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This bundle contains multiple resources for teaching students how to identify an author's tone in writing and the mood created after reading a piece of literature.This bundle includes: 1. A 52-slide PowerPoint (You have my permission to convert this PowerPoint to Google Slides, if you wish.)2. A
Setting, Mood, Tone: Teach, Practice, Test Have tone and mood been stumbling blocks for your middle grade students? One of the most frequent questions I get from teachers is about how to teach tone. Now, I no longer have to reply, "I'll be darned if I know!" ;) This resource contains all of the tr
Who doesn't love the absolute creepy, terrifying mood that Edgar Allan Poe creates in his stories! And "The Tell-Tale Heart" is one of his finest works. This 31-page Mood and Tone bundle for Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" includes: * 3-page text of Edgar Allan Poe's original short story *
This 52-slide Mood and Tone PowerPoint is designed to keep your students engaged and attentive as they read multiple passages and identify the author's tone and/or the reader's mood after reading the passage.The PowerPoint contains the following format:Slides 1-5: Introduction and Defining "Mood" a
Are your students struggling with the difference between mood and tone? I always find my students do! I created this product to give my students practice on this important skill. Included are Mood and Tone Charts for both positive and negative words. The charts also include the definitions for the
MOOD AND TONE PRESENTATION & ASSIGNMENT: Help your students develop their understanding of the difference between mood and tone with this resource. Students frequently find determining the tone or mood of a reading particularly challenging, but this resource breaks it down clearly, so they are
Are your students struggling with the difference between mood and tone? I always find my students do! I created this product to give my students practice on this important skill. Included are Mood and Tone Charts for both positive and negative words. The charts also include the definitions for the w
This Mood and Tone Unit Bundle includes everything you need to teach mood and tone to your 4th-8th graders, all in one place! In this download, you'll get: - Teacher's Notes - 2 Interactive Notebook Activities - 2 Posters - 5 Graphic Organizers - Differentiated worksheets and tests at 3 different g
Looking for a fun and creative way to help students analyze mood and tone in a fictional text? Try using a sound equalizer metaphor to help students understand how mood and tone can fluctuate throughout a text, but they work in tandem to shape the overall piece. This mood and tone activity is sure t
Task cards to help students identify mood and tone. There are a total of 46 task cards with color pictures. The mood task cards have pictures of setting and characters. Students identify what mood the setting or character help to create. There are 20 cards at each level. For tone there are short
This fun presentation is to help teach students about the differences between mood and tone and how they are used in literature. Appropriate for grades 6-10. Includes videos to demonstrate how tone and mood are used in movies to lead to a better understanding of how they are used in literature. Th
#DistanceLearningTpT This product is perfect for those of you doing distance/remote learning due to school closures!There are tons of mood and tone activities on Teachers Pay Teachers, but this is for those of you going DIGITAL! This is perfect for 1:1 classrooms. These activities stem from some com
The list includes words that are separated by category: postitve, negative, and neutral.Also included is a short description of how to identify mood/tone and a few examples.This is a great reference for students which can be used to reinforce the skill of identifying mood and tone throughout the yea
This Mood and Tone Anchor Chart is a jpeg version of the anchor poster that is part of my The Interactive Notebook-Literary Elements Collection Bundle and my The Interactive Notebook-The HUGE Bundle!This resource contains two high-resolution jpegs (in color and BW), designed at 300 dpi, along with P
Teaching mood and tone? Amp up the fun and proficiency level in your classroom with these (32) Mood and Tone Task Cards. Product addresses mood (the reader's emotional response) and tone (the author's attitude) with excerpts from classic and popular literature. Answer key included. This Common Co
Thanks to my friend Margaret Whisnant, here's a lesson you can use to teach or review mood and how the author sets the tone in a novel. Margaret took these great pictures where the movie for "The Hunger Games" was shot. They created the perfect opportunity to discuss how both movie-makers and author
Teach Setting, Mood, and Tone PowerPoint and Notes Setting, Mood, and Tone don't have to be too difficult for kids to understand. You just need a few tips and tricks to teach them. This unit will be a great help. The guided notes come in two interactive styles: folding and Cornell. The 34 slide Po
Do you want your students to be able to understand the author's tone, mood, and style? If so, this resource is for you! The overall purpose for this activity is to have your students understand the difference between mood, tone, and style. When readers are able to identify these components, they are
Mood, Tone, and Plot Practice with The PassengerA short, approximately 15-20 minute lesson to introduce and or review tone, mood, and plot in preparation for deeper analysis of texts. Includes worksheets to accompany video- made to be cut in half to save paper! This product includes a detailed le
These posters explain the difference between mood and tone, often a confusing concept. Print on card stock and laminate. Hang them in your room for students reference. Especially good during state test time, we all know they ask questions about tone/mood. : ) Thank you! Lynsey Todhunter
This is the first step to get your students to start thinking about how and why an author chooses the words they use. With this mini lesson, you will teach your middle school students the meaning of tone and mood and how to identify it in text. It is a great starting off point for any analyzing text
This powerpoint clearly defines and explains the difference between mode and tone--one of man's biggest questions. Not only does this power point define mood and tone and give examples, it has many informal assessments throughout the powerpoint. These gauge the students understanding of the conten
NO PREP Print & Go: MOOD vs. TONE + CONNOTATIVE LANGUAGE Lesson Plan & Student Materials. Perfect for distance learning! Everything you need to teach & practice MOOD, TONE, CONNOTATIVE LANGUAGE / WORD CHOICE in a fun & engaging way!!Enjoy no prep (and editable) mood and tone lesson
Description: This activity goes with a reading unit on mood, tone and style. I use it after introducing the definitions of mood and tone, but before I apply it to literature. The students really enjoy the trailers and they can clearly see how an author can change his style to affect the tone of a pi

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