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This is an activity to accompany a lesson on man’s impact on natural resources. It is to be used with the book, “The Lorax”, by Dr. Seuss. Place a container or cloth on the floor somewhere in the classroom. Fill the container with 5 different items. It could be 5 colors of skittles, 5 types of noodl
This is a 5E lesson plan for your science classroom. Your students will start with an easy and engaging STEM challenge, with materials you have right in your classroom. This can be as simple as a piece of paper and some tape. Next, your students will answer questions as they watch The Lorax. They'll
Read the Lorax (or watch one of the movies) ...then use these questions to start discussions about natural resources and sustainability. Students evaluate the environmental consequences of the Once-lers actions and then come up with a better plan based on sustainability.NOW UPDATED TO INCLUDED DIGIT
This document contains questions that follow along with the movie, The Lorax. Questions are mostly science related, and aligned with the 5th grade TEKS. Questions cover the following topics: Carbon dioxide/Oxygen Cycle, State of Matter, Force, Living/Nonliving organisms, energy, adaptations, human i
The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is a meaningful story about caring for our natural resources. In addition, it has great nonsense words which can be defined using context clues. This is a powerpoint that includes 7 quotes with nonsense words from the story and 4 choices for finding the best meaning. This a
How do people change the environment around them? Students will use The Lorax (1972) movie and book by Dr. Seuss to explore examples of human-environmental interaction and their effects on the environment. This is a four day project which is completed in class. Day 1: Students watch The Lorax a
Everything you need for a complete literature study on The Lorax by Dr. Seuss! There are many ways to use these resources. Copy as an entire packet, or copy pages individually. Perfect for a small book club or the whole class! Inside you will find:About the Author Research ActivityPre-reading Discus
Both print and digital activities are ready for student use. See the entire conservation mini-course by downloading the preview. Are you looking for a fun, yet super academic way to study conservation or the importance of Earth Day or Arbor Day? This item engages students in reading, writing, conser
14 questions about Dr. Seuss' The Lorax movie. Relates to environmental, life, and earth science. Useful when teaching students about natural resources, human impact on the environment, and animal habitats. Example Question: How can we relate what happened in the story of the Lorax to what is occu
"The Lorax" is the perfect story to talk about natural resources, but also a great story to use when teaching cause and effect. Students will be able to use this response sheet to the story to review the different effects of cutting down the truffula trees.
This product includesLab sheet cover (can be used as 1 single sheet to save ink and paper)List of materials STEM lab sheets using the Engineering and Design Process to ask, research, plan/design, experiment, reflect and reviseVocabulary graphic organizer with answer key Perfect STEM resource for o E
I have used the Lorax Project in my classroom every year to wrap up several 5th grade science ideas before the test. In this unit we review advertising, Earth's resources, relationships with organisms and environments, analyze and interpret information. Key concepts covered are Natural resources, Re
This is an activity used to reinforce a lesson(s) on natural resources, renewable and nonrenewable resources, conservation, and/or recycling.
This activity is based around the book, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Perfect resource for o Earth Dayo Natural and Renewable Resources o Human Environmental Interactiono Alternative Energy Includes: Graphic organizer before and after the Once-lerVocabulary list and answer key for teacher Writing prompt a
Packet Description:This packet includes two versions of the same movie guide. The first guide consists of 120 short answer questions and the second guide consists of 60 multiple choice questions. The short answer is perfect for upper elementary, middle, and high schoolers because it challenges stude
This activity aligns with the Ontario Language Curriculum (Gr. 4-6), as well as the Ontario Science Curriculum (Gr. 4-6).Through this resource, students will have the opportunity to examine two different perspectives on the use of natural resources – particularly trees. Then, they will get to form a
Packet Description:This packet includes two versions of the same movie guide. The first guide consists of 20 short answer questions and the second guide consists of 20 multiple choice questions. The short answer is perfect for upper elementary, middle, and high schoolers because it challenges studen
This worksheet can be edited in Microsoft word, currently it is using their, there, and they're and includes standard assessment for natural resources and conservation.
Based on The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, How Bad Can We Be is a game that challenges students to explore the value of our natural resources. By exploring various manufacturing methods, students will discover the lasting effects on both the environment and the economy. The game itself includes ALL printabl
This activity book follows "The Lorax". Play clips of the movie and have students complete the activities outlined in the booklet. This could also be used alongside the book. Activities include: - Beginning, Middle, End (identifying the problem and stating the solution) - Natural Resources - Types
This combined bilingual (English/Spanish), supplemental unit focuses on the concepts of goods, natural resources, and resource conservation. Every activity page within this earth friendly unit to be used by your students comes in English and Spanish! The unit includes: * A list of recommended lite
This a worksheet created to go along with the movie WALL-E. It reviews the carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle, natural resources, recycling, forms of energy, and living and nonliving organisms. I used this as a lead into my recycling unit, and ended with The Lorax.. A more extensive worksheet for the Lorax
Every April we spend a week or more learning about Earth Day, taking care of our planet, and natural resources. To help students understand these important concepts, I incorporate them into my read alouds. In this packet are in-depth read aloud plans for an entire week focused on Earth Day. To ex
This pack is a perfect addition to your Seuss, trees, and Earth Day units of study! Included are: A Lorax bulletin board and art project idea which includes the patterns for the project and writing activity. Literacy centers - a rhyming word game and a long e and short e center / station with wor

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