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This FREE download contains 8 Valentine's Day themed fraction word problems! Have your students practice critical thinking as well as fraction mutliplication and division in the context of fun, Valentine's themed problems! The 5 pages of this product include: - cover page - color copy of the 8 wor
Looking for an easy to use introduction to multiplication and division pack?  This bundle includes my best-selling Introduction to Multiplication Unit, that features a logical progression of lessons, designed to teach the various models and strategies of basic single digit multiplication AND my Intr
This pdf includes one center for multiplication. I used this in correlation with the NYS Module 3, which is about multiplication and division. These word problems are applicable for the lessons where mutli-digit numbers are being multiplied by one-digit numbers. I will have another center posted for
My Order of Operations Game (Mutliplication and Division Only) features 40 cards that allows your students to have fun and practice this difficult concept for students in the Math Domain of Operations and Algebraic Thinking. Students often times get intimidated when they see numerous operations an
In this product, you will receive 24 task cards in both full color and black and white to be used for a whole class game of Scoot, or you can put them into a center. The skills included in this set are: writing mutliplication sentences for arrays writing addition sentences for arrays applying the c
It's that time again! It's time to review, review, review, and get students ready for the big test. This Powerpoint includes 30 days of test prep that will help your students be ready for the big test! It includes practice in place value, fractions, geometry, comparing numbers, mutliplication, di
In this activity, students will use fuel efficiency data obtained from a table to answer several questions that require mulitplication and division of whole numbers. This activty uses a current issue (fuel efficiency) to build on math skills such as: Reading Data Tables and Data Analysis Multiplic
Here are three fun math printables for your students to complete! Each one could be a short mini lesson or additional practice if needed. Answer keys are included so there's no added work for you! Just print and you're ready to teach! Printable 1: Multiplication and division is made engaging with
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up number sense! In this project, students will work in teams to investigate the culprit of six fictional thefts. The criminal h
Tape diagrams (bar models) are an excellent way to solve multiplication and division problems! This pack will help your students learn to analyze story problems, identify the operation needed, identify the question, use tape diagrams to model and solve, and interpret tape diagrams to write their own
Guided Math Lessons for Third GradeUnit 4 Multiplication and Division Problem Solving *Please note unit 3 is also multiplication and division but it covers concepts and models. This unit covers problem solving and related pairs. ***Spanish Supplement File now Included****Lesson FocusThis unit focus
This is the second multiplication and division unit in the 4th grade guided math series for the year. The units can be taught in any order. They can be purchased separately or in a full year bundle. ***Spanish Supplement File now Included****Lesson FocusThe lessons focus on fourth grade multiplic
No-prep, 3rd Grade Multiplication and Division Enrichment Projects Nine fun projects that range from writing a tale about the sharing siblings or a "How-To" poem. Students love these projects that are perfect for early finishers, advanced learners or whole class fun! Common Core aligned, but suitab
This centers set covers multiplication and division for fourth grade standards. The focus of these centers is strategies and problem solving. There are 10 total centers. (CC and TEKS) Every center has an answer key included so students can easily check their work. Fill your fourth grade math
Skill Pages (with answer keys) for Third Grade Multiplication and Division Problem Solving20 skill pages and answer keys to reinforce multiplication and division problem solving. These skill pages compliment the guided math curriculum for third grade• Third Grade Guided Math Multiplication and Divis
Numberless word problems are a great way to get your 3rd grade students to use their critical thinking skills to determine the operation needed to solve a word problem, rather than just guessing. These numberless word problems now have a digital distance learning option. These numberless word proble
Multiplication and Division Word Problems: Supports 4.4H New TEKS: Texas 4th Grade Math (solve with fluency one- and two-step problems involving multiplication and division, including interpreting remainders). Multiplication problems: Multiply up to a four-digit number by a one-digit number or a two
This sheet covers standards OA.3 for 3rd grade Common Core Math. It is a quick check to use to assess student understanding of multiplication and division problems. This is a 2 page assessment with a total of 15 questions. There are 10 word problems where students simply circle whether they n
These multiplication and division word problems are designed to help students practice applying their problem solving strategies to multi-step story problems. While multiplication and division worksheets can be a great place to start the practice, this Problem of the Day problem solving journal is d
Skill Pages for Fourth Grade Multiplication and Division Strategies and Problem Solving20 skill pages (and answer keys) to reinforce fourth grade multiplication and division through its relationship in problem solving. These skill pages are aligned to Common Core (CCSS) and Texas TEKS.These skill pa
This Bundle includes 4 sets of Christmas themed task cards to practice multiplication, division, single-step and multi-step problem solving. 80 task cards are included!!! Common Core Aligned: 4.NBT.B.4, 4.NBT.B.5, 4.NBT.B.6TEKS Aligned: Readiness Standards: 4.4A, 4.4H, 4.5A, Supporting Standards:
"Solve and Snip" include Interactive Practice Problems for skills aligned with TEKS and Common Core. In the Whole Number Multiplication and Division Solve and Snip students will read a word problem and then solve the problem by showing work in the show work area. Then once they have solved their pr
Exit Tickets for Third Grade Multiplication and Division Problem Solving 20 exit tickets to reinforce the concepts of multiplication and division problem solving. These exit tickets compliment the guided math curriculum for third grade • Third Grade Guided Math Multiplication and Division Problem
Bundle of Third Grade Multiplication and Division Problem Solving This bundle includes: 20 Math Chats to reinforce multiplication and division problem solving 20 Exit Tickets to reinforce multiplication and division problem solving 20 Skills Pages to reinforce multiplication and division problem so

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