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Measurement Estimation Kilograms and Grams Worksheet
This 1 page worksheet works on grams and kilograms. The students have to choose the proper label for 20 different objects. An example would be a large pickup truck is either 1,000 kg. or 1,000 grams. This worksheet is meant to go along with my smartboard lesson on measurement (Estimation) of Gra
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Measurement Estimation Grams and Kilograms Metric Smartboard Lessons
This 16-page smartboard lesson introduces the terms grams and kilograms. The students learn to estimate an appropriate unit of measurement for various things. This lesson is extremely interactive and will have the students coming to the board dragging and clicking as they find the correct answers
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Measurement Estimation US Customary and Metric System Worksheet Pack
These 6-pages of worksheets works estimating measurement using the US customary units and the metric system. The students have to choose the proper label for 20 different objects. An example would be a large pickup truck is either 2 pounds or 2 tons. These worksheet are meant to go along with my
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Measuring & Estimating Weight and Mass Powerpoint & Guided Notes
This product features a 48 page construction vehicles-themed powerpoint presentation that takes students step-by-step through the process how to understand the concepts of estimating & measuring weight and mass. The presentation includes these topics: - measurement tools - reading a balance and
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Grade 3 Math Interactive – Measure and Estimate Volumes and Masses 3.MD.2
Included are: Interactive Math PowerPoint Task Cards—to reinforce students’ practice and mastery of 3.MD.2. Measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects, using standard units of grams (g), kilograms (kg), milliliters (mL) and liters (l). ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Click here for a short video: Your
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Common Core Third Grade Measure and Estimate Liquid Volumes and Masses 3.MD.A.2
This files contains 8 printables that correlate with Common Core 3.MD.A.2, as well as some helpful tips. These pages can be used as guided practice, independent practice or homework. They are also a great way to review! 3.MD.A.2 – Measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects using sta
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Metric Measurement - Estimating with Grams and Kilograms
This sort is designed to help students make estimates in regards to the appropriate metric measurement for the given object. Students will cut out the pictures provided, determine whether they are to use grams or kilograms, and then glue the appropriate measurement under the picture. Materials nee
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Mass and Capacity: Milliliters, Liters, Grams, and Kilograms
Mass and Capacity Printables: Milliliters, Liters, Grams, and Kilograms Looking for some quick activities to use to teach about measuring mass and capacity using metric units? These pages are designed to be quick prints to supplement your capacity and mass unit. Here’s a run-down of what this pack
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3rd Grade Math STAAR Test Prep BUNDLE ~ALL TEKS Included & Common Core Alignment
3rd Grade Test Prep-Practice Bundle! All TEKS included and Common Core alignment. Looking for multi-step standardized formatted practice assessments? These assessments could be used as review, practice, mini assessments, state test practice, and small group! Great for RTI! Processing Standards are
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ALL YEAR BUNDLE! Looking for multi-step standardized formatted practice worksheets/mini-assessments? These assessments could be used as Teach, Practice, Review, Independent Practice, Mini-Assessments, Guided Math, Intervention, Homework, and Test-Prep! - ⭐ Comes with TEKS and Common Core Alignment,
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Eureka Math EngageNY 5th Grade Word Wall BUNDLE
These are ALL vocabulary words introduced and used in Eureka Math's modules for fifth grade. Vocabulary words have definitions and can be used as a word wall for student reference. Pictures are displayed on some words to help demonstrate meaning.  All words included are listed below. ☟ OVER 150 WOR
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3rd Grade Measurement and Data Games Bundle
Measurement: Measurement and Data Math Games Bundle gives students a fun way to practice all of the 3rd grade Common Core Measurement and Data standards. This bundle contains nine measurement and data board games. Each game contains at least 30 word problem game cards and a game board to help you
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Interactive Notebook - Liquid Volume and Mass {3.MD.2}
Math Interactive Notebook 3.MD.2 This is a set of activities to use in your math interactive notebooks. This set is aligned with the following Common Core standard in the Measurement and Data domain: CCSS.Math.Content.3.MD.A.2 Measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects using standar
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Measurement Second Grade Math Notebook
Are you using INTERACTIVE MATH NOTEBOOKS in your classroom? You really should be! My students love them, create them, reference them, and will take them home at the end of the school year where they will continue to learn from them! They can be used in either a whole group or small group setting. Th
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No Prep Measurement
FUN Measurement Practice! Includes elapsed time, length, volume, and mass! Give your students FUN area and perimeter practice with these 50+ printables! ************************************************************************************** No Prep Needed All you have to do is print, and you're rea

Get this as part of a bundle: No Prep Math Bundle

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3rd Grade Common Core "I Can" Statements: Math + Language Arts DELUXE Set BUNDLE
This BUNDLED set is truly DELUXE!! Please take a moment to view the "Preview" to find out why. You will see that along with "I Can" statements, I have emphasized relevant vocabulary words and added examples, strategies, explanations, and mini-exemplars to help children truly feel that they CAN achie
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