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Easter Common Core Math Worksheets
Happy Spring! This Easter Common Core Packet includes two worksheets. *Easter Common Core Word Problems Worksheet *Easter Money Worksheet where students have to count how much money is given in each word problem and then write how much more money is needed to purchase that item. Thank you to Namel
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Addition & Subtraction Word Problems by Problem Type - Numberless Word Problems
These numberless addition and subtraction word problems by problem type help students understand the relationship of the numbers in story problems. Numbers can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of your kindergarten, first, second or third grade students. Help students understand the proces

Also included in:Β Second Grade Math BUNDLE

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First Grade Math Paperless Daily Warm-Up Lessons BUNDLE + Intervention Binder
This is a truly NO PREP set of over 1700+ PowerPoint slides that offer hundreds of first grade math slides for quick whole group math lessons (warm-ups) for the entire year of first grade math. All you need is a projector and any white board (SmartBoard is NOT needed).Because all the math lessons ar
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3rd Grade TEKS Practice Progress Monitoring ALL YEAR BUNDLE 424 STAAR Questions
ALL YEAR BUNDLE! Looking for multi-step standardized formatted practice worksheets/mini-assessments? These assessments could be used as Teach, Practice, Review, Independent Practice, Mini-Assessments, Guided Math, Intervention, Homework, and Test-Prep! - ⭐ Comes with TEKS and Common Core Alignment,
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3rd Grade Math STAAR Test Prep BUNDLE with TEKS & Common Core Alignment
3rd Grade Test Prep Practice Bundle! All TEKS included and Common Core alignment. Multi-step standardized formatted practice assessments. These assessments could be used as review, practice worksheets, mini assessments, state test practice, guided math! Great for RTI! Processing Standards are embedd
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3rd Grade STAAR Math Review Task Cards β˜… 40 Sets Cover All TEKS Math Standards
Are you looking for premium quality math resources that are uniquely aligned to the TEKS Math Standards for 3rd Grade? Perhaps you are hopeful to find the perfect math stations to add to your centers this year? Let NUMBEROCK’s professionally edited task card bundle be your one-stop solution to con
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4th Grade Math STAAR Test Prep BUNDLE TEKS & Common Core Alignment
4th Grade Math STAAR Test Prep Bundle! All tested TEKS included!Comes with TEKS and Common Core alignment. Looking for multi-step standardized formatted practice assessments? These assessments could be used as review, practice, mini assessments, state test practice, and small group! Great for RTI!
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Solving One Step Inequalities Word Problems Puzzle
Solving One Step Inequalities PuzzleFor students learning how to solve and graph inequality word problems, they can practice with this puzzle and can self check. ***There are 3 versions included. The original puzzle AND a different puzzle that is easier to cut. Finally, there is a version with all t

Also included in:Β One Step Inequalities Notes and Stations BUNDLE

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Daily Math for First Grade Year Long Bundle
Perfect for morning work or math centers, this year long bundle of daily math resources will have your first graders engaged in reviewing many math skills! It includes 180 pages of spiraling math practice, designed for 180 days of first grade, with all instructions and answer keys included. Each p
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Percents Review Activity for Money, Fractions, Decimals, Word Problems - Pirate
In this Percents Math Mystery: The Case of the Pickpocketing Pirate, your class will work through the clues to solve which pirate is stealing from his ship mates. They will be working with percentages to solve the case. NEW - Editable Suspects list added to the packet. This way you can change the pi

Also included in:Β Complete Math Mystery Tri-Grade Bundle for 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Math Mysteries

