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The "Grade 4 Measuring Length, Height and Distance" (linear measurement) activity packet is designed to meet the specific expectations outlined in the Ontario Grade 4 Mathematics curriculum. This activity packet builds on students' knowledge of the centimetre and metre and introduces students to the
The "Grade 3 Measuring Length, Height and Distance" (linear measurement) activity packet is designed to meet the specific expectations outlined in the Ontario Grade 3 Mathematics curriculum. This activity packet builds on students' knowledge of the centimetre and metre and introduces students to the
This height and length activity pack is full of FUN, creative, and engaging activities perfect for math stations, small groups and independent work. All activities are designed with minimal words, and maximum visual clues. This helps all students, regardless of reading ability, feel confident and ab
Be it measuring, converting cm to m, data handling, estimation, graphing, or science, this outdoor math activity has it all. Your students will use a practical technique to measure and record the height of trees around your outdoor space before compiling their results into a chart that could be used
Pick a lollipop and compare the length to other sweets! identify objects as shorter than/ taller than the referent. Product Includes:6 lollipop referents 12 objects (for comparing)Recording SheetSpeech bubble sentence frame
In Measuring your Height: How much did you grow in a year? students will keep track of their growth throughout the school year by measuring their height using only a ruler. Students will make pencil marks on a wall and make calculations using this guided activity to get their height. This is a great
This activity allows students to get out of the classroom and apply their knowledge of right triangle trigonometry in a fun and collaborative way by finding heights of tall structures, buildings, trees, etc. Instructions for making a clinometer (angle of elevation measuring tool) are included. Mater
Your students will LOVE this lesson! Each child will use measurement skills:estimation, length, width, height, area and volume to create a duct tape shoe that measures the same as their own shoe! This is such an exciting differentiated measurement lesson because each child's shoe will be different!
This worksheet was designed for teaching Kindergarten students about length and height. The students were given three examples to find together before independently completing the worksheet. Students will use informal measurements such as unifix cubes or blocks to measure the length and/or height of
A lovely 1 hour lesson freebie!This products contains:- 5 Slide PowerPoint- 1 Lesson Plan- 1 Worksheet to carry out practical activitiesThis resource is about comparing two lengths using a strip of paper cut to the same height of each child in the class. The children will enjoy this activity. It is
In this activity, students draw their family in order from shortest to tallest.
Measurement 2nd and 3rd Grade using Standard measurementStudents will create drawings using a ruler and will follow written dimensions by using and not confusing words related to linear measurement height, width, and length.This product now includes pages containing measuring to the half inch and q
This Measurement unit focuses on length, area, and weight using non-standard units. It was created with the K-1 learner in mind. There are both whole group activities, individual activities, and activities that can be placed in a work station for students to do in groups. Inside you will find: -
Pumpkin Investigations is a fun way to get your students engaged in hands-on seasonal math activities! This pumpkin math investigation package is full of estimating and measuring activities! ❤️ Pumpkin activities are perfect for fall, and a great alternative to Halloween activities!This 30-page resou
DIGITAL AND PRINT: In this measurement activities packet, your students will practice measuring length with standard units in inches. ** DIGITAL COMPATIBLE: Through TpT Digital Activities, this product contains an INTERACTIVE PDF with answer boxes added. You will also be able to annotate and customi
Try a fun and novel way to assess your student's knowledge of finding the area of triangles: a maze!! Directions: Students begin at the box under the large "start here" arrow. They find the area of the triangle shown and follow their choice to the next box, continuing through the maze until the “E
Measurement Activities for inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and metersAre you looking for some new and engaging activities to spice up your measurement unit?! Your students will have so much FUN with these pirate themed measurement activities, like creating their own treasure map, going on a classr
The activities in this pack were designed to offer extra practice with measuring while graphing data on a line plot. Your students will practice measuring to the nearest inch or centimeter, recording data, and then graphing data onto a line plot. Each activity is engaging and offers hands-on pra
Looking for challenges, enrichment, or just out-of-the-ordinary math practice for your second graders? These 220 no-prep games, written responses, and activities are for you! No boring worksheets here – just hit print and go! Each packet contains 20 no-prep printables. (The 2 and 3 digit regroup
Use this fun craftivity to practice measuring and comparing lengths! Students will create a city, measure the buildings, and then compare the various building heights. This low-prep activity can be used with centimeters or inches. Included: * Teacher Directions * 4 Comparing Sheets (cm, in, ",
Teach kids all about pumpkins when you use these pumpkin investigation printables in your science center and beyond. Perfect for your pumpkins theme, fall theme, or Halloween theme unit or lesson plans. Kids can learn about science and STEM in a fun, hands-on, developmentally appropriate way. T
This product now includes both a PDF and JPEG image files of all student pages for easy upload in Seesaw, Google Classroom, or any virtual or distance learning model. You may email it directly to families or use it in any secure closed digital environment. Need some easy to implement measurement
Find the volume of rectangular prisms by counting cubes and using the length x width x height and base x height formulas. Interactive practice opportunities make this activity engaging and bright graphics bring the wow factor! Students interact with slides by moving pieces around and using text boxe
Want an easy way to review the 5th grade math skills that is low prep and more engaging than just a worksheet? These Roll and Answer math activities are the perfect addition to any math instruction or math center routine.This set of 5th grade math activities includes 9 ready to use, self-checking ma

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