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May the best beak win as students fight for survival of the fittest in this lesson about mutation, adaptation and evolution by natural selection. Charles Darwin would be so proud!WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 1-2 DAY LESSON:• 19 EDITABLE PowerPoint slides with bellwork, instructions, notes and embedded answer keys to handouts• 6 NON-EDITABLE PDF handouts that align with the PowerPoint• Mutation Bird Beak Lab ActivitySTUDENTS WILL:• Learn about how mutation leads to adaptation and Charles Darwin's con
In this activity, students will answer 12 questions regarding natural selection. Once finished, they will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun beetle coloring page. And best of all, the questions are editable! You can change the wording or create different questions to match your needs.⭐ Distance Learning Notice ⭐Please note that this color-by-number is intended as a printable resource. Color-by-numbers are great to use for distance learning as in-class independent work or a
This is a hands on activity where students can visualize pesticide resistance (evolution) over time. A population of deer ticks have become resistant to Permethrin. The students are asked to label 6 generations of deer ticks based on percentages given (there is some basic math required). Covers the following: Evidence for evolution, microevolution. Pesticide Resistance, Drug ResistanceThis includes a paperless version to support your digital needs! The download includes both a print version and
7th - 10th
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Editable MS Word, PDF, and Google Slides all included! This evolution by natural selection webquest makes a great introduction your evolution unit. Your students will learn about natural selection and answer questions while viewing the Natural Selection video by the Amoeba Sisters on YouTube. They then will play Who Wants to Live a Million Years game where students select adaptations for a species to ensure its survival in changing environments over time. This is one of my best selling r
Challenge your students to do common tasks WITHOUT THEIR THUMBS! Details: In this activity and experiment- students will see the benefit of the adaptation of the opposable thumb. The students are asked to perform various tasks as quickly as possible with simple materials. Students can compete against a partner or you can run this as a whole class activity. Application questions are included to guide students understanding of Adaptations and Natural Selection. There are 2 versions of the activit
4th - 8th
Engage your students with 16 Interactive Notebook activities for all of your evolution unit needs. Our interactive notebook flippers will have your kids "flipping" their way to learning all about how species change over time. Disseminate these lessons as you see fit through creating a PowerPoint, in a class discussion or as small group activities. The possibilities are endless!WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:• 65+ pages (16 activities) of NON-EDITABLE activities in PDF format including differenti
Do your students struggle with scientific literacy? Do you find yourself at a loss for how to promote vocabulary retention? Are waning attention spans becoming a larger and larger problem in your classroom from year to year? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this resource is for you. I believe that teaching literacy is the job of every teacher, not just the heroes in English and Language Arts. And the only way we can help our students improve is by modeling and giving them chanc
*New 2021 resource** Distance Learning CompatibleThis resource includes ALL the content your students need to know to master AP Biology* Unit 7: Natural Selection and ALL of the tools you need to successfully teach this course.What topics are covered in this complete curriculum for Unit 7: Natural Selection?Topics included in Unit 7 in alignment with those specified by the College Board:- Topic 1: Introduction to Natural Selection- Topic 2: Natural Selection- Topic 3: Artificial Selection- Topic
9th - 12th
Students will have a blast competing to see if they have what it takes to survive and win this competition. In this Natural Selection simulation, students will use a spinner to see what traits their organism will have and see if they will be the last one standing. There are 6 challenges (one for each biome) presented in a powerpoint. Students will start sitting, and if they have favorable traits for the environment, they will stand. If they have unfavorable traits, they will sit. The students wh
Watch evolution in action as you leave your species' fate up to chance playing our funky monkey game and trace the evolution of the whale from land to sea in our evolution unit bundle complete with a guiding PowerPoint, tons of activities, graphic organizers and more. WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 2-3 WEEK LONG BUNDLE:• 100+ slide fully editable PowerPoint presentation with title slides, objectives, bell work, guided notes, and animations along with 50+ NON-EDITABLE PDF pages which includes aligned no
Evolution and Natural Selection PowerPoint is an 80 slide presentation designed to take you through your evolution unit. The notes include:I. History of Evolutionary Thought!!. Charles Darwin the NaturalistIII. Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural SelectionIV. What Evolution is NotV. Descent with Modification/SpeciationVI. Evidence for EvolutionContains 8 video links for your viewing pleasure.Student notes included!Completely editable! You may also be interested in: Evolution Interactive Notebook
Google Slides activities, Google Forms Quiz and Doodle Notes for Evolution and Natural Selection! This bundle is zero prep and maximum engagement. Your students will love learning about Darwin's theory of evolution with engaging examples and activities!The Digital INB activities are perfect for independent learning and virtual teaching. Activities include a natural selection storyboard to show how giraffes evolved their long necks, an article about Darwin, drag and drop moths and follow-up quest