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Area of Composite Figures (3.6D)
Area of Composite Figures: This resource is designed for third graders who need additional practice with the concept of area- specifically finding the area of composite figures made up of rectangles (TEKS 3.6D and Common Core Standard 3.MD.C.7.D). It has a fun karate theme that students will enjoy!
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STAAR Geometry β˜… 3.6A 3.6B 3.6C 3.6D 3.6E β˜… TEKS 3rd Grade STAAR Math Review
Do you need the perfect activity for your fractions & decimals math centers this year? We’ve got just the fit! Our professionally edited questions allow you to confidently prepare your students for TEKS standards 3.6A - 3.6E (5 SETS) with 150 task cards that are attractively-designed, standar
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It's In the Bag - Take Home Activities
Contained in this pack are the directions and blacklines for over 30 take-home activities. The supplies needed for each activity are listed in the beginning of the packet. A direction sheet for parents is also included for each activity. If there is a student response sheet needed, that is also incl
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NEW   Pokemon GO Coordinate Graphs Task Cards (5th-6th)
There's Zubat! There's Pikachu! There's a portal! Pokemon GO is all about catching Pokemon! But this recent phenomenon can also be used to catch your students' attention in math! This task card activity blends the Pokemon GO game and coordinate graphing together. Students can practice finding Pok
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Focused Daily Review - 5th Grade - Math Common Core Aligned - BUNDLE
This bundle includes the entire collection of 5th grade Focused Daily Reviews (24 to date). All reviews include four days of practice pages and a quiz which assess student understanding. The reviews can be used as morning work or for small group and RTI differentiated instruction. I have used these
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A UPSC-Based Problem Solving Strategy {The 4 (.5) Step Plan}
If you teach elementary-level mathematics, you have likely heard of and at one point utilized Polya's Four Step Plan for problem-solving. Using the Understand, Plan, Solve, and Check (UPSC) model, students are able to solve single and multi-step word problems. This resource pack is based on Polya's
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Word Problems  Result Unknown, Change Unknown, Start Unknown
After teaching word problems for a couple of years, I noticed that students see word problems as a very abstract process. When given a word problem, students often choose an operation and solve. It seems like they have little understanding/reasoning on how and why they chose that specific way to sol
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Task Cards Bundle for Middle School Math
Seven sets of task cards are included in this bundle for the middle school math classroom includes: Integer Operations, Solving Equations, Proportional Thinking, The Real Number System, Fraction Operations, Powers and Roots, and Probability and Odds, all for less than the price of six! These set
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ADDITION WORD PROBLEMS (3 Levels) - IEP GOAL SKILL BUILDER Worksheets Special Education ResourceThis IEP GOAL SKILL BUILDER set focuses on solving addition word problems with sums up to 20. With THREE different learning levels, students begin at LEVEL 1 with visual support, which fades by Level 3.

Also included in:Β ADDITION and SUBTRACTION Word Problems Worksheet Booklets with Data BUNDLE

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Writing Checks Writing Cheques Intermediate
This package continues with the concept of cheque-writing. (Please see the beginner package, Writing Cheques- Beginner, for the introduction to cheque-writing). It contains banking vocabulary, practice worksheets using basic mathematical calculations and an answer key, and a three-page test with an
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Coordinates [Coordinate Plane] - Focused Daily Review - 5th Grade
Coordinates {Coordinate Plane - 1st quadrant} This coordinate review includes coordinates that are fractions of a whole (1/2, 3)! A skill expected with the CCSS, but a little tricky for students. A week of daily practice with an end of week assessment! Problems become increasingly complex as the w

Also included in:Β Focused Daily Review - 5th Grade - Math Common Core Aligned - BUNDLE

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Fractions Sorting Cards
This is a set of 92 Fraction cards that can be sorted and matched according to number, name, fractions of a whole and fractions of a group. They can also be used in oral exercises also both in small groups and whole class activities. This product contains fractions UP TO SIXTHS ONLY. There are:
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Christmas Graphs with Horizontal, Vertical and Pictographs
Christmas Graphs are a fun way to engage your students in holiday themed math learning! This Christmas activity includes 10 graphs, including horizontal, vertical and pictographs, that invite students to share their ideas and holiday traditions. Each graph is provided two ways: a single page to p

Also included in:Β Christmas Activity Bundle with Reading, Graphs, Patterns and More

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Beach Logic Puzzles
Teach your students the process of elimination with a summer theme, with Beach Logic Puzzles. There are 15 color puzzles to project and solve as a class, plus 10 half size b&w puzzles for students to solve independently. Answers are included for all puzzles. Perfect for busy teachers: no prep
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