, shapes and objects. The sheets include: - Measuring the length of straight lines - Putting measurements of a line. eg- 2.5cm, 7cm, 10cm - Measuring all parts of a robot -
K - 3rd
The students will learn what a ruler is in regards to what it measures and what the lines mean on the ruler. Then, they will talk about estimating and use a ruler to measure inches and half inches.
1st - 3rd
This unit includes: A video with folding activity (Visual & Auditory Learners) Class Activity (Kinesthetic Learners) Power Point Presentation for progress monitoring Worksheets (Homework and Classwork) Measurement Monster Art Activity (use for differentiation) Quiz Parts of an inch can be a ch
3rd - 7th
Measuring with a ruler can be tricky to learn and frustrating to teach! I use this strategy to help my students learn an easier way to identify the inch, half inch, and quarter inch marks on a ruler. Whenever I am teaching this activity, I literally hear students say, "Ohhhhh, I get it!" What else d
2nd - 5th
This interactive digital presentation allows students to move a ruler to measure an object on the page. This activity can be uploaded to Google Drive to be assigned in students in Google Classroom.
Help your students practice measuring the length of lines using a ruler (provided) in this engaging math center activity. It's self-checking and allows the student to work independently so that you can work where you are needed. Plus, it has a variety of math puzzles so that you can meet the various
This is a lab activity that provides students with the opportunity to practice using a ruler and measuring objects. Students record their answers on the chart and then answer questions about the data in the chart. This activity also serves well when reviewing data. Before starting this activity, te
Easily test to see if your students know how to properly read the ruler and measure objects.The quiz comes in Google Forms - 15 questions worth a total of 30 points.They're self grading, so no need to waste time.If you want your students to practice and learn using the ruler, then I recommend Practi
This Measuring with a Ruler using Boom Cards set will give your students all the practice they need with using an inch ruler (not to scale) to measure shapes. Students will drag the rulers (semi-transparent) to the shape to measure sides. There are also questions they will need to answer like how
In this digital flowcard Boom cards™ deck, in-person, virtual (distance), or hybrid students will choose if they want to measure by the inch, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, or 1/8 inch and then will be taken to a rotating deck of 15 cards to measure different food or school supply items. Students will use the
Students will create their own community by picking different buildings, and measuring them with a provided ruler. There are three different templates of rulers: One labeled to the nearest inch, one to the nearest half inch, and one to the nearest quarter inch. All rulers can be used to measure
Have students practice reading and using a ruler... even if they don't have one!Worksheet 1: reading a rulerWorksheet 2: using a ruler (students have to set the ruler up to make each measurement)These worksheets can be printed, allowing students to cut out the ruler to use to answer the questions. T
This great 30 slide Power Point Activity is the perfect way to teach/review/practice measuring objects to the whole inch, half inch, or 1/4 inch using a ruler. It is designed to be used via virtual learning thru zoom or in the classroom in a projected smart board. It details the steps needed to take
This is a 6 page ready to use worksheet containing 7 different exercises where students learn by practice how to use a ruler. It fits perfectly into a 42 min period with 8th grade class. This worksheet be used in Mathematics, Science or Technology classes. It could be used with younger students. It
3rd - 12th, Adult Education
Students practice using a ruler to measure objects around the room to the nearest inch and half inch. Students measure objects on a page to the nearest inch, half inch and quarter inch. Both sets of pages give students real world examples to practice measuring. The worksheets include lines to aid in
A complete instructional - pedagogical unit on using a customary ruler.Highly successful unit - mostly taught through quick mini-lessons (Spaced Repetition System) for second semester 4th Graders through 8th Graders.FREE Unit.
Measuring lines using a ruler to CM
1st - 3rd
Measurement activity for centimeters/centimetres - This worksheet teaches the students how to read a ruler, by measuring the trains and then writing the measurement down. Once the students have measured the trains they need to color/colour the shortest train and the longest train.
1st - 3rd
These task cards allow students to practice measuring, combining, and finding the difference between objects.
This 4 page pdf. is perfect to introduce measuring to students. The set includes: 1 Poster with measurement diagram 2 pages of measuring task cards - 1 page for exact measuring - 1 page for estimating and actual size All my work is designed and created by me so I can customize any of my w
2nd - 4th
A great independent or group activity for students to practise using a ruler to measure objects.
K - 5th
Complete measurement unit for metric - linear.Easy lessons to run by a teacher of any level of experience.

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