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FREE Measurement Conversion Chart! Includes all conversion rates for metric and customary units of length, weight, and capacity. Also includes time. I print these on card-stock and then laminate them. They live inside my classroom desks so students have them on hand AT ALL TIMES! Check out t
Included is a set of 30 multiple choice task cards. Each card lists an object to be measured and four metric units. The students are to decide which units would be best for the measurement. Also included are three benchmark measurement cards. These cards give pictures for students to identify
This activity is designed for use with 5th and 6th grade students and features a metric conversion method using a base ten place value chart.  This makes the process very visual and easy for students to manipulate.  (It may also be appropriate for very capable 4th graders.) Related Products Fracti
These FREE! Cornell Doodle Notes combine two effective note-taking strategies and can be used to introduce or review the Metric System. The notes begin with a section that shows why the Imperial system is quite silly (especially for science!). Then, they cover that 10 is the ‘magic number’ of the Me
Free printable to help students convert between different units of measurement in the metric system.
Are you looking ways to keep your students engaged and learning here at the end of the school year or after testing? Or for a unique way to practice measurement problems? These puzzle race games are perfect for those times when students just need more time with their skills, but not in worksheet for
Practice measurement conversions for length within the metric or U.S. standard systems with this memory matching card game. Perfect activity for a math center or partner work!This download is one pdf file that includes:★Game directions poster★20 metric length equivalent cards (using millimeters, cen
Use this GREAT resource to help students convert from metrics and into metrics! This simple concise tool can be kept as part of a binder or notebook all year! This product pairs nicely with my HUGE METRICS BUNDLE! Check it out! Metrics Measuring Bundle: Introduce & practice length, volume, mass
This is a "cheat sheet" that I give to my students to study form and use on homework, etc. It list the basic customary and metric conversions for length, capacity, and weight. There are two on each letter sized page to save paper. Also, check out my Metric and Customary measurements books. So Fun!
This Power Point contains basic measurement notes for both Standard and Metric Measurement. These notes are perfect for introducing these standards! Contains information for length, mass, capacity and temperature measurments. If you like this product you may enjoy: Fill in Chart for Measuremen
If your students are having a hard time converting in metric, this chart may help. -Excellent resource for interactive math notebooks! - Interactive - Color-coded - Meters, Grams, and Liters! (length, weight, volume) It includes the slider bar for the units, a mnemonic sentence for quick memoriz
Pokemon Go, but with math! Included: posters to hang up around the school, as well as a worksheet students use to record answers. In order to "Catch them All" students must correctly answer the metric conversion problems.
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINTABLES: You will download six free sampler task cards for teaching your 4th grade students standard and metric measurements. You may use the printable task cards in math centers or stations for fun review games and activities, such as a scavenger hunt or SCOOT. They also work wel
This FREE Doodle Note will help you teach your students about the 7 base units in the International System of Units (SI Unit system, which is the updated version of the Metric System). The 7 base units for the SI system are:kilogram (kg) for measuring masssecond (s) for measuring timemeter (m) for
Use this as a short mini lesson on measuring length using a metric ruler. It is especially helpful in that the main focus is measuring items that do not start at zero. Includes:2 sided worksheetExplains 2 strategies for measuring length when the item does not start at zero12 practice questionsLookin
This is an enrichment worksheet for metric conversions. It takes the concept of converting metric units and fuses it with the wonder of cosmic measurements! Students will be amazed at just how many rulers it would take to measure from Saturn to Venus! Enjoy!
Students can use these 34 cards to review customary and metric measurements. Students match the cards to their equivalents. These cards could also be used in a memory game! I use these cards in centers with my students; I print out multiple sets so pairs of students can work on them at the same ti
I wanted something small that each of my 5th grade students could keep at their desks while mastering metric conversions. They already have notes glued into their interactive math notebooks, but I don't necessarily want them drawing lines and erasing all over that. It is also a hassle for them to
This activity requires students to answer 12 questions that relate to the metric system. Once finished, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a relaxing zen coloring page. I hope you enjoy this freebie! You can find more of my Science Back to School Activities HereInclude
This paper is step one in converting metric units. Students color the top arrow green, because moving that way increases the number of units. Write x10 next to it, because each column is an increase multiplied by ten.The bottom arrow should be red, maked with a division sign and 10, because each ste
This freebie features information pages about these penguin species: Emperor, King, Gentoo, Adelie, Macaroni and Little. This is the metric version. Please click * here for one with imperial measurements (inches, pounds). The pages are written in an easy-to-read format making it easier for young
This worksheet allows for students to practice converting between metric units. Skills covered include converting between meters, centimeters, grams, kilograms, centimeters and millimeters. Review questions included allow for practice in converting in the Customary Unit system, rounding, adding mu
What is the Metric unit of length? What is the English unit for measurement volume? Thirty solid review questions in one fun game! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Common Core standards met: CCSS.Math.Content.5.MD.A.1 Convert among different-siz
23 centimeters to meters unit conversion problems + exampleAnswer key page included ❗❗❗ + New Year 2021 Bonus page Would you like some more unit conversion worksheets?✔️ There is more!Check out my other math and science resources:⚡️⚡️⚡️BIG Bundle of Physics⚡️⚡️⚡️⭐⭐⭐BIG Bundle of Chemistry⭐⭐⭐ ⭐Grade 4 Math

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