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multiplication property sort

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multiplication property sort

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Students will practice identifying the properties of addition and multiplication with this fun digital card sort activity! Students will read 24 equations and determine which property they are examples of. They will need to read carefully because there is also a "none of the above" category! Also in
Teach your students the Commutative, Identity, Zero, and Associative Properties of Multiplication by using the Interactive Notebook pages. Students cut out the definition and example of each property, and then complete a sort activity. Also, if you do not use Interactive Notebooks, then I've inclu
This is an engaging activity that requires sorting Addition and Multiplication Properties with an appropriate example and the definition of the property. Students are required to cut and paste pieces into a sorting matrix. This activity meets or exceeds the Common Core Standards of Mathematics. It
3rd - 6th
Looking for a way to help students master multiplication properties? This product includes both printable and digital options to learn what the multiplication properties are and practice using them. An organizer helps students see the definition of each property with an example. Students apply what
This is a cut and paste sort that includes all properties of multiplication. Each property has three examples that go with it. Properties Included:Zero PropertyIdentity PropertyCommutative PropertyAssociative PropertyDistributive Property
2nd - 4th
Students fill in missing factors to make the equation true. They then cut out each equation and match it to the correct property. Properties include: Commutative, Associative, & Distributive.
2nd - 4th
Multiplication Properties includes posters for Distributive, Associative, Commutative, Identity and Zero. There are also smaller posters that can be used for small group, workstations and sorts, There are cards for each property. Students can match the property to the equation, they can be used as
2nd - 4th
Students will practice identifying the properties of addition and multiplication with this fun card sort activity! Students will read 24 equations and determine which property they are examples of. They will need to read carefully because there is also a "none of the above" category! Also included i
5th - 8th
These three worksheets about the Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties of Multiplication are leveled in difficulty for quick differentiation. The stars at the top of each page indicate whether the problems are easy, medium, or hard.Easy: Students fill in the blank to complete the equ
I made this cute multiplication worksheet to help my kiddos learn basic multiplication...it isn't a part of my curriculum, so I mostly do it for exposure and to help ready them for the following year when they will learn multiplication. This is great exposure for fun, or a wonderful activity to uti
Students will cut out and sort examples that represent: -Identity Property of 1 -Zero Property of Multiplication -Commutative Property of Multiplication -Associative Property of Multiplication -Distributive Property I've found that it's best to enhance understanding the properties to compare and s
2nd - 8th
I will be doing this sort with my students to review the properties of multiplication. We will first sort and discuss together. They will then resort by themselves. I left the bottom row empty for them to add their own example. They will then switch the cards they made with a partner and sort. I
2nd - 5th
Use this sorting game to review multiplication properties with students. Reviews Identity, Zero, and Commutative Properties. Includes 3 title cards, 18 cards, instruction page, and answer key. Would be great as a folder game or math center. I also use this for early finishers. Correlates with Comm
3rd - 6th
This cut and sort activity makes a great math center or assessment activity. Students will cut out the sort cards, and glue them under the correct expression. Happy learning! EM
Great for learning the multiplication properties of associative, commutative, and identity and zero This classroom activity or center contains 18 cards. The students find the hidden cards, sort them into the correct property on their answer form, and solve the answer. It also contains a sort workshe
3rd - 4th
Students determine answer to equations, cut them out, and paste them into the correct property. There are two different sets of equations included; one with just the product missing and one with factors and products missing.
Properties of Multiplication math sorting activity - identity, zero, associative, and commutative properties. Cut out squares and glue them onto the sorting sheet to identify properties of multiplication. This product is NOT editable. It uses standard American English. This is part of a bundle! Pr
This activity can be used as practice or an assessment. Students are asked to sort multiplication sentences by property: commutative, associative, identity, and zero. It then gives students the chance to write two of their own multiplication sentences in each category. It aligns with CCSS.3.OA.
This is a GREAT activity to use as a review of the properties of multiplication. There are 30 cards with multiplication sentences on them that students will sort into 5 categories: Distributive Property, Associative Property, Commutative Property, Identity Property, and Zero Property. Prior to imple
Need a fun craftivity to reinforce multiplication properties? This Christmas themed Multiplication Poinsettia Property Sort is the perfect craftivity to reinforce the skill. It's fun and makes an adorable bulletin board or hallway display. This product includes a the matereials for a craftivity and
This product includes 56 examples of addition and multiplication properties that kids will sort to match the correct property. The properties included are...-Associative Property of Addition-Associative Property of Multiplication-Distributive Property-Commutative Property of Addition-Commutative Pro
2nd - 3rd
This quick check assignment will help you to see whether your children understand the difference between the associative, distributive, and commutative property of multiplication. (There are two per page!)Now includes a digital version!
3rd - 4th
Students will sort the equations into the correct multiplication property. This sort contains the identity property, the zero property, and the commutative property.
3rd - 5th
This activity is a card sort. Students practice with multiplication of numbers using various representations: the traditional method, arrays, and the distributive property. There are 20 cards. An ANSWER KEY is also included.

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