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Elements Compounds and Mixtures: These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about elements compounds and mixtures. These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary terms: ♦ Element, Compound, Mixture, Homogeneous mixture, Heterogeneous mixture, Solvent, Sol
These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while practicing their skills with mixtures and solutions. This activity has students identifying various substances as either being a mixture or a solution. These cootie catchers are available in color and black & white. Importan
Elements Compounds and Mixtures Lapbook: This lapbook is a fun hands on activity for students to use in their interactive notebooks. Students may research or show what they have learned by writing a description then listing some examples on the provided blank lines. This lapbook also doubles as a c
This Mixtures informational text passage could be used as an introduction to mixtures, in a reading center, or as homework. The bonus foldable is a flipbook (2 tab) for substance vs. mixture. There is a copy with and without definitions if you would prefer students to look it up. If you enjoy th
4th - 7th
Make sure you students have the details about elements, compounds, and even those pesky mixtures, with these foldable fill-in-the-blank notes. For each type of substances, students will know the definition, representation, examples, and some facts. On the outside flaps, there is a visual model of
5th - 8th
This interactive foldable booklet was designed to be used with any textbook or curriculum. Your student will create a booklet where he can document what he is learning about separating mixtures. There is a page for evaporation, filtration, sifting, magnetism, chromatography, and extra pages for m
This product includes a foldable, and a data table for recording observations about separating mixtures. There is a blank data table included so that you can choose your own mixtures and solutions as well. You can use this as a teacher demo, a lab experiment, or rotating stations!*I would really app
This foldable graphic organizer helps students learn about mixtures and solutions. It has a half page of 6 clipart pictures that students can cut out and glue, as well as options for differentiation and assessment. It can also be glued into a science notebook. See my preview file for more informa
3rd - 6th
Foldable that has students match atomic-level diagrams of elements, compounds and mixtures with their chemical formula.
This foldable introduces students to mixtures and solutions. The foldable has space for students to take notes on the definition of mixtures, different ways to separate mixtures and examples of mixtures. It also includes a space for notes on the definition of solutions, what the solvent and solute
This product covers the following 5th Grade Virginia VA Science SOLs based on the 2018 standards: (formally Science SOL 5.4) VA SOL 5.7 The student will investigate and understand that matter has properties and interactions. Key ideas includea) matter is composed of atoms;b) substances can be mixed
This resource on methods of separating mixtures and solutions is based on South Carolina State Standards for 5th grade. I have included the doodle with drawings, but I have left the flap blank so you can adjust the notes you give to your students.
5th - 7th
Includes a foldable printout template for easier classroom folding and cutting, a video demonstration of the foldable including how to present it virtually, a powerpoint step by step guide to complete the foldable, and pictures of the finished product for the teacher. This can be pasted into a lab n
A great foldable to include in your interactive science journal for mixtures and solutions. ***This is included in a BUNDLE in my store for Mixtures and Solutions! Along with a presentation, notes, and venn diagram***Link for bundle: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Mixtures-and-Solutions
This is a detailed powerpoint with directions on how to create the Foldable as well as detailed notes.After the foldable is complete students will practice identifying elements, compounds & MixturesIncludesElements, Compounds & Mixtures Foldable Foldable Powerpoint
This is a detailed foldable with notes and a quick interactive check in game + a practice worksheet
This foldable introduces students to six different science tools. The foldable has space for students to take notes on separating mixtures by using a sieve, magnetic separation, evaporation, by hand, and by filtration. Pictures are included to provide a better understanding of the different ways to
Simple foldable to get students to understand that both compounds and elements are pure substances Works well for TEKS 6.5 and any other curriculum that is helping students understand pure substances. ********** I would be grateful if you would follow my store! I will let you know every time I pos
I made this for my self-contained Science 6 class. My kids have an interactive notebook and this just gets glued right in.
This document is an editable Word Document so you can edit it to fit your needs. It covers the concept of Classifying Matter (Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures). The document includes: * Student Directions * Graphics for inside the foldable * Pre-printed words for foldable flaps * Pictures of a c
Includes an interactive note taking page with fill in the blank for vocabulary and illustrations. Also included is a chart that reviews the material and also can be added to the interactive notebook. Two foldables are also part of this bundle, one for vocabulary and labeling parts of the atom.
Using this lab foldable is a great way to stay organize for the duration of a 5E science lesson. This foldable allows students to complete various activities on one sheet of paper. The foldable includes the following:1-Engage Activity2-Explore- Data table for lab activity 3-Explain- Lab review ques
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Classifying Matter I use this foldable as part of my students interactive notebooks

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