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A meaningful 2D shape sorting activity young learners will love! This geometry activity with real life pictures includes everything you need to help your preschool, prek, or kindergarten student sort shapes. Bring nature into learning with these Montessori cards and help students notice that shapes are everywhere. Your students will enjoy distinguishing and identifying the basic two dimensional shapes: circle, triangle, square, oval, pentagon, hexagon, and crescent. 7 shapes included!Play is ess
PreK - 1st
This FRACTION SORT will have your students memorizing equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions mentally before you know it!What's Included? ✔Game Implementation Guide✔10 Unique Game Mats✔10 Unique Decks of 10 Fraction Cards (100 total cards)✔Answer Key Each student receives an individual game mat and 10 fraction cards to go with it. They sort the cards into four categories. The categories contain different benchmark fractions (i.e. 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, etc.). Every card displays a fraction th
Montessori Great LessonsThis Montessori Great Lesson bundle includes each of the five Great Lesson stories in a child-friendly format along with accompanying follow-up activities for further exploration into the concepts introduced by each impressionistic lesson. TABLE OF CONTENTS:Overview of Great LessonsGreat Lesson I – The Coming of the Universe StoryReflection & Wonder Prompts & Recording SheetsExperiment Demonstration Extensions (11 total)Saltwater vs. Freshwater Mini-UnitVolcano Mi
A total of 21 activity sheets!! This is a Nienhuis inspired Montessori geography material in learning animals thriving in each 7 continents (Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North America and South America). Note that this file is in a ZIP FORMAT. Be sure you have the tools to open this learning pack.There are 5 animals featured in each continent. ANIMALS ARE IN NOT IN REAL PHOTOS, please check the BLOGPOST and THUMBNAILS for the preview.Each continent has the following sheets: -
PreK - 6th
These cards are a fun way to familiarize children with different dinosaurs. This is a unique activity that shows children what different dinosaur bones look like! You can use them to create many different kinds of activities. You can use these cards for your science centers, dinosaur unit study, or Montessori 3-6 classroom! DINOSAUR FOSSIL MATCHING INCLUDES: ★ instructions for use★ 9 dinosaur fossil cards★ 9 dinosaur cards★ 9 control cardsThis set includes: Anatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Parasauro
Each page presents one letter with 10 corresponding initial sound pictures. Except /i/ /o/ /x/ /z/ /u/ and /y/ that have 9 corresponding pictures or less. Most of the pictures are phonetic or have a phonogram in them.Montessori Phonics Initial Sound Cards are designed to facilitate the process of learning to read as an addition to Montessori Language materials. This is an updated version that contains all cards with the pink border PLUS vowels with the blue border.Each card measures approximat
Match the parent to baby animal self-correcting puzzles activity you get 20 puzzle pairs, each of a different type of animal (mother and baby) using real images. Print and digital version included. Great for spring, farm and zoo themed activities. There is a... goose: goose and gosling; Lion: cub and lioness; orangutan: female and baby; horse: mare and foal; panda: sow, cub; sheep: ewe and lamb; polar bear: sow and cub; dog: dog and pup; elephant: cow and calf; pig: sow and piglet; cat: queen a
Click HERE for FREE Montessori materials! Please check out my new Geometry SUPER PACK with 5 of my top selling materials for a super discounted price!!! I created these three part cards for my 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade Montessori students to use when relating geometric solids to real life objects. Students become quite motivated when challenged to learn something and are able to self correct their own work while striving for perfection. The geometric solids included are: cylinder, cone, sphere
K - 6th
This Montessori four seasons activity puzzle will help your students to learn about 4 seasons and the months of the year. The material is a great visual for learning about spring, summer, fall, and winter. This is a great sorting activity for a classroom Science Center or Seasons Corner for Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade or Homeschool. Children will learn to identify parts of the year with seasons and months. You can also use it as months sorting activity. It can be difficult for ch
Chore Charts for children of different agesFifty-six visual and thirty-six non-visual chore cardsBlank rounds for drawing your chores and editable blank blocks so you can type and add your chores to the listThree different chore board designs to choose fromInstructions:Choose a chore board from the printable that suits you best. Print. Invite your child to draw additional chores to suit your individual home chore list or type additional chores on the computer before printing in the PowerPoint fi
What do animals do in winter? Do they hibernate, migrate, or adapt? How do they survive? Support children's curiosity with this easy-to-use Montessori hands-on sorting activity with real images.Teach new vocabulary, read interesting facts, create mini-books, color, cut paste!These hibernation, migration, and adaptation printables will perfectly fit your Montessori 3-6 classroom winter shelves or your animals in the winter unit. This activity is appropriate for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten clas
This learning material contains 9 internal organs of the human body in Montessori 3 part cards format. The digital image is high quality and isolated in white background. Definition cards for each part is included which can be assembled into a booklet. - 9 picture cards - 9 labels - 9 control cards - 9 definitions for booklet - activity sheets - title cards✳️✳️ YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN:Planets and Solar System 3 Part CardsHuman Body Systems 3 Part CardsConstellations 3 Part CardsZ
