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--Click here to grab the entire, 2,500+ page Boho Rainbow Decor & More Collection at a highly discounted price!--Greeting your kiddos in the morning is so important. These Boho Rainbow Morning Greetings are fun and inclusive. You can choose between 5.25 in x 5.25 in posters or a choice board. The options will allow your students to choose which social distancing greeting they would like to use!Included: 1. Social Distance Greeting Choice Board Version 1 (wave, peace sign, smile, air hug, he
Not Grade Specific
Greeting your kiddos in the morning is so important. These Bright Morning Greetings are fun and inclusive. You can choose between 5.25 in x 5.25 in posters or a choice board that prints on a regular, 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Included: 1. Choice Board Version 1 (wave, peace sign, smile, hug, heart hands, dance.) 2. Choice Board Version 2 (wave, peace sign, handshake, hug, heart hands, spirit fingers.) 3. 5.25 inches x 5.25 inches small posters in the following: Good Morningwavepeace signsmilehug
Greeting your kiddos in the morning is so important. These Retro Morning Greetings are fun and inclusive. You can choose between 5.25 in x 5.25 in posters or a choice board. Included: 1. Choice Board Version 1 (wave, peace sign, smile, hug, heart hands, dance.) 2. Choice Board Version 2 (wave, peace sign, smile, hug, heart hands, spirit fingers.) 3. 5.25 inches x 5.25 inches small posters in the following: Good Morningwavepeace signsmilehugheart handsdancespirit fingers4. Blank templates so you
Have you seen those super cute videos on You Tube where teachers allow their students to choose how they’d like to be greeted in the morning? Me too!I think it’s really important to greet each and every student on their way into your room. It says ‘I see you and I’m here for you’ even for the kids who don’t interact with you very often. The one common thing I noticed though, is that most of the resources made for that, were made for little friends. I wanted something that looked older for my 4th
Use this choice board for students to decide how they would like to greet their teacher or friends every morning. I use this choice board during my morning meeting time first thing in the morning. It is a great resource to help build a strong classroom community and make students feel welcomed and excited about being at school.There are 4 designs included. Please note this resource is not editable. This product has been designed to match my Australian animals décor pack which can be found here:h
PreK - 6th
Morning Greetings Choice Board!Print ONE page, laminate, hang by your door, and DONE!Multiple color versions and BW version included!NOT EDITABLE (you can cross out the ones you do not want to use with sharpie)
Not Grade Specific
These morning greetings, no contact, slides are perfect for your virtual learning classroom. What better way to break the ice, and create a positive classroom community! Boost engagement with your little learners through this fun, no contact, virtual ways to say hello! All 50 choices were created with social distancing and virtual learning in mind and can be performed on screen or in person. Be sure to check out the preview for details! What's Included: 18 Premade slides 27 Make Your Own PowerP
I designed this Morning Choice Board with the lower and upper elementary teacher in mind. This is a Word Doc that contains 12 choices for you to pick from. All you need to do is select the greetings that you like and drag them or cut/copy paste them to the blank sheet below. If you print them on card stock and laminate them, you're ready to go.
A fun way to welcome your students into your classroom. 16 different greeting choices. Choose which you want to offer, or offer them all! Your students will love this extra connection it gives with you everyday!Greeting options:DanceHandshakeFist BumpBowHugHigh FivePat on BackPinky ShakeSaluteSilly FaceSmileWaveWinkSay HelloElbow BumpSecret messageThank you! KimberlyA Llama 2nd Grade
Enjoy this fun classroom community-building activity! Students point or say the greeting of their choice at the door using this printable activity.3 Pre-made options and 12 images to select your own- make it into what you want. Images include pictures and words. Having this easy choice board posted by the door makes morning greetings a breeze. Student leaders can select an option and stick it on the welcome page for the next day, too! (Students work hard for this!) Thank you for supporting a fel
This is a fun morning choice board to display somewhere near your door! I have really enjoyed using this and it has helped me grow relationships with my students daily! Personally I had this printed at 11"x17" but it could be even bigger. :)
Choose how to say good morning!
PDF file of a morning greeting choice that the students choose how they would like to be greeted by their peers. The document could be cut apart or printed and laminated as a whole document.
Morning Greetings Choice Board for Upper Grades!Color and BW versions includedPDF file - NOT EditableGreetings Included:Fist BumpHigh FivePinky ShakeHand WaveSay my Name
5th - 12th
Promote bodily autonomy in your classroom with this Morning Greeting Choice Board! Simply hang this poster outside of your classroom or by your door and allow your students to select their own greeting!
Greet your students in a fun way each morning! Use this simple visual choice board to help students identify which type of morning greeting they would like as they enter the classroom each day.
Not Grade Specific
A choice board designed for my preschool classroom to help students learn/choose different ways to say "good morning."
Not Grade Specific
The best way to start day 1 of the school year (and everyday after that) is by greeting your students at the door. Use this fun emoji morning greeting choice board to let your students pick which way they want to be greeted. There are color and black and white versions of the printable. Need more back to school resources? Check them out here. Make sure you follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers to be notified when new resources are added to my store.Like me on FacebookFollow me on Instagram
Not Grade Specific
These morning greeting choices will immediately impact your classroom culture! Post these morning greeting choices on your classroom door as teacher or a student greeter warmly welcomes classmates as students choose their morning greeting when entering the room.  You can also post them in any virtual classroom setting. Morning greeting choices will help your students feel welcome and safe the moment they arrive! Greeting students in the morning will set a positive tone each day. Best of all, th
Use these printable, morning greeting choices to build relationships and set a positive tone for students at the beginning of each school day! The morning greetings can be printed in black and white or in color. Hang the greeting signs and posters so students can choose a morning greeting before entering the classroom or make a choice while greeting classmates during your morning meeting. You'll also get a digital slide of the morning greetings so you can project it for all to see in the mee
*UPDATED with 9 NEW minimal/no contact options!! 28 choices total!!**Have your students start the day off right by greeting their classmates with these fun morning greeting cards! These work great in a pocket chart, on a door or wall, or as sticks to choose from each morning! If you want to attach them to popsicle sticks, I included white shiplap backs if you did not want the sticks double sided. Included is the following;28 Morning Greeting Choices with chalkboard background (circle)28 B&W
Build strong connections with your students by greeting them in a special way at the door every morning. This resource includes a variety of morning/afternoon greeting choices with social distancing options for you to use with your class! You can hang them on a cute ribbon or place them on a pocket chart so your kiddos are able to choose the way they would like to greet you.⭐What is included?"Good morning!" / "¡Buenos días!" headers (2 options)"Good afternoon!" / "¡Buenos tardes!" headers (2 opt
Morning greeting choices on signs, cards and posters are perfect visuals for your students social distancing to have choice in how they would like to say good morning and greeted at the door, morning meeting, or dismissal at the end of the school day. Included are 25 morning or afternoon greeting choices (most are perfect for social distancing). Each morning greeting style/choice is available in 3 different sizes to meet your needs. You can place these greetings on an apron, on the door, or on
Morning meeting greeting visuals to spruce up your classroom morning meeting routine! Print these visuals and post in your morning meeting area. Every morning each student participates in the morning meeting routine and has the opportunity to come to the front of the class and say good morning to their peers. Every student has the opportunity to choose which greeting they choose for the day. The greetings included in this product are:hugwaveshake handshigh fivesay itfist bump*there are two f
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