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medieval europe project

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Student will research Charlemagne and then determine if he should be viewed as a villain or a hero. Students will use evidence to form an opinion about the controversial, historical figure. They can complete a poster or write a dialogue. I highly recommend that students read a book that can be fo
Medieval Times - Middle Ages & Early Modern Times for Google Classroom! 33 digital / paperless projects for your students! Medieval Times - Middle Ages - Early Modern Times Series This product contains 33 digital projects for 11 units that students can complete using Google Slides! The 11 un
The year is 600 C.E. and your students come across a “Help Wanted” ad in the Classified section. Tours & Co. is in need of an experienced, knowledgeable and articulate tour guide to teach tourists about the city of Constantinople during medieval times. In lieu of a formal interview, Tours &amp
This set of 18 anchor charts can be used as a classroom reference tool when studying Medieval Europe (The Middle Ages). This set contains information on the culture, religion and political influences of Medieval Europe (The Middle Ages). Each anchor chart will provide students a visual and concise
Timelines are a very important tool to use to visualize major events in a given period in history. Students will create a timeline of important events in medieval European history between 476 and 1450 C.E. Handout includes specific and clear requirements and rubric. Customer Tips You can earn
15 ready-to use pages on the Middle Ages for interactive notebooks in 2 sizes. This set includes templates, template directions, pictures of notebook pages and possible responses for notes on the Middle Ages. These provide a great way to organize information on the Middle Ages in an engaging way.
This project is a really fun and creative way for students to show off what they learned about the Crusades. Students will create the rules and directions for the game, create the required pieces, and create a colorful and detailed board game.The Resource Includes:✓ Step-by-Step Directions, Requirem
This is an activity for students to complete once they have learned about Medieval Knights and the code of chivalry. This has them create their own coat of arms for them/their family using medieval English symbols and colors. After the students have finished creating their coat of arms, they then
5th - 7th
Run for your lives! The end of the world is nigh!The Black Death represents a major turning point in European history. In an age where medical science was practically non-existent, people attributed the plague to punishment from God, a conspiracy promulgated by Jews, and "evil" clouds known as mia
Creating visuals for topics in history truly help the content come alive! Your students will work in small groups of three to create a visual that portrays the status, roles and responsibilities of the four social groups that made up feudalism during the Middle Ages in Europe. Each group member wi
Peasants in Medieval Europe immerses students in history in ways that are both fun and interactive. Over the course of three days, your students will learn about the daily lives of peasants and be able to apply them to a variety of scenarios that address common core reading and writing standards.
Your students are medieval scribes who have been hired to create help wanted advertisements to find qualified people to become knights. The task of your students is to create help wanted ads describing the roles, responsibilities, privileges and hardships of knights. Additionally, an optional extens
Driving Question:How can we learn from people in the past?Description:Sixth and seventh-grade students immediately travel back in time to the beginning of human history as they embark on their study of world history. From Mesopotamia to the Age of Enlightenment, they meet the people and learn about
Over 10 resources for a unit on Medieval Europe at a deeply discounted price. Ideal for both the seasoned veteran who wants to add some creative and thoughtful activities to their repertoire, and, of course, the rookie who wants to complement their growing collection of engaging lessons.You may also
This resource features a list of many of the key aspects of the Middle Ages, specifically Medieval Europe, The Crusades and the Bubonic Plague . Task: Students will build a PowerPoint/ Google Slides presentation based off of the listed topics which follows the rubric attached. Requirements: internet
Pick and Choose Assessments Tasks for your class - Up to 25 lessons total timeAssessment 1 - Charlemagne - Scaffolded biographical essay or report - 3 or 4 complete 40 - 50 minute lessons. Assessment 2 - Richard the Lionheart - Creation of a prepared speech (oral presentation optional) - 3 complete
This digital Social Studies resource is an interactive Google Slides presentation for Medieval Europe/ the Middle Ages! This activity features 26-slides about the Middle Ages that cover the time period from the end of the Roman Empire to the start of the Renaissance in Europe. Important topics addre
Students create a museum and guided tour as a cumulative review of Medieval History covering Byzantines and Slavs, Islam, the Rise of Medieval Europe, and Medieval Europe at its Height. There are 14 main components (most with sub-sections) with academic and creative requirements. For each area of t
7th - 10th

Also included in: Medieval History Mega Bundle

Over 50 resources for a middle school World History course at a deeply discounted price. Ideal for both the seasoned veteran who wants to add creative and thoughtful activities to their repertoire, and, of course, the rookie who wants to complement their growing collection of engaging lessons.Highli
This creative Newscast Project will be the highlight of your Middle Ages unit! This no-prep activity works for both PDF and Google Drive, and can be used at any point in your Middle Ages or Medieval Europe unit, or even at the end as a review activity or final assessment!The skit/newscast topics inc
This activity is a fun way to include factual research about a specific time period with fictional writing. Students write a first person essay as a character type/person from history telling about his/her life during that time in the past. Essay must include factual information and show creativity.
It is the 11th century and King Henry I, has required that your students, experienced knights, create a training manual book for kids to study before they become expert and well-trained knights. Students will take on the perspective of a trained and experienced adult knight in the 11th century.
6th - 9th
This is fun way for your students to learn about knights in Medieval Europe.This product begins with a Summary Reading and Questions handout (answer key included). This is a brief, one page reading discusses how someone in the Middle Ages becomes a knight, from page to squire to knight, and the dut
The task of your students is to create a book cover for the Magna Carta. A book cover includes the front cover, spine and back cover of the book. This is a project that gives your students the opportunity to be creative, but their writing and images must be based on historical evidence.Included in

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