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NGSS Chemistry Mastery Tickets!
I decided to make these since I couldn't find anything for high school chemistry that related to the NGSS. Directions: Print and cut out all 12 NGSS applicable standards for chemistry (physical science and engineering standards) Once students have mastered the concept, give them the appropriate ca
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Using Phenomena to make Observation, Inference, and Prediction (NGSS) Chemistry
Designed to accompany the Using Phenomena to Make Observations, Inferences, and Predictions (NGSS) chemistry product. I either display the powerpoint to the class or distribute it through GoogleClassroom so students can see a detailed, colored photo.
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Element Superhero or Villain Project - Periodic Table Research Project
Your students will love this project! This project is a fun and engaging way for your students to learn about physical and chemical properties of elements. Most element projects out there just mention superheroes. However, many elements align more with a villain than a superhero (like Chlorine!).
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Chemical Physical Change Diet Coke and Mentos 5e Lab Close Reading & Modeling
Students love Diet Coke and Mentos! Most have seen it on the internet and some have even placed Mentos in Diet Coke, but they can now experience the phenomena and learn the chemistry behind it! Concepts include: Difference between chemical change and physical change, evidence for chemical changes,
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Ocean Acidification Experimental Design Lab
This lab asks students to design a lab measuring the effects of acid (vinegar) on shells. For pictures, materials and advice for this lab, go to: This lab also helps students develop skills in designing controlled experime
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NGSS Magic Milk Lab (Developing and Using Models)
This lab will wow kids! When they dip the soap covered Q-tip in the milk and food dye it makes an amazing pattern like magic! The students have no idea why, but it engages them in a way that makes them want to know the science of why the food dye moves and creates a pattern. A major component in NGS
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5th Grade NGSS Science Bundle
This is it!!! Your entire 5th grade year of science. By teaching these 6 units, you will be covering all of the content standards of the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as the engineering standards for grades 3-5. Each unit is packed full of inquiry based activities, integrated languag
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NGSS Regents Chemistry - Notes, Practice, Quizzes & Tests (Full Year Materials)
This download contains contains my Note Packets, Practice Packets, Tests, and Quizzes for every topic in the Regents Chemistry course. My Note Packets and Practice Packets eliminate the need for a textbook. The material is aligned with (but not limited by) the NGSS and NYS Regents Curriculm. This do
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NGSS Physical Science Physics Curriculum
SAVE 45% by purchasing ALL my Physical Science Teaching Materials! Important Notes • This is a GROWING BUNDLE. • Labs are currently being added to this bundle. Labs with "active" links are currently included in the bundle. • Resources are uploaded to this bundle as they are completed. I do not wa
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STEM NGSS Middle School Science Growing MEGA Bundle
This Middle School NGSS MEGA Bundle is a Growing Bundle, meaning that if you buy it now at a discounted price, you will be able to continually receive new products for free that are added before it is a complete bundle and THE PRICE DOUBLES!!! The price will rise as I add new products. Eventually, t
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Atoms and Chemistry Interactive Notebook Unit Bundle
Save 20% with this interactive notebook unit bundle that includes 22+ INB activities, notes, assessments and more! This differentiated interactive notebook unit bundle includes TWO interactive notebook units. Each unit is composed of interactive notebook chapters. Each chapter includes: • An overv
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Matter - Chemistry Activities with States of Matter and More
Chemistry for Kids includes dozens of activities and tools to learn all about states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, and plasma), physical and chemical change in matter, elements and compounds, mixtures, and more. Use the informational text passages for background information, the activities to reinf
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NGSS Matter and Its Interactions Bundle
Save $5 when you buy the bundle! This bundle includes six NGSS-Aligned Performance Expectations for the unit "Matter and Its Interactions". While supplemental lessons throughout the unit are encouraged, these resources are stand-alone. Each Performance Task includes Teacher Guides, Student Works
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5th Grade NGSS Physical Science Bundle
Save 20% on these resource by purchasing this bundle. This bundle of resources aligned with NGSS and CCSS for 5th grade comes with inquiry based lesson plans in 5 E format, response pages, Interactive notebook inserts, informational text articles to read, center activities and slide shows. this res
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Chemistry Unit Bundle
Save 35% by purchasing ALL my Chemistry teaching materials! Important Notes: • This bundle includes FREE downloads of ALL future Chemistry products. • Download the preview to view the differentiated unit planning guide. This file is included in the download. • Check out the links to individual pr
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Chemistry Articles - 6 Pack Bundle (Science Sub Plans or Activities)
These SIX CHEMISTRY articles with questions provide a really great way for the busy teacher to add interest and enrichment to their chemistry curriculum. This bundle will provide you with a good selection of interesting and relevant articles that will have your students thinking beyond the textbook
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