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Looking for a way to help students remember how to convert in the metric system? This makes a great addition to anchor chart notebooks! "King Henry Danced Making Dark Chocolate Milk" is as easy to remember as "HOMES" for the Great Lakes or "My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Served Us Noodles" to re
3rd - 5th
Meters to Millimeters. I used this to allow students to make conversions from Meters to Millimeters. They should be able to recognize how the power of ten allows them to change easily within the metric system.
4th - 5th
I made this to metric conversion chart to pull up on the SmartBoard while I was teaching how to convert numbers to different units. I also printed one for my students and gave it to them in a clear sleeve. That way they can use expo markers to work problems, then just erase when they are done!
The metric conversion digital chart is a Google slide with buttons that allow your student to interactively move dots from letter to letter on the metric ladder.
4th - 12th
This is basic information taught to upper elementary and middle school students. This scale & conversion chart gives your students a visual aid while they practice.
This product contains 3 different PowerPoint presentation and corresponding note takers to teach students about metric units of liquid volume, length, and mass. It teaches students what metric measurements are, what the liquid volume, length, and mass measurements are, what everyday objects are equa
Check out this awesome mini-bundle that covers converting basic Metric Units of Measure. Included in this bundled unit:PowerPointThe very engaging, interactive, and easy-to-understand 17-slide PowerPoint will walk learners through:-Basic Metric terminology-Why we convert units-Converting Metric Unit
This product contains a PowerPoint presentation and corresponding note taker to teach students about metrics units of length. It teaches students what length is, what the length measurements are, what everyday objects are equal to these sizes, the conversion chart, how to convert, and gives them pra
This product contains a PowerPoint presentation and corresponding note taker to teach students about metrics units of mass. It teaches students what mass is, what the mass measurements are, what everyday objects are equal to these sizes, the conversion chart, how to convert, and gives them practice
This product contains a PowerPoint presentation and corresponding note taker to teach students about metric units of liquid volume. It teaches students what liquid volume is, what the metric liquid volume measurements are, what everyday objects are equal to these sizes, the conversion chart, how to
This PowerPoint activity consists of six categories: Customary Distance, Metric Distance, Customary Capacity, Metric Capacity, Customary Weight, and Metric Weight. The conversion information (ex. 1000 mL = 1 L) is not included in the presentation, thus allowing the teacher to check knowledge of the
4th - 5th
This lesson pack teaches metric conversions that are included in the VA math SOL 5.9 and the VA science SOL 5.1. This lesson pack includes the following: - Anchor Chart- Student Notes- Instructional Slides - Exit Ticket (answer key included) - Classroom Scavenger Hunt
This instructional PowerPoint teaches students how to convert units of metric measurement. The presentation features a measurement reference chart, illustrated examples, student-friendly explanations, and sample assessment questions with answer keys. Aligned with 5th grade math Measurement and Data
Easily teach Customary and Metric Measurement Conversion skills to Grades 4 and 5! Use the Math PowerPoint and Practice Cards with a fun dinosaur theme to engage students in the classroom or for distance learning.Students become paleontologists who must convert fossil measurements found in the fiel
This lesson looks at being able to convert between different imperial and metric measures and appreciating the size of each type of measure. Drawing on addition and subtraction skills, this lesson gives lots of examples, practise and help in converting between measures. The PowerPoint uses both visu
Anchor charts have become a staple in classrooms these days. They serve as an invaluable resource during our minilessons and provide students with a helpful tool to refer to when working independently. As a special education teacher in a fully inclusive school district, however, I often find it fr
This anchor chart focuses on 5.MD.1 ideal for displaying on a large screen, Active Board, TEAMS presentation for remote learning and more. Can be printed minimized to include in student math journals or enlarged an posted in the classroom.Includes:✔ 5 PowerPoint slides✔ 1 Written Standard along with
These task cards enable students to encounter math in a meaningful way and transfer their math skills from the concrete to the abstract. These task cards are highly conceptual and contain 52 math questions in ALL!! (Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Unknown Answer, Short Answer, Fill in the blank).
We have devised these Conversion Charts as we could not find anything like it anywhere else. We wanted our children to learn how to convert metric measures to imperial measures, as well as one currency to another. Therefore, we created 6 conversion charts including:Kilograms to Pounds and vice versa
This product can be used in a variety of ways. All vocabulary words needed to teach measurement conversions and finding volume. Vocabulary word, definition, and related images are included. Conversion chart for both Customary Measurements and Metric Measurements are included. This is an editable doc
Measurement Conversions using Fraction Strips and T Chart Customary and Metric units. Perfect for Fourth And Fifth Grads
3rd - 5th
The New common core NYS math test has changed the reference page in the testing booklet. The students are now forced to memorize difficult conversions. I have created this anchor chart for my at risk math students in 5th grade.
This lesson includes two printable and displayable charts that list objects and a unit of measure that can be converted into three additional units of measure by using the base ten metric system. There are two answer keys included that model the conversions of the measurements. These printables ca
5th - 7th
It is imperative that students be able to use the Metric System comfortably in a science class and understand how to convert measurements within the system. The PowerPoint slide show introduces students to Metric measurements and shows an easy method of converting within the system. This download

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