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Measuring the Classroom in inches, feet, yards, centimeters and meters. These activities are great for partner or small group work. Students estimate, measure items, and find differences in estimations and actual measurements. . Students have a measurement Scavenger Hunt in the classroom to find
Make measurement fun by having students find the perimeter and area of different attractions and buildings at the theme park! Two different versions are included, one with meters and one with feet. Both have a recording sheet for students to record their answers on. BONUS: A final project for st
This product has guided practice activites for centimeters, inches, feet, and meters. There is a page with generic things to measure that should be in each classroom. There is a second page for each unit of measurement that is blank so students can choose what to estimate and then measure. An exit c
Choose a lettered card and find the real object in your classroom. Use a centimeter ruler (included) or meter stick to measure the object in centimeters and meters. Record your answers. This is a great activity for small groups, partners or individual work!This center is aligned with Go Math Lesson
This product has 10 worksheets to practice measurement. Worksheet 1: Determining whether an object should be measured in centimeters or meters.Worksheet 2: Estimating, measuring, and finding the difference in centimeters.Worksheet 3: Measuring the difference between 2 objects in centimeters. Drawin
Dimensions to show size for areas or perimeters Clipart Set - 42 pieces of clip art in a pack or bundle for your worksheets or educational resources. All images or pictures are high resolution so you can have large illustrations of them and they'll still be clean and beautiful.Images are in PNG form
Use this product to introduce, practice or review measurement. Activities include using inches, feet, centimeters and meters. Students are encouraged to measure and then to explain their thinking.
I created this resource to give my students a chance to practice using a ruler or measuring tape to measure to the nearest centimeter or meter and determine the length, width, or height of an object. I chose common items students would have in their homes like sofas, trash cans, beds, and refrigerat
Choose a lettered card and find the real object in your classroom. Estimate length or height of each object in meters. Record your answers. This is a great activity for small groups, partners or individual work!This center is aligned with Go Math Lesson 9.6 but can be used by anyone teaching measure
This worksheet was designed as an exit ticket for determining whether to measure in centimeters or meters.
Common Core & Marzano Friendly Simple and fun to use. All the work is done for you and reusable each year. Subject Area: Math Recommended Grade Range: K-5; K-1 Enrichment; 2 On-Level; 4-5 Reteaching Domain: Measurement and Data Cluster: Measure and estimate lengths in standard units Common
Finding objects to measure in meters is hard to find. This activity will offer measuring of objects in meters for extra practice for students.
I created this worksheet to go along with an introductory 5th grade lesson in converting meters. After having a discussion about meters and the meter stick, I set kids free with their math partner to measure some items in the room and fill out only the Object Column and the Measurement column. We g
This is a fantastic set of 12 worksheets that are designed to introduce students to metric measurement. They introduce students to centimeters, meters and millimeters in a fun and varied way. All worksheets are no prep printables, so you should just be able to print and go! Details below. How to me
This Second Grade Common Core Measurement Unit contains over 285 pages of step-by-step lesson plans, assessments, teacher and parent resources, activities, centers, daily checks, and more! Students will explore attributes, non-standard and standard units (Customary and Metric Measurement Systems),
These games make 2nd grade measurement and data standards so much fun to practice! This 2nd Grade Measurement & Data Games Pack contains 26 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice telling time to five minutes, interpreting different types of graphs, counting money, me
Google Paperless Practice - 2nd Grade Measurement & Data Google Classroom Bundle Engage your students in practicing key measurement and data skills with these interactive DIGITAL resources that work with Google Slides™. No more copies to be made, no more printer ink, and no more lost papers! P
This sorting activity is a fun way to reinforce estimating measurement for objects in both the metric and US measurement systems. In this activity students will choose the best unit of measurement to use for common objects. Common Core Correlation: 2.MD.3 Estimate lengths using units of inches, fe
This is a hands-on measurement unit for centimeters and meters.This unit is all interactive. Everything in here is hands-on and is done with real measuring!This unit includes-Estimating Measurement Scavenger Hunt-Measuring the Playground Activity-Comparing measurements with animal task cards-Measure
Measurement, Time, Money & Data worksheets provide your students with extra practice with learning and mastering their skills.There are 82 printable and 82 digital worksheets in this resource. The digital worksheets are designed in Google Slides™ and can be used in Google Classroom™. These are
This complete kit of (27 pages) includes seven activities for everything you need to introduce non-standard unit measuring and then transition your students to standard length measuring, with US customary and metrics. How can I use this product?Really helps solidify the concept through hands-on acti
Need strategies to teach 6/8 meter or time signature? This product includes the following:*Songs and chants to teach 6/8 meter: Oh my fish in the sky, Chop Chop Chippity Chop, Oliver Cromwell, The Grand Old Duke of York, Fais Do Do, Risseldy Rosseldy*Rhythm manipulatives for writing rhythms in 6/8 m
The Metric Measurement Unit includes labs and activities centered around the topic of metric measurement. (Includes 10 files below) 1) Science Safety and Sensibility: Students categorize equipment and find and explain mistakes of equipment use in passages. 2) Measurement Tools: After reviewing the
5 days of worth of interactive measurement lessons with links to directly add to Seesaw as assignments. These lessons include inches, feet, yards, centimeters, & meters. Use posters to teach introduce measurement each unit of measurement. Answer keys & examples to also included.Daily Overvie

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