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Evolution, Natural Selection, & Adaptation - PowerPoint & Handouts Unit
Watch evolution in action as you leave your species' fate up to chance playing our funky monkey game and trace the evolution of the whale from land to sea in our evolution unit bundle complete with a guiding PowerPoint, tons of activities, graphic organizers and more. WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 2-3 WEE

Also included in: Evolution Complete Bundle - PowerPoint Unit, INB, Task Cards, Word Wall

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Evolution, Natural Selection & Adaptation - Interactive Notebook Activity Pack
Engage your students with 16 Interactive Notebook activities for all of your evolution unit needs. Our interactive notebook flippers will have your kids "flipping" their way to learning all about how species change over time. Disseminate these lessons as you see fit through creating a PowerPoint, in

Also included in: Life Science & Biology Interactive Notebook Bundle

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Natural Selection With Darwin  Evolution WebQuest
Students will play a game to learn and apply knowledge of the processes of natural selection using this editable 3-page student handout.. Student will follow clear directions to answer chunked questions as they move through the virtual activities. Students will have no confusion as they move through

Also included in: BIOLOGY WEBQUEST GROWING BUNDLE!!! 17 Webquests! Discount Price!

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Natural Selection Complete 5E Lesson Plan
Natural Selection - Everything you need to teach a unit on Natural Selection and Adaptations. Each lesson plan follows the 5E model and provides you with the exact tools to teach the concept. All of the guesswork has been removed with this NO PREP lesson.After completing the unit students will be a

Also included in: Ecosystems 5E Lesson Plans Bundle - Complete Lesson Plans

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Adaptations, Mutations and Natural Selection - Evolution PowerPoint and Handouts
May the best beak win as students fight for survival of the fittest in this lesson about mutation, adaptation and evolution by natural selection. Charles Darwin would be so proud!WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 1-2 DAY LESSON:• 19 EDITABLE PowerPoint slides with bellwork, instructions, notes and embedded a
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Evolution and Natural Selection Unit Bundle
Save 35% by purchasing ALL my NGSS aligned Evolution and Natural Selection teaching materials!This is a GROWING bundle. PLEASE READ:• The price of this bundle will increase as additional materials are added. • This product includes FREE downloads of ALL future Evolution products.Important Notes:• Do
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The Hungry Games: A Game of Natural Selection
Natural Selection Activity (Natural Selection Game) This is a comprehensive, math-based game of natural selection. It is recommended for high school biology or advanced middle school. Students represent a population of leopards that have a total of 6 genetic variants among them. Students will pl
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Natural Selection Color By Number - Fun Worksheet
This activity requires students to answer 12 questions related to natural selection. Once finished, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a zen beetle coloring page. I have made sure to include questions that address misconceptions regarding natural selection and evolutio

Also included in: Natural Selection BUNDLE - 3 Activities Included (Save 30%)

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Evolution and Natural Selection PowerPoint Guided Notes
Evolution and Natural Selection PowerPoint is an 80 slide presentation designed to take you through your evolution unit. The notes include:I. History of Evolutionary Thought!!. Charles Darwin the NaturalistIII. Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural SelectionIV. What Evolution is NotV. Descent with Modi

Also included in: Biology PowerPoint Bundle 2

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Adaptations and Natural Selection Task Cards
This engaging, hands-on science task card set challenges your students to learn the basics of adaptations and natural selection including animal behaviors, Charles Darwin, and much more. This resource contains 32 different cards. These cards are great for review, rotations, partner work, or indepen

Also included in: Science Task Card Bundle - Includes Digital Boom Cards™

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Science Literacy Reading #41 - Natural Selection Explained - Science Sub Plan
Science articles make great secondary science sub plans, but finding reliable and interesting articles on the internet or in periodicals is very time consuming. Formatting online articles to fit a printed page can also be challenging and can often waste time and paper. Worst of all, it's often diff

Also included in: Science Sub Plans Literacy MEGA BUNDLE - 50 Secondary Science Reading Articles

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Evolution and Natural Selection Interactive Notebook Unit
About this ProductThis differentiated unit is composed of interactive notebook lessons organized into chapters. Each chapter includes:• An overview with photos of the completed INB activity• One page of input notes (differentiated when necessary)• At least one INB activity (key included)• A 4-5 ques

