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This multiple meaning words free printable is great practice for students. Students will need to read TWO sentences and find the word that best fits BOTH sentences. This is a great resource to challenge students to really think about the meaning of the chosen words! This worksheet is included in my NO Prep February Language Arts Unit.CLICK HERE to follow me to be notified of new products and SALES!This resource is part of my February No Prep Literacy Bundle that you can find HERE. Looking for
This resource contains a practice worksheet related to determining whether a multiple meaning word is a noun or a verb. Six sentences pairs are featured (twelve sentences in all). Students must use the context of the sentence to determine whether the underlined word in each sentence is a noun or a verb. In each pair, one sentence uses an underlined word as a noun, and the second sentence uses the underlined word as a verb. This allows students to see how a word can serve as a noun AND a verb.***
PRINTABLE ACTIVITY: You will download a free sampler homonyms worksheet for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, ESL, special education and for speech and language therapy. Students may use it as a review, bell ringer, morning work or homework.Homonyms include: leaves, date, scale, saw, well➔➔ Click HERE for a homonyms money-saving bundle.----------------------------------▶︎ EASEL ACTIVITY NOTE: While this activity is available as a digital resource, it works best as a printable activity. If you use it as a di
*FREEBIE!* Insects and Bugs Worksheets: S Blends and Multiple Meaning Words**This is part of a BUNDLE product, please see my TPT store to download the full product! Color and Black and White OptionsNo Prep! Print and Go! ***For best layout results, print in “landscape” mode***Can be used for activities such as: •Coloring Sheets (I love to use Scented crayons for extra fun!)•Playdough Smash Mats: Smash Playdough on each word or picture•Roll and Cover: Cover words with chips (or beans) to see who
This worksheet focuses on matching a definition of a multiple meaning word to a sample sentence using that same meaning.
2nd - 4th
These are a few worksheets for Multiple Meaning Words. An answer key is included. Picture prompts are on each page for students to write the multiple meaning words that would match each pair of pictures. Six pages; three question pages and three answer key sheets.Did you know that puns in jokes often exist because of multiple meaning words? If you're looking for new material for your class to read, I'd love❤️ for you to check out my Joke Books for Kids. They are filled with jokes for different t
Multiple Meaning Words Worksheet - FREEBIE SAMPLE**NO PREP**Answer Key includedQuick assessment of students' knowledge of six multiple meaning words.
This is a worksheet that introduces different types of multi-meaning words. It is meant to be a whole lesson that targets conversation, vocabulary, introduces multi-meaning words and gives students opportunities to practice this skill with a fun activity at the end.
6th - 12th
List of 10 Homonyms. I work on multiple meaning words constantly with my kiddos.Hope this list is of use to anybody. Thanks !Words:BreakKidRockPunchDullMatchRoundBurnCropAddress
Not Grade Specific
This quick worksheet can be used to help students understand multiple meaning words.
Multiple Meaning Words Task Cards will give your students ample practice with word meaning in context. There are many ways you can use these in your class: in a literacy center, early finish box, whole class activity, one a day for morning/bell work… there are so many options! Included in this packet are 32 task cards and an answer key. There are 4 cards per sheet. Simply cut the cards and laminate for continued use. Either store them in a large index card file box, or hole punch and assembl
Noun or verb? Let your students identify and decide which words in the sentences are nouns or verbs. There are two printable worksheets with lots of sentences for your students to practice. Students have to underline the verbs and circle the nouns. Then, they tally the verbs and nouns, and color the pictures according to how many of each they have identified. Download this freebie and save yourself some time. Just print and go! ****************************************************************
This activity has students using context clues to figure out which definition of a multiple meaning word is being used. There are 10 slides (pdf version) and a recording sheet included! Enjoy!
