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The giant Monopoly Board to complement the student worksheets. These should be printed in colour, laminated and displayed in classroom as a visual learning tool for students as they move through the topic.
Blank board game para usar en las clases online o incluso para después.
THIS IS A FREE RESOURCE, PLEASE REMEMBER TO GIVE FEEDBACKWith this empty stencil of a board game, you can print it and design the card you want to practice any content or skill with your students. The PDF is designed for a DIN-A3 but it can be also printed in a DIN-A4 and includes some special squar
Travel the world via a giant Monopoly board to engage in the Interconnections topic!Students travel to different places with each lesson centred around that location, whilst integrating the key content. Needed for this activity: Giant game boardStudent sheets with activities related to each placePas
Elementaryopoly is a game of bargaining to create the best "real estate" choices to maximize your profits for your business while passing through your competitor's attempt to grow their business. This is intended to support students and teachers in their endeavors to promote basic math, problem solv
1. This file is a template, and can be used for ANY SUBJECT!! All you have to do is plug in the content you want your students to learn/review! 2. Everything is all set for you. Before you can use this, you have to enter the questions and answers you want your students to learn. (Scroll through slid
This is a long game board with 6 different rows on which to move your pieces. It is similar to Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders (and a little bit of Monopoly) in that it has spots on the board with special instructions. This game board will last you a couple days! Dice and 6 game pieces included.
This product came out of a need to motivate my students at the end of the year to keep working hard. It is patterned after McDonald's Monopoly. Directions: 1. Students earn "game pieces." My students have had goals to meet/ clean areas/ completing an assignment/ etc... 2. Students may "redeem" th
This lesson should be used at the end of your Economics unit on Monopolies or as a simple Vocabulary review. There is an introductory worksheet to provide some background on the various antitrust acts and regulations before the bingo game.Print as many boards as you need (even laminate to reuse!) an
Great for reading centers or quick phonics practice. Students will roll a die and move their place marker accordingly. They will then read the word they landed on. If they read it correctly, they may write it on their score sheet. If they land on a space other than a word, they do as the space says.
Fitness Monopoly is an activity to be used during the fitness unit of physical education, or whenever you please! Green spots indicate Cardirespiratory activities, the blue indicate Muscular Strength activities, and the orange indicate Flexibility activities. There are also special spots that may
Testopoly is a fun game to review for your quizzes and tests. Rules are very similar to Monopoly rules. Here are the Rules: 1.Because of the size of the board, the players will only use one dice to play this game. 2.Decide what two subjects you will be reviewing in this instance of the game. Subjec
Make your own Monopoly. You can name the Monopoly board and properties in this printable version of classic Monopoly. You can also relate the Chance and Community Chest cards to the topic you are teaching. The only things you will need are dice and game tokens.
This Zip file includes: - A blank black and white cut outs for a board - PDF
FREE RESOURCE! This is a fun culminating activity we are using during the market structures unit of Economics. However, it can also be used in many other areas! Because of the pandemic, we cannot play the actual game, so we are tapping into our creative skills and creating a new monopoly theme!
Supplies need to play: Game CardTwo DiceGame Pieces (1 per student)The first student will roll the two dice and move their game piece the number of squares as on the dice. They will perform the exercise in the square in which they landed on. The next student will roll and perform their exercise. Thi
A Monopoly game board is a great addition to a language class because almost any grammar construction one wants to teach can be taught with a Monopoly game! This lesson focuses on using direct and indirect object pronouns. A Spanish Monopoly board game can be purchased at many Toys R Us stores, or
A Monopoly game board is a great addition to a language class because almost any grammar construction one wants to teach can be taught with a Monopoly game! This lesson focuses on using direct and indirect object pronouns.
A monopoly style game where each square asks a player to giveaway or collect a fraction of the counters in their possession. Chance cards and question cards (you can email for a set to suit or make up your own) give solid practice at fraction skills at any level. Chance cards can be things like "You
This Monopoly style game shows the difficulties traders faced during the Middle Ages. You will need a dice, game markers, and play money in order to play this game. This is ONLY the board game.
This game It is really like playing Monopoly indeed a modified monopoly board will be required. They are rolling the dice, buying properties, trying to get a monopoly, all while avoiding bankruptcy and other life circumstances that can occur. The 16 different scenarios give them different learning o
Create a monopoly board game (on any topic they've learned during the school year) individually, with partners, as a small group, or whole group. Templates provided for game board, cards, money, and pieces.
This engaging, Monopoly style board game is the culminating project on a study of the American Revolutionary War. Coupled with a timeline activity, students create board games which reflect the major events of the war, with personal touches to enhance content. Also included is a writing component f
Similar to Monopoly, this game features board cards and chance cards aligned with my classroom reward system. I have this document in Microsoft word and am happy to share the document with you so that you are able to edit it.

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