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In this activity students practice complete a chart of measurements in words and their abbreviations. An overview of abbreviations and their rules is given at the top of the page. Measurements include both customary and metric. Answer key is included.
Over 10 different activities, over 50% off! This abbreviations value pack includes a guide to commonly abbreviated words and different activities that help students to put them into practice! Abbreviations are grouped into categories including days, months, people, street names, and measurements (cu
Have you heard the news? King Henry died by drinking chocolate milk! Like, please excuse my dear Aunt Sally, this mnemonic device is handy to have in the math classroom. This activity sets your students up for success with converting measurements within the metric system. Designed to help meet the f
Teach students about the metric system using the included print and digital activities. Students will learn to measure for mass, length, and volume using the printable worksheets, digital interactive notebook ( DINB ), or Nearpod activity. Students will practice measuring in meters, liters, and gram
Introduce metric measurement to your students using this eleven-page packet of worksheets that will detail how to use the triple beam balance, graduated cylinder and centimeter ruler to determine the mass, volume, and length of an object. Students will have a deeper understanding of how to measure a
The math pages included are practice pages after a skill has been taught or for students to use during a lesson. This covers CCSS 4MD1 and 4MD2. The following items are included. In all there are 22 pages and 70 center cards. There are worksheets along with activities that involve the metric and cu
This bundle includes 4 worksheets plus a reference sheet. They can be used as homework, classwork, or both! A great product to add to your collection. Metric Conversion Practice # 1 (3 pages)- students familiarize themselves with metric prefixes, creating conversion factors, and simple unit convers
This engaging activity puts a fun spin on learning how to convert and compare metric measurements for length (mm, cm, m & km), mass (g & kg), and capacity (mL & L). First, students complete three worksheets that include the following skills:- writing abbreviations for units- classifying
VOCABULARY in DESIGNS . . . Early Finishers Activity Color by Words in FUN Worksheets Students classify words in categories of color-coded geometric designs Great review activity for subs, early finishers, center work, whole class, or homework. Vocabulary and comprehension improve through clas
This colorful, engaging, and extensive Powerpoint presentation teaches the Customary and Metric Systems including the units of length for inches, feet, miles, yards, millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, meter, and kilometer. The Powerpoint theme is Finding Nemo, which is kept consistent throughout (v
This activity begins with a handout which describes a simple method for setting up and solving metric and customary (standard) unit conversions for capacity,distance, and weight problems. It is used when you want to convert one unit of measurement to another; for example, if you want to convert inc
Measurement: Metric Units Thinking Links Activity - Length (millimeter, centimeter, meter, and kilometer), Weight (gram and kilogram), and Volume (milliliter and liter) - King Virtue's Classroom This Thinking Links Activity is a great tool to use to see what students have learned! How does this Thi
This mini-unit plan is designed to teach basic kitchen measurement and conversion skills to students. It can be adapted for use with middle years, secondary, or special education students. During this mini-unit, students will learn to: - Properly measure wet and dry ingredients - Identify and conve
A highly engaging whole-class activity where students compare and convert measurements within the Metric system! Each worksheet represents a small section of the big picture! This task ensures individual accountability (every worksheet is different) while harnessing collaborative motivation (Every
This is a worksheet bundle of over 15 worksheets anScroll down for additional details about this product and the topics covered in this PowerPoint. Scroll down for additional details about this product and the worksheets included in this bundle. Other Worksheet Bundles: Motion, Acceleration, Newton
Abbreviation Sorts - No prep!, All you need is glue and scissors Content: Match the Address Abbreviation Sort #1 Match the Address Abbreviation Sort #2 Match the Address Abbreviation Sort #3 Match the Measurement Abbreviation Sort #1 Match the Measurement Abbreviation Sort #2 Match the Measurement
This unit has a set of picture cards for weight, length, and capacity (with each set containing 6 cards). These are to be matched to the metric unit with which each item would be measured. These units are on umbrella cards. There is a set with the words and a set with abbreviations on them. The
Metric Measurement Abbreviation Practice Worksheet Great for students who need extra practice in identifying correct unit of measure.
Convert the number to the given unit. Students will learn about measures of length in the metric system including their abbreviation. They will order the units and convert within the metric system. Category: Measuring Lengths Module: Converting Metric Units of Length To find out more, check us
Which unit of volume should you use to measure the capacity of an object? Students will identify the best unit to use when measuring length, mass, and volume in the Metric System. They will identify the abbreviations and meanings of the prefixes for different units of measurement. Category: Meas
This worksheet is great for students who struggle with deciphering which units belong to which measurement system.
Two metric measurement warm-up exercises, one to practice correct abbreviations, and the other to practice using appropriate units. Answer key is included.
Metric measurement abbreviation practice for Direct Instruction, Guided Practice, and Explicit Instruction use. There are 37 slides in which I cover all abbreviations and provide three examples of each. See sample. Please see abbreviation worksheet in my store - it goes along perfectly with this s
This metric units of length bundle includes card games to help students practice comparing metric units of length (three levels for easy differentiation), posters for the classroom, and practice worksheets. Metric Units of Length Materials: Working with metric units of lengths is challenging! Make i

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