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These 10 high-interest passages are paired with reading comprehension questions and short response questions for students to practice multiple comprehension skills AND writing with the RACE writing strategy. This resource is perfect for test-prep, special education and progress monitoring, differentiating, and scaffolding for struggling readers. Passages range between reading levels of 6-8th grade, making them perfect for groups of students with a wide range of reading levels. → Looking for a d
Adding and subtracting mixed numbers is an essential math skill, but students can easily get confused with the different strategies if they are not taught in the right way! This packet is a complete resource for teaching and practicing various methods for adding and subtracting mixed numbers with like denominators.Ready to print and go, this resource has students solving each problem in three ways; using pictures, using number lines, and with numbers strategies, such as decomposing or carrying w
3rd - 6th
These step-by-step multi-step addition and subtraction story problems promote independence and confidence in students. First, choose from the CUBES or CUBED story problem strategy. Then select the regular or differentiated worksheets.Teach students to UNDERSTAND HOW to solve the multi-step problem by breaking them down into manageable steps. Teachers choose from CUBES or CUBED word problem strategies:C - Circle the numbersU - Underline the questionB - Box the keywordsE - Eliminate what you don't
Teach your students how to multiply multi-digit numbers using the easy to remember turtlehead strategy! I have included 10 worksheets and answer keys with the anchor charts attached. If you are looking for a digital turtlehead strategy resource, check out my self-grading google form task cards. There are 4 sets of 10 task cards --> Digital Turtlehead Task Cards
3rd - 5th
Standardized Test Strategies for Multiple-Choice Questions & Constructed Response This lesson is designed to help students be successful on standardized testing. You can use the section focused on multiple-choice questions, constructed responses or both depending on the format of the test and your students’ needs. Students will fill in strategies in the guided note-taking packet and annotate the questions, passages, and prompts as directed throughout the lesson. Included: *PowerPoint with
This resource is designed to help 5th and 6th graders improve their ability to make inferences as a reading comprehension strategy. The questions are derived from an interesting selection of informational texts (nonfiction) and few fiction texts in the form of short paragraphs. *** This is a PDF version.A. Click here for a Fillable & Editable Google Doc Version ($4)B. Click here for a Self grading & Fillable Google Form ($4.50) To keep students engaged, each worksheet has 10 paragraphs a
I created this lesson because I was didn’t feel like my eighth grade pre-algebra students understood how to take a multiple choice math test intelligently. What I learned was that many of them felt that by using strategies such as working backwards and estimation, they were cheating! They resisted using many of the skills successful test-takers use because of this. Amazing! I challenged my students to determine the correct answer without using any traditional solving methods and without a calcu
Tired of your basic independent reading logs? These daily reading logs highlight 18 reading skills and strategies to be sure that your students are using multiple tools during their weekly independent reading. These can be used for independent practice in the classroom, used for reinforcement during guided reading groups, or used as an at-home assigned reading log. I've included a version with parent signature and without so that you have both options.Skills and strategies included are: Includes
This PowerPoint, worksheet, and activity shares the strategies students need to succeed when answering multiple choice questions on state exams and beyond! The 12 slide PowerPoint gives basic strategies to use on all questions, plus the strategies that have helped my students master questions about vocabulary in context, literary elements, specific line references, central ideas, and textual evidence. The worksheet teaches students the "Bulls-eye Strategy," helping them to identify the BEST an
This resource is designed to help 5th and 6th graders improve their ability to make inferences as a reading comprehension strategy. The questions are derived from an interesting selection of informational texts (nonfiction) and few fiction texts in the form of short paragraphs. The questions are FILLABLE; students can simply type in their answers electronically. They are also EDITABLE; you could edit/add/delete questions to meet your students' needs. { MAKE SURE YOU MAKE A COPY FIRST ;) }***This
Do your students need a little extra help taking multiple-choice exams? This 14-slide PowerPoint reviews 10 multiple-choice test-taking strategies to help your students be successful test-takers. Also included is a handout to give to your students so they can review the strategies at any time. After reviewing these strategies, your students will be confident and ready for any exam. This can be used in any course of study."My students found this very helpful. They enjoyed using this in class. I w
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This resources is designed to help students put reasoning behind the strategies they will use while answering multiple choice questions. The resource also includes reading skills and math operations.
