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Geometric Solids- Real Life Objects: 3 Part Montessori Cards
Click HERE for FREE Montessori materials! Please check out my new Geometry SUPER PACK with 5 of my top selling materials for a super discounted price!!! I created these three part cards for my 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade Montessori students to use when relating geometric solids to real life objects.

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Fraction Sorting Game: Equivalent Fractions Game (Math Center, Montessori Game)
This FRACTION SORT will have your students memorizing equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions mentally before you know it!What's Included? ✔Game Implementation Guide✔10 Unique Game Mats✔10 Unique Decks of 10 Fraction Cards (100 total cards)✔Answer Key Each student receives an individual game

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Games for the Entire Year, Full Year of Fourth Grade Math Centers


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Montessori Language Materials Bundle - All Levels
Thank you for your interest in my ULTIMATE MONTESSORI LANGUAGE MATERIALS BUNDLE!! Product DescriptionIn this bundle, you will find 100s of pages to bring into your home and classroom covering planning, pre-reading, pink level, blue level, green level, grammar, and additional materials to make your l

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Montessori Animal Continents Activity Sheets
A total of 21 activity sheets!! This is a Nienhuis inspired Montessori geography material in learning animals thriving in each 7 continents (Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North America and South America). Note that this file is in a ZIP FORMAT. Be sure you have the tools to open thi

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The Complete Montessori Language Arts Teacher's Manual–PDF
The Complete Montessori Language Arts Teacher's Manual includes the complete Montessori language arts curriculum for ages 3 to 12 years (preschool through grade six). This manual for teachers describes the rationale for and use of the beautiful Montessori language materials, many easily made by the

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Shapes in Nature Montessori Sorting Activity Cards
The aim of this activity is to help the child to be observant, to support his knowledge about shapes, to help him to notice shapes everywhere and to strengthen his connection with nature. The cards will be an amazing addition to your math area or science center.The material includes such shapes as c

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Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack Bundle in Print
The printable pack bundle is 192 pages full of resources when using: Montessori Colored Bead Stair 1-10 Montessori Bead Bars for Teen Board with Box Montessori Tens Bead Bars Montessori Teens and Tens Boards And so much more! If you don't have any of the Montessori materials above and are unable t

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Each page presents one letter with 10 corresponding initial sound pictures. Except "i" "o" "x" "z" "u" and "y" which have 9 corresponding pictures or less. Most of the pictures are phonetic or have a phonogram in them.Montessori Phonics Initial Sound Cards are designed to facilitate the process of

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Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals Bundle
Complete and comprehensive Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals for the Primary level (for children ages 2½ to 6 years). These manuals are based on the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) principles and concepts.This bundle includes theory on each area of the classroom and 202 lesson presenta


Montessori Great Lessons - Stories & Activities
Montessori Great LessonsThis Montessori Great Lesson bundle includes each Great Lesson story in a child-friendly format along with accompanying follow-up activities for further exploration into the concepts introduced by each impressionistic lesson.TABLE OF CONTENTS:Great Lesson OverviewThe Coming o

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Primary Montessori Math Operations Bundle
Primary Montessori Math Operations Bundle - This bundle includes 24 materials for math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).Includes:Addition Command CardsAddition Equation SlipsAddition Strip Board & ChartsAddition Word ProblemsBead Frame PaperDivision ChartsDivision


Ultimate Tree Bundle for Exploring Trees and Leaves- Montessori
Ultimate Tree Bundle This 29 page bundle includes 7 different tree-related products and is perfect for your adventure in learning about trees! Contents: Leaf Identification Cards: Each 4x6" card includes a crisp image of a leaf and the corresponding seed from the tree, the name of the tree, and s

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Seasons Montessori Circle Sorting Activity
This Montessori four seasons activity puzzle will help your students to learn about 4 seasons and the months of the year. The material is a great visual for learning about spring, summer, fall, and winter. This is a great sorting activity for a classroom Science Center or Seasons Corner for Preschoo

Also included in: Seasons and Months Cards Montessori Bundle


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Seasons and Months Cards Montessori Bundle
Engaging, hands-on activities to teach children about seasons and months of the year. Perfect for your Montessori classroom.This bundle includes:☙ Seasons Montessori Circle Activity (Southern and Nothern hemisphere)☙ Seasons and Months Timeline Cards (Southern and Nothern hemisphere)☙ Seasons in Pa


Pin Poking Bundle for Montessori Activities or Fine Motor Centers
Pin poking activities are great for practicing writing skills and pencil grip. Children can use these cards to either trace the images, or use a push pin to cut out the shapes on the cards. These cards are perfect for a Montessori inspired activity or for a hands-on learning activity! Save $$$ wth o


Primary Montessori Math Extensions Bundle
Primary Montessori Math Extensions Bundle - This bundle includes 18 materials for math extension lessons. These Montessori math extension lessons allow for children to continue work with the Montessori math materials they are already familiar with. These materials extend the use of the math material


Montessori Cosmic Bundle
Montessori Cosmic and Science resources for ages 6-12. All current and future Great Lesson and history resources for elementary students at one price.INCLUDES: Check out all the resources in this series!Words for First great storyWords for Second Great StoryWords for Third Great StoryWords for Monte


Montessori Pink Language Series Bundle
Montessori Pink Language Series Bundle - This bundle includes 16 Montessori Pink Language Series materials. These materials are all based on 3-letter phonetic words.All of the materials included in this bundled unit are sold separately on TpT. Includes:Words & Picture CardsWords & Picture Ca


Montessori Math Command Cards 2nd Edition - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Bundle
The bundle contains all sets for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Montessori Math Command Cards 2nd edition. I know you and your students will really enjoy using this material.Marigold Math is a year long program. Fun, interactive daily command cards guide students in productive visual and tactile thinkin


Ultimate Fraction Game Bundle, Math Centers, Montessori, 50 Total Number Sorts
Five best-selling products in one awesome bundle! What's Included? ●Game #1: Comparing & Ordering Fractions Sort (10 Rounds)●Game #2: Equivalent Fraction Sort Game (10 Rounds)●Game #3: Improper Fraction & Mixed Number Matching Game (10 Rounds)●Game #4: Comparing & Ordering Mixed Numbers


Continents Activities Montessori Pack
Exploring the 7 Continents is always lots of fun! This bundle contains various engaging hands-on visual activities to help children learn about different aspects of the seven continents. Children will look at animals, plants, trees, bushes, bread, children, mothers of the different continents. The b


Children of the world Montessori Cards Children of the Continents
These Montessori-inspired children around the world cards will be a good fit to any classroom. This Montessori material is a part of peace education. The material consists of series of cards showing children of different nations, nationalities and races around the world. Each card contains a small

Also included in: Continents Activities Montessori Pack


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Montessori Blue Language Series Bundle
Montessori Blue Language Series Bundle - This bundle includes 15 Montessori Blue Language Series materials. The Blue Language Series materials include words that are phonetic and 4+ letters in length. All cards have a blue border.All of the materials included in this bundled unit are sold separately


Montessori Math Bundle
Montessori math resources for ages 3-12. All current and future Montessori math resources for preschool and elementary students at one price. Including activities for colored beads, place value and extension.Montessori math resources for ages 6-12. All current and future Montessori math resources f


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