Understanding place value of multi-digit numbers is an important concept students need to master. Give your students the extra practice they need with these worksheets. You can use these worksheets as extra practice, homework, independent classwork, an assessment. I included answer sheets as well. Common Core State Standards: 4.NBT.2 Read and write multi-digit whole numbers using base ten names, and expanded form. Come two multi-digit numbers based on meaning of the digits in each place usi
Tired of your students arguing over who received the "cooler" worksheet? Eliminate those verbal battles with this packet of open-ended worksheets. Use these worksheets to target any articulation or language objectives. The first 2 sheets target articulation skills while duplicate pages (the next 2 sheets) target language skills. Never have students arguing about who received the “cooler” worksheet again. Each student can have the same worksheet regardless of their speech therapy goals. Each pag
PreK - 3rd
Target CCSS L.4 with this fun activity!! The pack includes 10 multiple meaning words that revolve around a Thanksgiving theme! 3 levels of differentiation plus a quick-print black-and-white versions are included! The first (easy) version involves matching meanings to their words, but all the turkeys are the same color. The second (medium) version has the word on a brown turkey and the meanings are on same-colored turkeys. This make matching meanings to each other easier, but matching to th
Multiple Meaning Homonyms fun with this cute interactive (cut and paste) activity and included poster.Homonyms are words that sound alike, but have different meanings, such as "nose" and "knows". Understanding multiple meaning words is essential to reading comprehension and vocabulary development.This product is terrific for Rti, classroom instruction and speech therapy.This freebie is a sneak peek of My Homonyms and Homophone Hoot Owls: Multiple Meanings Speech Therapy Packet. The full product
I designed this worksheet as a visual cue for students learning multiple meaning words. I use this page when I start teaching the concept. I have found that this leads to greater understanding (the student can visually see images that depict the different meanings). It also gives them a starting place when trying to define the two different meanings. There is a level two (without pictures) available in my Anywhere Language full product. Color Version: Place in a page protector (or laminate) for
1st - 5th
You are trapped in this haunted house! You must escape in time for Halloween!Your students will love this Halloween themed learning adventure. This is a perfect activity for those hectic days just before trick-or-treats. This interactive activity intregrates technology (QR code), vocabulary skills, and excitement.Students use their knowledge and QR codes to fill their treat bag, which is the key to escaping the haunted house.** PLEASE NOTE: The QR codes need access to Pinterest to work. **For be
I came back to where I hurt my back. I need to ship this ship to my grandpa. I saw a fly fly through the air. Wait, what!? Multiple meaning words can be hard, even for typically developing individuals! This download targets words with multiple meanings, leveled for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade and 6th grade through 12th grade. I've also included a worksheet that can be used as a writing activity with space for the target word, definitions of the word, and an area to write sentences us
K - 12th
Population: 4th grade-8th grade Targets: Figurative Language, Multiple Meaning Words, Context Clues Daily Objective: Give 2 definitions of a multiple meaning word (MMW) and use appropriately in sentences. Directions: Each example has two sentences - A and B. Read sentences A and B. Student identifies/circles the MMW used in both sentences. Student re-reads sentence A, defines the MMW (using context clue strategies), and creates a new sentence where the MMW is used to mean the same thing.
Target CCSS L.4 with this fun activity!! The pack includes 10 multiple meaning words that revolve around a Halloween theme! 3 levels of differentiation plus a quick-print black-and-white versions are included! The first (easy) version involves matching meanings to their words, but all the bats are the same color. The second (medium) version has the word on a black-and-white bat and the meanings are on the same color bats. This make matching meanings to each other easier, but matching to th
1st - 4th
This is a 12-question assessment testing student knowledge of how to read a dictionary entry and match it to a word's usage in a sentence. All are commonly used multiple meaning words. Entries vary in difficulty. Assessment is suitable for 4th through 7th grade. Includes answer key.
4th - 7th
A "tide me over" until I finalllllllly finish your 100 follower freebie. I swear it's coming and it's HUGE. Pinky promise. :) I used this book this year to help my kids keep track of all of the multiple meaning words. They really enjoyed it and it was very helpful when it came time to study and when they needed a reference. To make this book, print it. Organize the pages how you want them. Then run them through your copier front to back and "book staple" it. There should be 2 staples along w

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