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When it comes to learning the Compass Rose and the Cardinal Directions, Compass Rose memory tricks are a teacher and student favorite. There are many Compass Rose memory tricks out there but Never Eat Soggy Waffles is a perennial favorite and especially easy to memorize.---You may have learned it a
1st - 12th, Adult Education, Not Grade Specific
Bilingual poster or anchor chart for the cardinal directions:Never Eat Soggy WafflesNunca Es Siempre Obvio
1st - 8th
Here is a simple visual to use when discussing cardinal directions. I keep it posted when working with longitude and latitude as well.
Never Eat Soggy Waffles or Never Eat Sour Wheat. These memory aid mnemonic posters help students learn the directions. Includes: - Two versions of mnemonic posters to help remember North, East, South, West (sour wheat and soggy waffles versions) - Direction signs for your classroom - An activity
2nd - 4th
Remembering the cardinal directions can be hard. My kids love this mnemonic and hopefully yours will too! (Never Eat Soggy Waffles for North East South West)
Not Grade Specific
These posters are a helpful tool when teaching students how to remember north, east, south, and west! Included in purchase:-- 4 mnemonic devices1. Never Eat Soggy Waffles2. Never Eat Slimy Worms3. Nobody Eats Sour Watermelon4. Never Embarrass Sad Walruses-- 3 poster designs for each mnemonic device
You may have learned it as "Never Eat Shredded Wheat" but there is no question that many kids of this generation know the cardinal directions / compass points as "Never Eat Sour Watermelon" or "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" or even "Never Eat Slimy Worms!" (Who came up with THAT one?!)This bundle of thr
This is a product that I made to help the students in my class, when I was teaching cardinal and intermediate directions. I got so tired of hearing them all say the same saying to remember the order. (i.e. Never Eat Soggy Waffles). So I decided to come up with a new mneumonic that was a little more
Help your students use memory aids to remember useful information. Includes mnemonic device examples for eight different concepts. This resource includes posters and one activity for: - Roy G. Biv for the Rainbow (black and white and color versions), rainbow response sheets - North East South We
1st - 3rd
This file is actually two. The first is diagram quiz that allows the students to fill in the correct direction on a compass. The second is a writing assignment that allows the students to create their own phrase to remember North, East, South, West; such as Never Eat Soggy Waffles.
Compass Rose Quiz, Posters & Practice Sheet Activities for Teaching Cardinal & Ordinal Directions. Students will enjoy practicing cardinal and intermediate directions with these Compass Rose Posters, Cut-and-Paste Compass Rose Worksheet printable and coordinating Compass Rose Quiz. Students
CUTE and COLORFUL 'Monster' themed map skills pack (see preview!). Covers terms: map, map title, key/legend, scale, compass rose (cardinal and intermediate directions), latitude, longitude, equator, prime meridian, hemisphere. Includes: *colorful 'monster' theme posters *reference cards with terms
This product is the perfect solution for teaching cardinal directions and map skills for lower elementary kiddos! Included: Cardinal Direction Posters for the classroom 1 set with arrows 1 set without (Color and Black and White) Label the Directions: 5 fun worksheets! Students Label the direction
Boost any geography and map skills lesson with these colorful posters for the 4 walls of your classroom. They measure 8.5 X 11 in. and can be glued to construction paper and laminated for a pop of color and durability. There are 12 color themes available: blackline, black, pink, red, orange, yello
PreK - 12th
Struggling to find the perfect products to teach those tough science and social studies concepts to your dual language primary kiddos???Look no further!!!I'm BUNDLING my English and Spanish versions of my top selling Science and Social Studies products to help you seamlessly teach the concepts in bo
PreK - 2nd
Looking for supplemental materials?! Explore maps... PIRATE STYLE! This 69 page supplemental resource packs in a lot of foundational, BASIC map skills in fun, interactive, developmentally friendly ways! Use a hula hoop, Silly Bands, and rumpled up paper bags to navigate through your mapping unit!
VIDEO PREVIEW!Engage your students in learning all about the compass rose and the cardinal & intermediate directions with this Compass Rose Interactive Digital Notebook! Students will learn the cardinal & intermediate directions, digitally create their own compass rose, follow directions to
2nd - 5th
Este producto es la solución perfecta para la enseñanza de habilidades de mapas y coordenadas para niños! Incluido: Aflichesde Coordenadas para el salon. 1 con flechas 1 sin flechas (Color y blanco y negro) Identifica la Direccion: 5 hojas de trabajo de la diversión ! Los estudiantes llenan las

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