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These Cootie Catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about ancient Mesopotamia. How to Play and Assembly Instructions are included.These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary terms: Mesopotamia, Sargon, Cuneiform, Gilgamesh, Ziggurat, Tigris river, Euphrates river
Ancient Mesopotamia BOTH DIGITAL & PRINT Board Game using Google Slides and Google Classroom! Perfect review game before the exam! Sound effects, Dice, and Game Markers. and 13 EDITABLE Questions and Answers Included! Aligned with:Ancient Mesopotamia ExamMesopotamia ResourcesThis resource is par
This Mesopotamia game is a great way for kids to review for the big test! Form groups, set up podiums, choose a score keeper, and start the game. Students will be engaged and will have a great time with their friends while taking advantage of a little friendly competition.
Egypt and Mesopotamia Review! Students Play Jeopardy-like Game to Review!In this Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia game, students play Trivia Challenge, a game that plays like Jeopardy, to review content on the Egyptians, ancient Mesopotamia, Sumerians, Babylonians, ancient Hebrews, and more! This revi
***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft Word documents can also be saved as Google Docs and used in Google or other digital classrooms ***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft PowerPoint files can also be saved as Google Slides and used in Google or other digital classrooms This d
Want a fun and engaging way to review main ideas about Ancient Mesopotamia? This game is set up in the style of Jeopardy and is organized by the GRAPES categories (Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economy, & Social Class). There are 30 questions and answer slides. Use it in class to
This is a fast paced, engaging, whole class review game for a unit on Mesopotamia. Students are given cards with a question and answer on each. When one student reads their question, other students check to see if they have the answer and then quickly answer and read the question on their cards. Stu
This Ancient Mesopotamia Quiz Show features a review game based off of a popular television game show. With 25 questions and answers in a PowerPoint presentation, review Ancient Mesopotamia in a fun game-like atmosphere with teams or as individuals as you cruise through these questions from the pas
This editable Power Point review game highlights the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Israel. The game shows the correct answers by highlighting the answer with a green box upon clicking. Used in a Special Education classroom, using simplified language.
This popular “I Have, Who Has” game is a fun way for students to review what they learned about Ancient Mesopotamia. This game has 36 cards. Some of the topics are listed below: • The Fertile Crescent • Irrigation/Farming • Sumer • Ziggurats • Division of Labor • Social Classes • Innovations • Cu
Jeopardy style review game about ancient Mesopotamia. This pulls up in PowerPoint and is fully editable. There is a study guide and a unit exam that goes along with this review. This correlates with 6th grade TN social studies standards.
This is an interactive horse race! Assign students in pairs to one of the five horses. Students take turns answering the questions relating to the unit of ancient Mesopotamia. There are 25 questions to answer.
5th - 6th
These fun, animated games are perfect for 1:1, distance learning, and home schooling! They have unique challenges that are like a video game! • Approximate Game Length: 10-15 minutes• This game is a macro-enabled PowerPoint slide show. The animation and game elements will not work in Google Slides.
World Geography students play "I have who has" with 48 cards and up to 4 extension tasks to review ancient Mesopotamia and the Middle East (Southwest Asia). Topics and people covered include physical geography, Hammurabi's Code, cuneiform, Kurds, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, caliphs, Moses, Zionis
This product is a fun, engaging, and exciting way to prepare students for their ancient Mesopotamia chapter test! In this review game students work in groups to complete the Amazing Race. Each round consists of multiple questions. Students must complete all questions before they can proceed to the
This listing contains 36 review cards for various topics related to Mesopotamia. Simply, print, cut, and play! These cards are great to use for many different Kagan questioning activities, as board game cards, for trashcan basketball, or with many other review games. The possibilities are endless. P
Overview of Mesopotamia unit. Answers included in parenthesis below questions.
Product Description: Review the Unit on Ancient MesopotamiaThese games are a fun way for students to review near the end of a unit. It works well for groups of 2-4 players. How can I use this product?1. You will need a die or dial for this review game.2. Place students in small groups.3. Students wi
Test includes 44 questions and is graded to 100% score. Scope: Hunter gatherers Effect of Farming 7 Characteristics of a Civilization Emergence of Civilizations Mesopotamia (Babylonians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Persians) Test includes the following: - Key Terms - High order thinking multiple c
The powerpoint is a fun, exciting review game to engage each of your students!
Test includes 42 questions and is graded to 100% score. Scope: Big focus on India - Indus River Valley, Hinduism, Buddhism, Indian Empires Egypt Mesopotamia (Only one or two questions) Test includes the following: - Key Terms - High order thinking multiple choice - Graphic Interpretation - S
THE EPIC TALE OF GILGAMESH100 digital multiple choice questions about Gilgamesh in a powerpoint game format will help your students review for the semester exam. Teachers may edit to fit their classroom needs.Let your students have fun reviewing Gilgamesh with this 100 question powerpoint trivia gam
Jeopardy Powerpoint game synched up to the Jeopardy theme song. It contains two Daily Doubles as well as a Final Jeopardy question. Once the file is opened it can be edited for content as well as name changes.
This one-page Promethean flipchart is a self-paced review game that uses Promethean expressions (clickers). It covers material pertaining to the Sahara Desert, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and the beginning of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This flipchart review game supplements the flip

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