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This movie explores the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America, and challenges the media's limited portrayal of what it means to be a powerful woman. This movie guide comes with 23-questions that will help keep your students focused on the key facts in the film.
This file includes a viewing guide for students to complete as they watch Newsom's Miss Representation (2011). This file also includes an answer key. According to Netflix, Miss Representation "[e]xplore[s] how the mainstream media's often disparaging portrayals of women contribute to the under-repr
Psychology, Gender Studies, Sociology Miss Representation documentary questions with answer key includes 15 fill in the blank questions with key and 5 discussion questions with student free response answers. FULLY Editable. Includes documentary link.Please email me with any questions at ReadySetLear
Miss Representation is a documentary that explores how mainstream media and advertising contribute to the under-representation and discrediting of women in influential positions by circulating limited and often negative portrayals of them. The film explores the roles of news channels, commercial adv
This product is an excellent addition to any unit regarding women's right and gender inequality. - This infographic can be printed as a poster or can be shared online with students. It gives them students a side-by-side comparison of gender inequality in the workplace. -This movie explores the under
This follow along and follow up assignment goes with the documentary Miss Representation. Its a great film to show when talking about the Women's Rights Movement or women in the media. Students must choose 5 facts they found interesting/shocking and explain why they chose it. Also, the must answer t
This handout follows along with the firm 'Miss Representation" directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. For my students, when I watch a film I need to stop it often to explain and or discuss what is being presented on the screen. Also, if my students aren't being required to actually do something for "p
This one-step equations activity will help your middle school students see the relationship between a verbal description, equation, table and graph. This differentiated activity (using dependent and independent variables) allows the students to either fill out the missing representations on a singl
In this activity students are given sets of cards that contain common rational expressions in multiple representations. Students will shuffle and place the cards face down on the desks looking for pairs, or even triples containing the equivalent representations of a rational as a fraction, decimal,
This activity contains 15 cards with either • a linear equation, • a graph of a linear function, • a scenario describing a linear function, or • a chart describing a linear function. In this unique activity students work with four representations of the same function. In the 15 cards students will
Introduce students to dissatisfaction of women during the 1950's with a quote from Betty Friedan and the development of the National Organization of Women. Also introduce students to the goals of the organization with Roe vs. Wade, Equal Pay Act, and the Equal Rights Amendment. Next, students watch
This Unit goes along with the documentary Miss Representation. A film by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. It includes the following:1. guided questions for students to answer while watching the film2. female leader power point presentation outline3. power point rubric4. presentation reflection questionsThis
5 Piece 1 - 100 Number Puzzle. 5 different representations of a number 1. Standard form 2. Expanded Form3. MAB Blocks4. Popstick Bundles5. Written Form A few suggestions on how to use this in your classroom:- Cut all the pieces and students match all 5 pieces of the puzzle- Order a jigsaw piece acco
Thinking of what centers may look like this year? Why not go digital? This product can serve as a digital lesson or a workstation that students can work on over time. The object focuses on the third grade place value TEK, but could easily be used to extend or review. This product includes:Place Valu
Guided notes and examples as an introduction of the three representations of one-variable inequalities (graph, words, and symbols). - Definition and examples of each symbol and its representation on a number line- Create missing representations given an inequality, statement, or a number line graph
In this small group activity, students use the Mystery mat to fill in the missing representations for time in each row. Each time row is given using words, digital and analog clocks, and another way to write the time - such as half-past two, or ten minutes until five. Students use a clue in each row
This is a set of 3 printable worksheets I created when introducing inequalities my 6th graders. Through these worksheets students practice making connections between real-life situations and inequalities (both in notation and graph form). Students are given either the real-life situation, inequality
Spark intrigue in your students as they explore the human development of gender, both as a psychological phenomenon and a social construct with this three-part sociology unit. Students will master key sociological concepts like the basics of how gender is different from sex how gender socialization
I show both of these high-interest documentaries to my AP Language and Composition students during a gender unit. Both documentaries are produced by The Representation Project. Miss Representation explores feminine issues, particularly in government representation, while The Mask You Live In explore
In this activity students will explore 8 different real-world quadratic relationships. For each of these situations students will be given one representation of the function - either an equation, graph, or data table and have to create the 2 missing representations. Students will practice connectin
These activity sheets will help students make connections between linear graphs, equations, tables of values, and the stories they represent. This resource is one of my favorites and best sellers! Included are 6 different sheets, each with a different scenario and a different representation given.
A super cute 0-20 Number Representation Match with 2 different sizings for you to choose if you would like to make a laminated set or a set of matching stones (instructions included!)The download included• Number people eating strawberries 0-20• 5 different number representations for each number (2
Students use colorful, Thanksgiving themed cards, ten-frames, and two-color counters to find missing addends in equations with sums to 10. The accompanying printables extend the activity to the representational (drawing) stage and can be used for independent practice or assessment. If you like thi
This is a complete unit for teaching 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication following the concrete, representational, abstract sequence of instruction.Download the preview file for more information.Includes:• 3 scripted mini-lessons• Student work mats• Flexible workstation activity with recording sheet a

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