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multiplying fractions by fractions worksheets

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Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers is an important skill that students in grades 3-5 need to master. This no-prep, print and go Multiplying Fractions Worksheets Packet is perfect for extra practice of this concept! This resource includes 4 practice sheets for the skill of Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers. Each sheet has 9 practice problems for the skill and 3 spiral review problems at the bottom.Click here to SAVE 50% with the 4th Grade Math Homework for the Year Bundle!Please see the
This resource includes 64 worksheets that review the concept of multiplying a fraction by a whole number. Students will multiply a fraction by a whole number: With represented visual pictorial and bar models With shading a pictorial and bar model Reading and interpreting word problems Without visual models and just an equation Understand multiples of unit fractions Understand the product of a whole number and a fraction as a sum of unit fractionsStudents will multiply a mixed number by a whole n
If your kids love word searches, then they'll certainly love these math searches!This 4th Grade Fraction Operations (Adding Fractions, Subtracting Fractions, & Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers) Math Searches Pack gets students excited about practicing these fraction skills! In this pack, students will practice decomposing fractions, adding fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators, subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators, and multiplying fractions and m
Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers practice and mastery is easy with this Math Mastery Packet! This set of printable worksheets is perfect for practicing key skills, independent practice, small group work, intervention, homework, and yes..... test prep! Click HERE to SAVE on the BUNDLE of ALL FOURTH GRADE FRACTIONS Math Mastery Packets! Click here to SAVE even more on the YEAR-LONG BUNDLE of ALL FOURTH GRADE Math Mastery Packets. Please take a look at the PREVIEW to see everything includ
These task cards and worksheets allow students to practice multiplying a whole number by a fraction using work problems, drawing models and computation problems. Teachers can assign these engaging activities in many different ways and can be used throughout your fraction unit and for review throughout the year. A digital copy of the task cards are also included so teachers can assign the task cards through their Google Classroom! Grab this amazing, one stop shop, for multiplying fractions by wh
Reinforce fraction skills with this multiplying fractions worksheet. Students multiply fractions by a whole number. Ample space to show their work. Handy guide at the top teaches students to look for key words to know which operation to use. Extra sheets are provided for more practice. Answer Key is included. Makes a great sheet for beginners. Perfect as a class assignment or homework sheet. Extra licenses are $0.75.⚞ This worksheet of part of a Fraction Unit Worksheet Bundle. Save $$$. ⚟ Quest
Make multiplying fractions by whole numbers mastery simple. Print these worksheets and watch your students flourish. This is a rigorous resource that can be used by Common Core and non-Common Core states. I've heard it's been used for homework, assessment, sub plans, review, extra practice, remediation, enrichment, and centers.This product contains three separate worksheets with 10 questions each involving word problems that ask students to multiply a fraction by a whole number. It allows studen
This is a color by number worksheet focused on multiplying and dividing fractions (with mixed numbers, positive fractions only). The worksheet contains 24 problems. Answer Key provided.Great for basic independent practice or as a station activity.
Learning is simply more fun when you can simultaneously doodle. Notes like these for common core standard 5.NF.4a/b (Multiplying Fractions) will be sure to connect with students and lead to greater retention and deeper understanding. ============================COMPONENTS1. 3 Art-Integration Worksheets designed to deepen the connection between the learner and the math concept. 2. Written Instructions and Best Practices 3. Answer Key: All three pages of Number Notes with solutions and finis
This is a fluency worksheet to help students practice multiplying fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers in any combination. There are 4 fraction by fraction problems, 4 fraction by whole number problems, 3 fraction by mixed number problems, and 9 "mixed problems" to practice all together. Problems are separated by type in order to support success through repetitive practice and gradual change. Great for all learners who need fluency practice with this skill! Check out my other multiplying
5th - 6th
Here are 50 worksheets about fraction of sets. There's only one type of exam, which requires the students to find the fraction of a set by multiplying fractions by whole numbers.If you need more worksheets on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, fractions on a number line, mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, and a lot more, check out my Fractions Mega Bundle instead._____________________ Copyright © Marlon Dawas. All rights reserved by the author. Purchasing this product gr
3rd - 6th
This mystery pictures activity on multiplying fractions by whole numbers is designed to make learning more enjoyable for your students. They will be motivated to answer the problems for them to uncover the mystery picture.Your students must correctly answer the problems as these are clues to solve the mystery. After that, they have to match their answers against a list to know the color assigned to a letter. Then, they can color the grid to reveal the hidden image.*** This packet is a subset of
4th - 7th
