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This product includes handy reference sheets for customary units of measure as well as metric units of measure (capacity/volume, length, weight and mass). These are the perfect resource for interactive notebooks or for use as reference during a unit of study on measurement. In addition to the inclus
FREE Measurement Conversion Chart! Includes all conversion rates for metric and customary units of length, weight, and capacity. Also includes time. I print these on card-stock and then laminate them. They live inside my classroom desks so students have them on hand AT ALL TIMES! Check out t
This math reference sheet is exactly what you need to help support your students in learning units of measurement. Use as a preview for third graders, for instruction in fourth grade, or as a review sheet for fifth grade. Aligned to fourth grade standards and to Go-Math Chapter 12. With no added co
This resource will help your students practice Measurement Approximations for lengths in Metric and Customary Units. This game makes a great Guided Math Station! Your students will have a great time playing Emoji Sliders: Approximate Length Game while thinking and discerning about customary and
This product includes a student reference page, 2 practice worksheets where students convert metric length units (with Answer Key!), and 12 matching cards to cut out and use as a center, extra or guided practice, or any creative way you can think of! Students work from larger units to smaller units,
Units of Measure Chart for Math Notebooks I use this in our interactive notebooks so students have a reference for these units of measure. I have also included my handy tips on how to remember the approximate measurements for Customary and Metric weight. While not exact, the bread and peanut comp
These reference sheets are the perfect tool to help your 4th graders remember those tricky topics. I like to print and laminate these as a reference tool that can be utilized year after year. They can be printed & glued into math notebooks or laminated & stored at your small group table for
This product helps students to navigate the STAAR Math Reference Materials Chart. Includes:Scavenger HuntIndependent PracticeAssessmentSkills Assessed:Recognizing halves, fourths, and eighths on the customary rulerRecognizing halves on the metric rulerUsing the customary and metric rulers to measure
Printable Mini Anchor Chart and Booklet: Converting Customary / Metric Units of Measurement using In & Out TablesBooklet includes 14 word problems in which students will use the included Math Reference Chart to convert units of length, capacity, mass/weight, and time. In order to determine if th
This worksheet is a practice sheet for converting between different units in both customary and metric units of length. It includes a guide with a diagram for reference at the top of the page to help students with their conversions. This worksheet can be used as homework, an informal or formal ass
This PowerPoint outlines some of the measurements used in a physical science classroom and their base units of measure in the metric system: length (meter), mass (gram), volume (Liter), density, and temperature (Kelvin).
My "Back To My Seat Stations" are a quick and easy way for students to practice the skills they have already learned. They are a great way to keep your early finishers busy and productive. I keep a bin of Back To My Seat Stations available in the classroom for my students who finish assignments earl
This Units of Measurement Reference Sheet is a great tool to use to help students convert units of measurement. This reference sheet will also help students when learning measurements and their equivalents. Customary & Metric Units of Length, Weight, Capacity, and Units of Time are included in t
Converting U.S Customary Units of Measurement: Capacity and Length Posters and Practice Help your students convert U.S. Customary capacity and length (aka American Standard Measurements) with these easy to remember visuals! Finally, a conversion chart students can understand and memorize with no p
Practicing using lab tools, measurements, and the metric system has never been more fun! Your students will be fully engaged and learning when they complete this engaging hands-on lab! This has been a great way for my students to learn and retain the critical skill of measuring with common lab tools
This 9-page lesson packet covers everything you need to introduce students to metric unit conversions. All the numbers in this lesson are whole numbers making calculations very simple for students. What's included? ✔Instructional Guide✔Measurement Conversion Reference Sheet ✔Teacher Lead Problem-
The 44 task cards in this collection require students to map out their thinking by modeling a solution to each problem and then explain their reasoning in writing. Each task is designed to help you implement the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice in your classroom on a daily basis. Th
Metric Measurement Conversion Posters and PracticeConverting Units of Metric Measurement Posters and PracticeDo your students struggle with how to convert metric units or whether to divide or multiply when converting measurements?Help your students convert metric units with these easy to remember vi
This product has been a life saver for me for several years! I give this to students at the beginning of our measurement unit. It includes all customary and metric equivalencies for length, weight/mass, and capacity. It also includes units of time. It shows what which units are greater in their resp
Everything you need to teach Metric Measurement! * Math in Focus * Singapore Math aligned Use this METRIC MEASUREMENT UNIT to teach students to use tools to measure, make appropriate estimations of length, choose the appropriate unit of measurement for an object, use measurements and data to compa
Are you using Go Math! in your classroom? Looking for a reference guide of the Go Math! strategies for the second grade curriculum? If so, you have found the right resource! This product was made for teachers looking for a guide for students to reference to help them recall and apply the problem-sol
Need a reference chart for your chemistry, physics, or IPC course? Looking for something that visually demonstrates the differences between US customary units and metric units? Want something that has a ton of cool facts that your students can spend hours studying to find them all? Need it to be in
Kids master equivalencies and have fun with this complete customary measurement unit. Learning scaffolds from simple problems with conversion tables to word problems. Then they extend understanding with mixed measures and mixed measures word problems. Before the assessment, kids practice with the "J
This bundle includes everything you need for a fun and engaging unit on measurement using the metric system. Throughout the unit students are exposed to various scientific tools in order to learn, use, and understand the metric system. The various activities in this bundle include both independent a

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