PreK - 6th
Primary Montessori Record Keeping - Blackline masters for easy primary record keeping - ages 2½ to 6 years. Comprehensive list of lessons to help guide you (as the teacher), and monitor and track the progress of each child.Includes: - 11 page blackline master record form Covers the following classroom areas and has some space to include your own lessons:Practical LifeSensorialLanguageGeographyCultureMathPrint a set for each child, fill in the checklist as each lesson is presented, is being wo
PreK - 1st
This is a GROWING BUNDLE! That means at this buy in price you will be able to return to your purchases and re download any new animal matching cards that are added to this bundle - FOREVER! The price of this bundle will increase each time I add a new animal matching set, but if you have already purchased it you don't have to pay again, you just get the benefits of being an early buyer! This bundle includes: Farm Animal Matching CardsSafari Animal Matching CardsSea Life Animal Matching CardsWoodl
Montessori snake game cards for Snake Game Perfect 10 activity works with Montessori coloured beads. There are 16 card strips that you can use and included are control sheets for the control of error. Snake Game is a Montessori math activity that strengthens the child's counting skills, enables them to identify sets of 10 and a good introductory to addition.✳️✳️ Other MONTESSORI MATH MATERIALS you might like:MULTIPLICATION BEADS WorkMontessori Teens and Tens Bead WorksAddition / Subtraction Fr
PreK - K
Math Wheels!We love designing printables that make learning fun! Today we’re thrilled to offer you a fun and educational math learning pack that you will love just as much as your child will!WHAT'S INCLUDED?Flower multiplication worksheets (number facts 0 - 12) (13 sheets included).HOW TO USE THE MULTIPLICATION FLOWER WORKSHEETS FOR LEARNING:- Invite your child to complete the multiplication facts.- Color in the flowers if desired.- Cut the flowers out and display to reinforce math principles.Av
3rd - 12th
A Montessori Aligned math bundle that will grow with your child from 20 months to 2nd grade! Each resource comes with detailed lesson plans to help you present, explore and expand the work as your child learns and grows. This resource covers: -Symmetry -Patterns with colors and objects-2D & 3D Shapes-Sorting and Classification-Subitizing-1:1 Correspondence & Counting-Recognizing & Representing Numbers -Unit Measurement-Length Comparison-Counting, Skip Counting, & Early Multiplica
PreK - 1st
This Fraction Sort Game will build reasoning and estimation skills for students as they learn to compare and order fractions. What's Included? ✔ Game Implementation Guide✔ Game Mat✔ 10 Decks of 10 Fraction Cards (100 total cards) ✔ Answer Key Students use estimation to sort each fraction into one of five buckets: ✱Close to Zero✱Less than Half✱Exactly Half✱More than Half✱Almost One WholeBy sorting fractions in this way, students will be able to develop their own strategies for judging the size o
How are your Lower Elementary students with their math facts? Are they learning the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, or are they ready to improve their fluency? This printable resource is designed for your students to write their answers directly into the booklets. They work perfectly with Montessori materials like the finger charts or the multiplication and division bead boards. Mainstream classrooms will also find them useful.These booklets are super easy to assem
Five best-selling products in one awesome bundle! What's Included? ●Game #1: Comparing & Ordering Fractions Sort (10 Rounds)●Game #2: Equivalent Fraction Sort Game (10 Rounds)●Game #3: Improper Fraction & Mixed Number Matching Game (10 Rounds)●Game #4: Comparing & Ordering Mixed Numbers Sort (10 Rounds)●Game #5: Fraction & Decimal Matching Game (10 Rounds)These Fraction Games will be a hit in any math classroom. Not only will they help students master key fraction concepts in a
You want your Lower Elementary students to be responsible for their learning, right? But you also want documentation and something that will guide them as they set goals and make decisions about their work. This printable booklet serves as a work plan template for lower elementary children. It is a larger version and slightly more advanced version of the Work Plan Mini Booklet. Your students will start the week by setting goals. Then each day they will record what they work on. At the end of the
Engaging, hands-on activities to teach children about seasons and months of the year. Perfect for your Montessori classroom.This bundle includes:☙ Seasons Montessori Circle Activity (Southern and Nothern hemisphere)☙ Seasons and Months Timeline Cards (Southern and Nothern hemisphere)☙ Seasons in Paintings Art Sorting Cards☙ Seasons and Months Matching Game ☙ Seasons and Months Activities (Southern and Nothern hemisphere)☙ What Do Children Do During Different Seasons? Sorting Activity☙ Year Cale
It consists of 2 pages that contain the bead stair, in order from 1 to ten in pyramid form with its corresponding number, on a page size letterThe first page is to color the beats and trace the number to the corresponding amounts with dots numbers.The second is basically the same, only the child must draw the numbers freely.
PreK - 1st, Staff
Table of Contents· Montessori Clock with Bead Bars, Whole Fraction Symbol, and Hour Numbers in Color· Montessori Clock with Bead Bars, Whole Fraction Symbol, Hour Numbers, and Minute Numbers by 5s in Color· Montessori Clock with Bead Bars, Whole Fraction Symbol and Fill in the Blank Hour Numbers in Color· Montessori Clock with Bead Bars, Whole Fraction Symbol, Hour Numbers, and Fill in the Blank Minute Numbers by 5s in Color· Montessori Clock with Bead Bars and Hour Numbers in Color· Montessori
PreK - 3rd

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