Students will practice multiplying fractions by whole numbers with this easy to use set of worksheets. This no prep resource will give your students the fraction multiplication practice they need to master this important fraction skill!Aligned to the standards, this packet provides eight different activities that will give students practice with multiplying fractions by whole numbers in a variety of formats.Please view the PREVIEW to see details about what is included!This easy to use packet inc
Looking for worksheet practice that doesn't feel like a worksheet? This activity allows students to practice multiplying whole numbers by fractions. This particular maze will require students to correctly complete 10 different problems to make it through the maze, although all 20 problems included in the maze have a correct answer listed. In this maze all of the answers will be whole numbers. If you would like for some of the products to be mixed numbers check out our Multiply Level 2.Answer ke
These are printable worksheets on multiplying fractions by whole numbers. It's a fun Easter coloring activity that your students will love!Using this product is simple. First, let your students answer the problems and then match their answers to a color. After that, they can color the squares to uncover the mystery picture.*** This packet is a subset of Easter Fractions and Decimals Mystery Pictures Bundle. (Click for more details)What You'll Get:There are various sets in this product, with ea
4th - 7th
These are multiplying and dividing fractions by whole numbers mystery picture worksheets. It's a fun coloring activity for your students as they learn to multiply or divide fractions.To use, just let them follow these steps: 1. Answer all the math problems 2. Match the answers to the choices provided. With this, they will know the color assigned to each letter 3. Color the squares on the grid to uncover the mystery pictures*** This packet is a subset of Earth Day Math Fractions and Decimals Bund
4th - 7th
This activity uses area models, number lines and fraction bars for practicing how to multiply fractions by fractions. Students will have the opportunity to model fraction multiplication using several different methods. They with then use that knowledge for basic practice, and word problems. An exit slip is also included. Included:Teacher instructions2 pages of explanations for how to use the models4 pages (22 problems) using area models3 pages (20 problems) using fraction bars and number lin
Here is a Christmas-themed color-by-code activity that allows students to practice multiplying fractions and mixed numbers! Problems are fraction x fraction or fraction x mixed number. Students must express their answers in simplest form, then use the code at the bottom of the work page to color the picture on the next page. Check out these related resources:* CHRISTMAS Color-By-Code Math Activity FREEBIE: STANDARD, WORD, EXPANDED FORMS* CHRISTMAS Color-By-Code Math Activity: DECIMALS & POWE
Teach two subjects in one activity! Students perform fraction multiplication while learning facts about a secret subject (the Biosphere). The final question will reveal their secret subject. After completing their math worksheets, students practice their writing skills with an informational paragraph on their subject. The secret subjects have been chosen specifically for 5th grade, and will reinforce content from multiple disciplines in one activity. This activity is perfect for review, early fi
Keep students engaged! These fun mazes are great for homework, math centers, stations, substitute plans or extra practice or review of multiplication of fractions by fractions, including visual models and word problems. There are 4 different mazes to choose from increasing in difficulty which make these great for differentiation. They're super easy to just print and use!Included:Teacher instructions4 mazes (1 uses models, 1 is basic problems, 1 is basic problems that require 3 steps to solve,
Looking for worksheet practice that doesn't feel like a worksheet? These mazes (at 20% off the individual maze price) allow students to practice dividing and multiplying whole numbers by fractions. They will require students to correctly complete 8-10 different problems to make it through each maze, although all 20 problems included in each maze have a correct answer listed.Answer keys included.The 6 mazes included are differentiated:MultiplyMultiply Level 1 - All products are whole numbersMulti
5th - 7th
This is a fluency worksheet to help students practice multiplying fractions by factions using models. It includes 6 equations that students must solve and a box for a model that students must create a shade. It also includes 3 problems in which students must determine the equation and product by interpreting a given model. Great for all learners who need repetitive practice with models, but especially for ELLs or ExEd students who would benefit from intentional, scaffolded practice! Check out my
4th - 6th
Students will love this NO-PREP worksheet to practice multiplying fractions by whole numbers. This activity is READY TO PRINT and will KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED while working on their math skills. On this cut and paste worksheet, students will match the solution to each problem. Each problem is a word problem where students must multiply a whole number by a fraction. The worksheet has 12 problems. This activity can be completed individually or in pairs. It could also be used in an interactive no
4th - 5th
This two-page resource is perfect for a quick assessment, homework, or in class worksheet. I have included 21 questions assessing your students' knowledge of multiplying fractions by a whole number. An answer key is included for your convenience. :)*Note: This assessment does have some questions which require your students to be able to change improper fractions to mixed numbers, as well as find the product in lowest terms. Standards Addressed:CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.NF.B.4.AInterpret the product (a

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