This product includes 9 clear and easy-to-understand posters to use when students are exploring strategies for multi-digit multiplication, as well as 2 printable student resource pages (4 posters per page) that I like to put in sheet protectors for students to keep in their binders. Posters include Distributive Property (breaking apart numbers), Box Method, Area Model, Partial Products, Expanded Notation, Traditional Algorithm, Properties of Multiplication, and Tips for Memorization.
3rd - 6th
Packet includes literacy strategies for students on how to approach multiple choice questions on the regents exam. Packet can be used to teach students how to break down political cartoons, generalization questions, fact vs opinion, and identify root words. Contains practice questions for each strategy to help students make educated guesses on the Global History and Geography Regents exam.
9th - 12th
This lesson is designed for 7th Grade ELA Students. The content is aligned to grammar, literature, research, communication, and vocabulary standards that students need to master in middle school. The standards are specifically aligned to Tennessee state grammar standards, but they are appropriate for any 7th ELA Classroom. However, the primary focus on this practice is for students to identify the skill of each question, so they can successfully determine how to approach answering the question.
3 Posters that give examples of three multi-digit multiplication strategies, including the traditional algorithm, partial products, and lattice. Check out my Multiplication Task Card Bundle Check out my Multi-Digit Multiplication Project!
Five strategies are taught to perform division involving multi-digit dividends. Students are required to understand what division means and not just memorize an algorithm. They should be able to explain how they arrive at a quotient. In order to understand the process of division students should be presented with various strategies that help them grasp the concept. The following strategies are presented in this resource. 1. Build a number using Base 10 blocks. Then separate (divide) the numbe
This comprehensive packet will give your students practice with mental math strategies and a deeper conceptual understanding of place value and multi-digit addition. This product includes four printable posters that clearly show the strategies (Branching Strategy, Decomposing Strategy, and Partial Sums Strategy), a printable reference of all strategies (great for students or parents!), independent practice pages and homework pages for each strategy, Roll With It (a game to practice the Branchin
Great practice for the state reading tests. Your students will read a short passage and then answer two multiple choice questions based on the passage. There are 20 short passages and multiple choice questions, each printed on a card. These reading cards can be laminated to use over and over again for your students. Each reading card focuses on a specific reading strategy or skill: Author’s Purpose, Making Predictions, Analyzing Characters, Point of View, Analogies, Asking Questions, The Setting
Are your students struggling to understand the different methods of multi digit multiplication? With so many methods, it is easy for our students to get confused! This well-organized multi-strategy resource makes it easy to teach and practice the three most popular methods for multi digit multiplication: the area model, the partial products method, and the standard method. This printable resource includes 110 problems to help make planning, teaching, and understanding multi digit multiplication
Challenge the thinking of your students with this fun pack of printable math worksheets. With this resource, your students will be able to use multiple math strategies in order to solve a problem. Each math problem has the sum provided and your students will use their math skills to figure out what makes up this sum. My kids love using these in my classroom. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKET? · 22 Different Word Problems with Sums Ranging From 6-20· All Pages Come in Both Color and in a Black an
Students will be comprehending multi step word problems with confidence and ease using reading strategies. Math is Thinking! Teach your students to solve word problems by Visualizing, Questioning, Determining Importance, Inferring, Making Connections, and Synthesizing. Transform your students thinking with this multi-step guided math approach to solving problems. A total of 62 Common Core Aligned word problems. Covers standard 4.OA.5. ~Classroom Magic
This is not your ordinary vocabulary lesson!! Get ready to engage your students and establish concrete connections to support their understanding. This 77-SLIDE VOCABULARY STRATEGIES power point provides a set of mini-lessons that will explicitly teach students about several strategies for clarifying unknown words in context. Each mini-lesson includes modeled activities, opportunities for investigation, and informal assessment checkpoints. Make sure to review all of the teacher notes bel
This exciting BUNDLE of addition and subtraction word problems consists of wonderful printable worksheets that will help your students practice math using many strategies Your students will demonstrate their knowledge of addition facts through various strategies on each page. Students will practice ten frames, part, part, whole, number sentences, number lines and writing about their answer. They will be experts after using this fun packet. BY PURCHASING THIS BUNDLE, YOU WILL BE SAVING 20% OFF OF

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