Also included in: Evolution and Natural Selection Unit Bundle

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Natural Selection
Natural Selection - Evolution PowerPoint & Handouts. Your students will love this real-life interactive lab where they see evolution in action as populations fluctuate based on the environmental conditions imposed upon them. Students are assigned to one of four funky monkey species and must s
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Evolution and Natural Selection PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
About this Product:All items in this product are 100% EDITABLE and DIFFERENTIATED. The product includes:• PowerPoint Presentation (121 differentiated slides)• Scaffolded Notes (differentiated and modified/completed notes included)• Summative Examination (differentiated and answer key included)Import

Also included in: Evolution and Natural Selection Unit Bundle

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Natural Selection and Selective Breeding Student-Led Station Lab
Natural Selection and Selective Breeding Lab - Students will love you for providing them with a hands-on experience when learning about the process of natural selection and selective breeding.The natural selection station lab is a plug and play unit that is meant to accompany my FREE Kesler Science

Also included in: Science Station Lab Bundle - Differentiated Science Labs

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Natural Selection Recap Answer KEY by The Amoeba Sisters (ANSWER KEY)
This is the official answer key for our website's "Natural Selection" handout. The "Natural Selection" handout for students is available for free on our website and uses our "Natural Selection" Amoeba Sisters video from YouTube. Please verify that you (1) can access th

Also included in: Answer Keys BUNDLE: 9 Variety Topics Answer Keys 2017 by The Amoeba Sisters

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Science Reading Activity: Natural Selection and Graphing BUNDLE
Take advantage of these engaging, print-and-go "Case Study" activities! Your students will love the case study layout, and you will love the differentiated passages included! With the bundle price, you're saving 20%! Each Case Study Includes: ➊ Version A "Case Study" (leveled for 7th grade)➋ Version
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Natural Selection & Adaptation Science Stations BUNDLE
Natural Selection & Adaptation Science Stations for Third Grade Next Generation Science Standards include 8 different science stations where students can deepen their understanding of how plants and animals have adapted over time and within a variety of environments. The focus is on NGSS 3-LS4
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Natural Selection Lab - Use Math Evaluate Natural Selection & Evolution
Natural Selection Lab - Use Math Evaluate Natural Selection & Evolution Interested in an entire Evolution unit? Save money and check out this lesson bundled with six more plus an assessment here: Evolution Bundle ========================================================== Want a FULL YEAR o

Also included in: Evolution Unit - Natural Selection (Six 90min Lesson Bundle with Assessment)

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Evolution, Natural Selection, and Adaptation Complete Unit Bundle- 5E Lessons
This affordable, no-prep product is a complete unit bundle on Evolution, Natural Selection, Adaptation and Geologic Time Scale. Everything you could possibly need or want is included in this bundle and is ready to print and go! This stand-alone resource includes 80 printable pages and +150 presentat
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Battle of the Beaks- a natural selection activity
In this fun natural selection activity students will simulate Darwin's finches and see how survival of the fittest can lead to evolution. This lab is available for free many places online, I just took bits and pieces of what worked for me and compiled it into a new format. In this lab, students will

Also included in: Evolution Bundle

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Natural Selection Goldfish Cracker {Hands-on Lab}
This is a hands-on science lab that engages the students and gives them the understanding of natural selection. This hands-on lab uses Goldfish crackers. It comes with directions for the teacher and a complete lab blackline master. The students will graph, chart and analyze the information throug
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Evolution Unit - Natural Selection (Six 90min Lesson Bundle with Assessment)
Everything you need to teach Evolution in a science classroom. This bundle includes six 90 minute lessons (which can easily be split into twelve 40 minute lessons) and an assessment. Topics covered include Natural Selection Inquiry, M&M Selection lab, Evolutionary Theory, Population Genetics, Sp
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Amoeba Sisters Unlectured Series- NATURAL SELECTION and GENETIC DRIFT
NOTE: This Unlectured Series topic covers two of our videos instead of one video (covers both natural selection and the very short genetic drift video). Evolution is discussed in this Unlectured Series topic; however, the main focus is on the mechanisms of evolution: natural selection and genetic dr

Also included in: Amoeba Sisters Unlectured Series 18 Topic BUNDLE

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