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This PowerPoint has been designed to support an introduction to Asexual Reproduction (Mitosis) (Meiosis) for the Year 10 Science C2C Unit for the Queensland Curriculum. Unit 1 Genetics.This PowerPoint supports Unit 1 'Genetics‘. It contains full lesson on Mitosis and contains warm-up activities i
A review game, similar to cranium, which covers key terms related to mitosis and asexual reproduction. Cards require students to draw, mold and describe key terms. Is a word document, therefore you would have the ability to change and add terms.
This worksheet helps guide students through the process of mitosis and asexual reproduction. It is very useful for 5-8 cell biology and introductions to life sciences!
This memorable and EASY TO IMPLEMENT lab activity allows students to view two examples of asexual reproduction under a microscope, read about asexual reproduction, record their observations, and answer summary questions with basic supplies. It is a great way to practice microscope and scientific ob
I used this as a simple end of year review During this webquest the students will Explain the process of sexual and asexual reproduction. Explain what mitosis and meiosis are.Students will list the characteristics of both types of reproduction.Students will draw a diagram for each of the six stages
Asexual and Sexual Reproduction are compared using a Venn Diagram. 3 Venn diagram versions 4 Work papers 1 Assessment answer keys are provided. Read how I use them in Class In this listing there are 3: a blank Venn diagram, a fill in the blank style Venn diagram, and a fully completed Venn diagr
(Cell; Cell Division; Mitosis; Asexual Reproduction; Meiosis, Sexual Reproduction, Embryonic Development, Fetus Development; Reproductive Technology)This complete unit teaches cell division and asexual and sexual reproduction.Students will learnThe stages of the cell cycleStages of mitosisDNA replic
Students will create a model of mitosis and asexual reproduction. Students will check these steps against another scientists and explain why humans use mitosis too.
This read-to-learn activity describes the processes through which plants reproduce sexually and asexually. Students read about examples of methods of asexual reproduction such as stolons, rhizomes, and bulbs. They then learn that sexual reproduction involves ferilization of an ovule by a pollen grai
This Asexual Reproduction EDITABLE NOTES BUNDLE is based on the NYS Living Environment Regents curriculum, but can be adapted for any biology or life science class! These notes are great for any student, especially our special education and ELL students! Included in this Bundle: - 18 page guided n
A BIG comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to cellular division and reproduction!WHY make my own study guides?WHY take the time to hand-draw my own diagrams?Because Google doesn't have the information I want combined with the simplicity my students need!This BIG, detailed study guide contains lot
This set of 24 Boom digital task cards covers basic concepts of asexual reproduction. Students will answer multiple choice and drag and drop questions. Concepts covered include:phases of mitosistypes of asexual reproductioncharacteristics of asexual cell divisionThis is a basic review deck and would
Everything you need and more to teach the NYS Living Environment Regents Curriculum!! Your year is ready to go after buying this bundle!Living Environment Topic List Lab Safety Scientific Method * NYS Making Connections Lab * Graphing Microscopes Classification/ Dichotomy Keys Life Processes
This is an entire unit on Cellular, Sexual and Asexual Reproduction. This unit includes 6 sets of templated notes with teacher masters, 6 powerpoint presentations, 5 activities (class and individual), review, 6 quizzes and a unit test all with teacher masters. All presentations include incredible an
Students often get mitosis and meiosis confused with sexual and asexual reproduction. This product helps you to check for understanding as well as to put all the terms in one place so students can see a clear picture of how these process compare and contrast.
These scaffolded notes follow along with the Asexual Reproduction and Mitosis PowerPoint Presentation. This is a compressed zip file, be sure you have an application that can open this file before purchasing!
This is a series of lesson activities for a unit on Nucleic Acids, Protein Synthesis and Introduction to Biotechnology for introductory biology students. These learning package has been correlated to the NGSS, Common Core and NY Living Environment core curriculum standards. The materials are app
This zip file contains 9 different documents/materials which can be used to compose a unit for biology students introducing them to evolution. Evidences for evolution, natural selection, examples of evolution in modern times, introduction to cladograms and the heterotroph hypothesis are among the
This zip file contains 7 different activities (18 pages of student handouts) which can be used to compose a unit for biology students introducing them to the topic of cell respiration. The product contains both pdf and word copies of student documents (and most answer keys) allowing you to edit the
This zip file contains 18 different activities (51 pages of materials and more) which can be used to compose a unit for biology students introducing them to the topics of reproduction and development, with the focus on humans. The specific learning goals addressed in this unit are listed below the
This *EDITABLE* Living Environment Regents Review Task Card Bundle has 243 total questions for a comprehensive review of the NYS Living Environment curriculum! These task cards are GREAT for individual, small group, or full class review for Living Environment Regents students. These have been so he
This zip file contains 11 different activities, as well as completion notes accompanied by a PowerPoint containing 89 slides which can be used to compose a unit for biology students introducing them to the major concepts in Human Ecology. Many components of this unit can be adapted to Environmenta
Genetics: This activity is designed to explain and review genetics. The focus of the review is on sexual reproduction, meiosis, mitosis, and asexual reproduction. There are three multiple choice questions and a constructed response. I pass out this homework assignment as a review before the stude
This is a series of lesson activities for a unit on the topic of Meiosis for introductory biology students. The learning goals been correlated to the performance indicators of the NY Living Environment core curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Learning Standards. All p

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