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Three levels of /r/ practice are included in this packet. The first page is a word list for /r/ auditory bombardment. The second and third pages are for teaching differentiation of /r/ and /w/ by emphasizing the retracted tongue and lips for /r/ versus the rounded lips for /w/. The rationale for the
Minimal pairs are an effective method for teaching students to discriminate sounds receptively and expressively. The goal of this packet is to let the student see how changing sounds will result in changes in word meaning that impacts communication. Real life activities provide motivation within t
The use of minimal pairs in treatment is a great method for teaching students to discriminate sounds. Students are able to see how changing a specific sound in a word will change the meaning of the word and they are able to see how it impacts their communication. Materials included:Data sheetSyllabl
Easily teach the difference between a "lip sound" (/w/) and R or L sounds with this simple interactive and visual activity. It includes self-correcting cards and is perfect for use in therapy or home programming. Bye-bye gliding!⇨ Don't forget to check out the Sorting Minimal Pairs Bundle! ⇦⇨ ABOUT
These flash cards are fun and vibrant. They will help learners build auditory awareness for /r/ and /w/ phonemes. Recommended for children who glide their liquids. Start with single words, then build a carrier sentence: "This is a rail, this is a whale". Then have them make up their own sentences.Di
Do you have students who delete the FIRST SOUND when trying to say R Blends? Does 'bread' sound like 'red', and 'crash' sound like 'rash'? Minimal pairs therapy is an evidence-based therapy approach that can be great for helping a child make these words sound different because they have different me
El uso de las 'Minimal Pairs' o pares fonológicos en terapia es un gran metodo para enseñar a los estudiantes a diferenciar sonidos. Los estudiantes pueden ver que al cambiar un determinado sonido en una palabra esta cambia totalmente de significado.Este paquete incluye:- Una checklist- 24 flash car
Use minimal pairs in speech therapy to address auditory discrimination between phonemes. Start therapy with a quick and effective activity to address phonology skills in minimal pairs for the speech sounds /r/, /s/, and /l/ in the initial position. This simple therapy tool can help review, drill, an
I wrote this original story, The Whacky Race, for minimal pairs practice. It's a silly story about a kid who encounters several problems while running in a race. Each page has one or two sentences of text containing a word that begins with the R-sound and its minimal pair that begins with the W-so
This is a great space themed activity for working on the phonological process of cluster reduction for R clusters/blends. BR, PR, FR, CR, and STR are includedYou and your student will practice the minimal contrasting pairs by dragging the word with the R Cluster to the flag to land on the moon and
Eliminate gliding and substitution of /w/ for /r/. Download and print or use with your teletherapy annotation tool! Have your students put a "stamp" under the sound they heard. Then, have your students practice saying each of the word pairs to help increase awareness of /r/ versus /w/ and improve ac
Need a quick and easy resource for gliding? Here is a great activity to print out or implement on an iPad or SmartBoard! This activity will increase self-awareness of how the child produces the /r/ sound and work towards correct production. Ideas: - Describe one of the words on the slide and have th
Print these on Avery labels 5160. Attach the labels to any Ellison cut-out or shaped paper and then laminate them. Put the cards face-up on the table or floor. Give each student a fly swatter. Have the students take turns telling the others what word to hit. If the student says a word incorrectly, m
R and W minimal pair words
Minimal Pairs Phonology Bundle for speech therapy: Initial Consonant Deletion, Final Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction, Gliding, Stopping for phonological disorders and cycles approach for phonology. #distancelearning #teletherapy #noprint optionsCOVID-19 terms of use: Can be used for distance l
Would you like to encourage more practice in your minimal pairs therapy that doesn’t bore your students? Feeding mouths are a fun way to reinforce that the child has said their minimal pair targets correctly. This DIGITAL Boom Cards™ set of my popular Minimal Pair Feeding Mouths (paper version) enco
Are you struggling to find meaningful and interactive minimal pairs for 's', 'l', snd 'r' cluster reduction? Do you have some students who reduce the first part of the cluster (snail - nail), but then other students who omit the second sound (snail -sail)?If you've ever had confused students who don
Have you ever struggled to find appropriate homework for your phonology students? Are you feeling frustrated at the slow progress that your speech students are making, and want simple, SLP, and parent-friendly print-and-go sheets? Or do you just want more variety of home practice sheets because you
Boom Card Minimal Pairs BundleNo print, no prep Boom Cards are interactive and fun!Distance Learning Save $ by buying the bundle of 5 decks.TargetW vs. R minimal pairsL vs. W minimal pairsSH vs. S minimal pairsTH vs. S minimal pairsT vs. K minimal pairsD vs. G minimal pairsTH vs. F minimal pairsGo t
Are you looking for some engaging and interactive NO PREP minimal pair activities for the phonological pattern of GLIDING? This digital Boom Cards™ set can be used through your tablet, or as part of your teletherapy practice using your internet browser.⭐ WATCH the video preview above to 'see' it in
Have you ever tried minimal pairs therapy for gliding and found that your students don't understand what you are asking them to do? What if you could read your student a story that explains their speech errors in a child-friendly manner (using running & gliding sounds), and then pairs it with vi
Minimal pairs for phonology: this is a phonological disorders bundle for speech therapy! Work on phonological processes: cluster reduction, initial consonant deletion, final consonant deletion, fronting, and backingThis mimimal pairs packet is NO PREP. Every phonology activity contains both a color
Use these minimal pairs for articulation and phonological processes treatment! print, cut out, laminate, put on rings to make flip books or use as worksheets 10 minimal pairs of the following: b-v, t-sh, p-f, dj-d, t-s, t-ch, p-b, t-d, f-v, b-d, s-z, p-t, ch-sh, d-g, t-k, l-w, s-sh, k-g, w-r, clus
Thank you for checking out my BOOM Cards™ for Minimal Pairs BUNDLE! You can use these Minimal Pair Cards only on the Boom Learning website or app. Students will LOVE using theinteractive "play dough" pieces to choose their answers!!These are perfect for DISTANCE LEARNING and/or TELETHERAPY.If you w

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