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This Mr and Mrs Potato digital interactive reward provides a fun way for any teacher to implement a whole-class or individual reward system with their students. Digital rewards are easy to use and great for motivating students to complete their goals!  Drag and Drop the stickers to reward your stude
This fun project includes: - Patterns for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head - Labels for the project - Fun interactive flipbook (The 5 Senses with Mr. Potato) - Color and label Mr. Potato - Tree map about Five senses (2 versions: one with boy and girl, and the other with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head) - 2 W
PreK - 1st
This is a BOOM Card product (no print activity) --- can be used on various computer devices (see below for details). Be sure to check out the PREVIEW of the actual product…Click on link below and look at full-sized view. #teletherapy #distancelearning #speechtherapyProduct Description A child's favo
When working with children who are nonverbal, I've found Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head are one of my very first go-to's alongside bubbles, water play, and play dough. Sometimes verbal language is not something the child is able to do currently, therefore we begin using visuals and in some cases, intro
I love to describe my role to my K-2 kiddo by utilizing Mrs. Potato Head. Not only is it age-appropriate, but the students get a better idea of what their school counselor is truly here to do! -Make sure you make a COPY and then alter as needed!I choose to build an actual Mrs. Potato Head while util
PreK - 3rd
This is a Powerpoint/slide show that goes well with the first Guidance lesson of the year on How My Counselor is like Mr. Potato Head). Slide show compares all the pieces of Mr. Potato head to the roles of the counselor.
How much fun for our little preschoolers! Precious Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head mats that can be used for either Play-Doh fun or to create a file folder game. You can choose between all the crazy eyes, ears, arms, noses, mouths, shoes, hair and accessories to create your fun Potato Heads! Graphic
PreK - K
No more pieces and parts to keep up with for your Mrs. Potato Head lesson at the beginning of the year! With this interactive, you can use an interactive board/TV to assemble Mrs. Potato Head. This is a drag and drop activity that you or your students can use to demonstrate during your lesson. Kids
Teach your class and let them build their potato head as they learn about the sensed. Students can also "earn" each body part if they complete the related experiment with it. Use this as a rubric to show parents how their child is doing in science. Also, these can be displayed as an interactive b
PreK - 1st
In this lab, a group of 4 students will create a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head using real Brown Potatoes! Students will flip a coin to see which traits their characters will have then cut out the colored pieces to bring their results to life! Download the Preview to get the colored Potato Head Pieces for
You can input any type of challenge onto the blank slides (videos, questions, task card screen shots...the options are endless)!After answering each question, students can check their answers under the hidden box. They then move on to the next slide where they have earned another piece to help put M
2nd - 6th
12 pages of Mr. and Mrs. Potato head pieces. Cut out the potatoes and pieces, laminate them, and place velcro dots on potato bodies and pieces, then allow students to place a piece of their choice on the potato for good class behavior, testing reward, class compliments, etc. Includes regular and hol
This is a coordinate plane activity that includes plotting points in all 4 quadrants to make an a potato character. I have spent many years perfecting these pictures using input from my students. There is a circle to identify the origin and I have made every 5th line darker which makes it easier to
4th - 8th
Use this classroom management tool as a way to set expectations for voice level, safety, and learning skills.
PreK - 1st
Pair this with my Mr. Potato Head Simple Communication Mat also available in my store!This is a 1 page print out that is great for requesting ("I want") and utilizing simple language (put on, take off) while identifying basic vocabulary. Simply print out, laminate and use!I made a bunch of these a w
A great activity for learning about the five senses.
PreK - 2nd
These two posters are developed as guidelines to stimulate language using Mr and Mrs Potato head.
Build a Mr and Mrs Potato with this versatile set of 68 pieces and24 flashcards! Similar to a paper doll, dress up the potato by adding different pieces to create the perfect Mr. or Mrs. potato. This resource makes a great class or student behavior incentive reward, centers activity for your classro
This fun and engaging self-checking activity is great for summary, homework, review or class activities. This template provides you with structured slides and 4 multiple choice answers. All you have to do is input the questions and answers (putting the correct answer above the 'body part' you would
Not Grade Specific
This potato heads crime scene activity pack is a great addition to your Valentine's topic. With this pack you will be able to create a crime scene where someone has stolen Mrs Potato's heart! Students have to investigate using the clues provided to find out who committed the crime out of 4 possible
FREEBIE!!! I hope this is useful in your classroom when managing classroom behavior. Some things I reward my students with: *Ice cream for the whole class *Lunch in the classroom or outside *No Homework *Everyone gets to bring in show & tell *Pick any seat for a day Bee Fain Live in
Language Activity ideas for using Mr. Potato for home, school, or teletherapy.
PreK - 1st
Do your students love Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!? If so, then they're absolutely love this 5-in-1 resource pack! Each game included comes with 48 cards, and a variety of language targets are covered. Elementary and middle school students alike will enjoy these! NOTE: This product is included in my P
Help bring back memories of creating Mr. Potato Heads as a child and allow your students to create Mr. or Mrs. Poetry Heads. Students will have the opportunity to create a poetry head based on a fictitious person or a real person alive or dead. Students can use various art and crafts materials to d

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