7th - 10th
Students of all ages love comics. In this project, students will create a comic strip story. The comic strip will take readers on a fun, but informative, journey through the six principles of natural selection: overproduction, competition, variation, adaptation, natural selection & speciation. This evolution project blends art and science in a fun and engaging way to help students gain a deeper understanding of how populations change over time.What is included?★ Student direction page (PDF +
Make lesson planning the easiest part of your day! All the materials you need to teach an engaging, multi-day lesson on natural selection are included in this Natural Selection 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Complete Lesson. Minimum prep and student-led learning allow you to focus on real student success! Your junior high students will answer these essential questions:How can you identify changes in genetic traits over several generations?What are the differences between natural selection and selective bre
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Now Digital & Printable! Perfect for distance learning! Students will learn about evolution by natural selection by studying the peppered moth! No prior knowledge is needed. You get an easy no-prep, attractive, and interactive activity that teaches your students about natural selection and peppered moths, and they will apply their knowledge through an interactive simulation. No Flash Required! Works on all devices!Students will answer questions as they watch an engaging and modern Yo
Hangry Birds Beak Lab is very fun and educational way to capture many concepts in any evolution and natural selection unit! Students will complete a pre-lab Web quest about natural selection, experiment with different tools as they pretend to be the hangry birds, analyze & graph data, and use evidence in forming a conclusion. In the process, students will learn and practice use of vocabulary terms such as variations, mutations, traits, natural selection, evolve, and many more. Activity Inclu
6th - 9th
Introduce Adaptations and Natural Selection to your students with this PowerPoint presentation. Charles Darwin, natural selection, types of adaptations, and a checkpoint is all included in this download. This resource includes an 18 slide PowerPoint presentation and 2 versions of the student notes pages - full size and interactive notebook format (modified notes also included). This resource is perfect to use at the beginning of a new unit of study. Save 30% by purchasing the Science PowerPo
Easy to use and effective practice that can be implemented as a homework assignment or used in class. Perfect for when students are learning about population genetics/ types of natural selection. Students must first analyze 3 graphs that indicate directional selection, disruptive selection, or stabilizing selection. They then must match those graphs to various definitions and scenarios. Lastly, they must read 5 situations and decide which type of selection the population is exhibiting. This coul
8th - 11th
Students often have trouble with the concepts of Natural Selection and Evolution of a species. Where do new traits come from? Does the environment cause mutations to happen? Or does the mutation come first? How does geographic isolation lead to speciation? This is a fun, easy, low-prep activity that allows students to experience the process of evolution (speciation) due to random mutation and geographic isolation. Students get a solid understanding of where new traits come from and how changes i
You can save 30% by purchasing my Natural Selection Bundle. Below, you will see an outline of what you will get with your purchase. Included in this Bundle:★ Evolution by Natural Selection Foldable★ Natural Selection - Color by Number Worksheet★ Natural Selection Project - Comic Strip•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Let's stay connected!⭐ Follow My TPT Store⭐ Instagram⭐ Pinterest⭐ Facebook•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Copyright © Mor
This modular, student-led activity about natural selection will keep your middle school class engaged and learning throughout this ecosystems lesson. These comprehensive materials will save you a TON of prep time while giving students a chance to direct their own learning. In this station lab, students will learn to identify and compare the characteristics of natural selection. This Natural Selection Station Lab activity is also included in my Natural Selection 5E Lesson Plan, which includes Pow
About this ProductThis differentiated unit is composed of interactive notebook lessons organized into chapters. Each chapter includes:• An overview with photos of the completed INB activity• One page of input notes (differentiated when necessary)• At least one INB activity (key included)• A 4-5 question mini assessment (key included)• A 2-part reflection exerciseImportant Notes:• Download a FREE Interactive Notebook Unit to learn more about my INB units• Save $$$ with the Life Science Complete C
This Unit is on Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest. Students will learn about adaptive radiation, trait advantage, speciation, and evidence for evolution. This resource includes a graphing activity on natural selection and reading passages on Darwin and The Theory of Natural Selection. This huge resource has everything you need to teach Natural Selection and Trait advantages. This resource includes:•Lesson Plans•Reading Passages•Graphing activities•Strategic Notetaking Guide•CER Page•
Natural Selection Lab - Use Math Evaluate Natural Selection & Evolution Interested in an entire Evolution unit? Save money and check out this lesson bundled with six more plus an assessment here: Evolution Bundle ========================================================== Want a FULL YEAR of biology lessons, labs and activities? Save time and money! Check out my biology curriculum with over 1500 pages! Click here: Full Year Biology Curriculum ==========================================
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