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Multiplication and division practice and review for winter! The differentiated color-by-number pictures are the perfect way to offer division practice and multiplication practice as January and February math activities. Perfect for math centers, group work, partner work or as a whole-class activity,
This introduction to multiplication workbook is a great tool to teach your students multiplication strategies. This workbook is great for students learning about multiplication for the first time or those that are struggling and could use some extra reinforcement. Part 1 teaches multiplying by 0-1.
This 8-page lesson packet includes everything you need to teach multiplying fractions in word problems. Best of all, it requires no prep! Just PRINT and TEACH! What's included? ✔Instructional Guide✔Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔Partner Practice✔3-page Independent Practice✔Challenge Page for Early Finis
**3 Practice Pages/3 Quizzes** -3 by 1 digit multiplication -2 by 2 digit multiplication -mixed problems **24 Task Cards** -8 cards: 3 by 1 digit and 2 by 2 digit multiplication using area model -8 cards: Multiplication word problems -8 cards: Identifying multiplication errors Check out a fe
4th - 6th
I made this pack of multiplication worksheets for students to practice their facts as they learn them. They begin with 0, 1; 2, 5 and 10, then go to 3, 4; 6, 7; 8, 9; 11, 12. They can practice for morning work, a math center, homework, etc. Fun and fall-themed! Great for a back to school review in
3rd - 7th
This file is a set of six different color by multiplication fact pages for students to practice their math facts with. Students solve the problems and color the pages according to the color key.
The box/area method is ideal for those students who know their basic facts and can multiply by powers of ten. The box/area method helps students to retain place value concepts instead of memorizing a routine. Contents: Page 3 – Overview of the box method Pages 4-5 – Practice with expanded form pro
4th - 6th
Use these multi-digit multiplication and division practice pages to engage your kids while they practice these important skills.
You will find a pack that is loaded with sheets to practice multiplication facts with missing factors. Here are the specifics of what is included: Facts for 1-5 (5 pages) Facts for 6-10 (5 pages) Individual fact sheets for 1-10 (5 pages for each factor) Each sheet has four copies of the same fact
I made this pack of multiplication worksheets for students to practice their facts as they learn them. They begin with 0, 1; 2, 5 and 10, then go to 3, 4; 6, 7; 8, 9; 11, 12. They can practice for morning work, a math center, homework, etc.
These 3rd grade digital practice pages for multiplication are perfect for the digital teacher using Google Classroom!The purpose of the practice pages is to provide students with additional practice on a specific skill. If you use the exit slips, these are prefect for extra practice for the students
NEW YEAR 2021 - 4 pages to practice MultiplicationMultiply. Then write the missing numbers to complete the division equations.Multiply. Color by the code. Color the EVEN product yellow. Color the odd product blue.Solve each multiplication problem. Cut and paste the matching division equation.Write
These pretty little pumpkin practice pages will help your students master the box method multiplication strategy for multi-digit numbers. 1-digit x 2-digit factors1-digit x 3-digit factors1-digit x 4-digit factors2-digit x 2-digit factorsIn this product, you get 32 pages of pumpkin themed practice p
3rd - 5th
Assess your students’ multiplication and division fact fluency by integrating fact practice and assessment sheets! Here’s what’s included: Multiplication Fact Practice Pages: Introduce students to multiplication facts by integrating the fact practice sheets. Included in this pack are 14 multiplicati
The following product is based on the Common Core/Eureka Grade 3 Math Module 1. It is intended to give students added practice on the skills learned throughout the module. This practice notebook can be used as a center, tutoring work, homework etc. This product includes practice with the following
2nd - 3rd
This ‘Multiplication Practice Pages’ resource includes a set of 12 worksheets, which allows your students to develop and strengthen their multiplication skills, either in the classroom or for homework practice. I hope you enjoy using my product in your classroom. Your feedback is appreciated! Ple
1st - 6th
I made this pack of multiplication worksheets for students to practice their facts as they learn them. They begin with 0, 1; 2, 5 and 10, then go to 3, 4; 6, 7; 8, 9; 11, 12. They can practice for morning work, a math center, homework, etc. Cute and summer-themed! Also check out my other holiday a
MULTIPLICATION FACTS 15 PAGES OF PRACTICE Multiplication facts - how important are they to your students? This set of 15 worksheets is all on multiplication facts. Here is what you'll receive: Pages 1 - 3 : Comparing Multiplication Facts; 3 pages where students must FIRST solve sets of 3 facts and
Kids love solving mysteries, and that's what they'll do that with these coloring worksheets. This mystery pictures activity on multiplying and dividing decimals is designed to make learning math more fun.To use, choose and print the right type of problem for your class. Your students must first an
4th - 7th
Help your student master the connection between repeated addition and multiplication, through the use of these digital practice pages. This packet starts by having students write repeated addition equations for arrays and equal groups, and then introduces how repeated addition and multiplication are
2nd - 3rd
Review your multiplication facts with these cute as a button Halloween themed fact practice pages. Solve the problem, correct the mistakes, find the missing factor, and, name the appropriate fact, and identify the multiples. These seven pages give students a variety of ways to practice their fact
Learn multiplication facts for 4. This is 4's only! Introduction with sets of four leaves [clover] and 4 legs [chair]. Practice pages, 4's grid, word problems and fact triangles are included. Understanding multiplication and 4's in the real world. Practice multiplication 4 facts with these 15 pa
If you are looking for more multiplication practice for your students, here are 5 pages, each with 16 multiplication problems and 2 word problems. There is also an extra page with a blank multiplication table to fill in for practice. This was created for extra practice for my Introduction to multipl
Our students need tons of practice with their multiplication facts. But, they hate repetition. They won't hate these practice pages! On each of the 10 pages (1 for each factor 1-10) they will use a pattern to find the product of each factor x 1-10. Then the factors are in a mixed order, so stude
2nd - 4th

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