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NGSS Heredity Pack
Animals and plants have characteristics that help them survive. isn't easy to figure out how to add into our school day...this pack will help you survive and find great ways to use books, links, videos, writing activities, art, and science to make it work! This pack can be used
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HEREDITY, INHERITANCE, DNA, VARIATION, NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS ALIGNED RESOURCE. Thank you for purchasing this resource “HEREDITY: INHERITANCE AND VARIATION OF TRAITS” This resource was designed using the new Next Generation Science Standards. Each page of information and activity that i
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Why Do Things Look Like They Do? Heredity: NGSS MS LS3-1, 3-2(Editable)
NGSS:MS LS3-1, MS LS3-2 CCSS ELA RST.6-8.1, RST.6-8.4, RST.6-8.7, SL.8.5, Math 6.SP.8.4 3 Foldable Activities New SAT Prep K-12 Framework and NGSS This Heredity Unit contains multiple lessons covering the Next Generation Life Science Standard (Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits) MS-LS3
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Chromosomes & Genetics Practice Worksheet Activity MS-LS3-2 HS-LS3-3
Engaging and effective middle school NGSS heredity activity! In this worksheet, students are given the chromosomes of 4 children. They must examine the alleles on each chromosome to determine each child's genotype and phenotype. They then pick one child to draw, which demonstrates understanding o
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3rd Grade NGSS Science Bundle
This is it!!! Your entire 3rd grade year of science. By teaching these 7 units and 2 science reading activities, you will be covering all of the 3rd grade content standards of the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as the engineering standards for grades 3-5. Each unit is packed full of i
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I Can Statements for Middle School Science Standards NGSS
Bring the NGSS science standards to life with these easy-to-use, color-coded, editable posters for middle school science. They are perfect for showing students, parents, and administrators the academic standard that is at the root of your lesson. The illustrations and kid-friendly language help stud

Get this as part of a bundle: Middle School NGSS I Can Statements, Word Wall, Crosswords, & Assessments Bundle

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NGSS Life Science Biology Curriculum
SAVE 45% by purchasing ALL my Life Science Teaching Materials! Important Notes • This is a GROWING BUNDLE. • Labs are currently being added to this bundle. Labs with "active" links are currently included in the bundle. • Resources are uploaded to this bundle as they are completed. I do not wait t
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Genetics: The Study of Heredity - Life Science Interactive Notebook
Genetics: The Science of Heredity Genetics: The Science of Heredity Life Science Interactive Notebook includes the following main concepts: • The Work of Gregor Mendel • Mendel’s Laws of Heredity • Punnett Squares • Meiosis Students will be able to: • Explain how scientists use the principles o

Get this as part of a bundle: GENETICS UNIT - 5E Model

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Genetics & Heredity Bundle - Science Centers / Lab Stations
Genetics & Heredity Bundle - Science Centers / Lab StationsDifferentiated Student Led Cross-curricular STEAM Lab Stations Students will use this Genetics lab station bundle to learn about how proteins are created using DNA, RNA, and amino acids. With science as the primary background subject,
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Heredity Unit Bundle
This no-prep paper AND digital paperless product is all of the notes, labs, activities, practices, quizzes, and tests you need to teach a heredity unit in your biology class. Content covered includes Mendelian genetics, monohybrid and dihybrid Punnett squares, complex inheritance patterns, mutations
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3rd Grade NGSS Life Science Bundle at 20% Savings
This huge resource includes all of my resources for 3rd grade NGSS Life Science. This collection of resources cover the life science standards for NGSS. Students will explore in hands-on, inquiry based lessons in the 5 E Learning cycle Format They will read nonfiction scientific passages in a close
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Middle School NGSS Life Science Biology Lab Stations Bundle
SAVE 30% by purchasing ALL my NGSS Aligned Middle School Life Science SNAPs Lab Activities! Important Notes • This is a GROWING BUNDLE. • This bundle ONLY includes MS Life Science NGSS aligned SNAPs labs. • Labs with "active" links are currently included in the bundle. • Labs are uploaded to this
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Heredity and Genetics PowerPoint, Notes & Exam
A comprehensive PowerPoint, scaffolded notes and summative examination perfect for delivering, discussing and assessing content in a unit covering all things having to do with heredity and genetics! About this Product: All items in this product are 100% EDITABLE and DIFFERENTIATED. The product incl

Get this as part of a bundle: Life Science Biology Powerpoint, Notes & Exam Bundle

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Heredity and Traits
This engaging unit allows students to investigate their own traits and develop a conceptual understanding about heredity. Hands on activities, games, and a post-test are included. Activities in this unit provide at least 4 days of learning. Prior to the unit, students collect data from parents

Get this as part of a bundle: Science Unit Big Bundle!

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NGSS 3rd Grade Life Science Resources!
GAMES, WORKSHEETS, ACTIVITY IDEAS, WEBSITES, ARTICLES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, STUDENT EXAMPLES, EXIT SLIPS & BULLETIN BORAD IDEA! Resources are based around these standards: 3-LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes 3-LS1-1. Develop models to describe that organisms have unique
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NGSS HIGH SCHOOL Performance Expectation Classroom Organizer
Managing the Next Generation Science Standards for your HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE Classroom This product provides over 200 pages to create a tool in order to help translate the Next Generation Science Standards in a manageable way for you and an understandable way for your students. The expectation “lad
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2nd Grade NGSS Unit on Plants 2-LS2-1 & 2 and 2-LS4-1
This huge unit addresses all of the 2nd grade Life Science Standards for NGSS. This resource includes hands-on 5 E Lesson Plans, nonfiction science passages, response pages, interactive notebook flaps and folds, center activities with 56 sorting cards and task cards, a smoosh book, and more! This

Get this as part of a bundle: 2nd Grade NGSS Bundle at 20% Savings

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First Grade NGSS 1-LS1 and 1-LS3 From Molecules to Organisms and Heredity
This resource includes everything you need to teach the first grade NGSS 1-LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes and 1-LS3 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits. I like to call it everything you need to learn about plants and animals for the Next Gen. ✅YOU SHOULD HAV

Get this as part of a bundle: NGSS Kindergarten to Third Grade Units Mega Bundle

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Sea Monster Genetics heredity game fun 21 pgs keys & guides 6th 7th 8th 9th NGSS
Your students will be fully engaged and learning when they play this Viking themed genetics and heredity based board game! Students collect sea monster genotypes as they go around the game board. When all genotypes are collected students then interpret the genotypes and color and label a sea monster
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Inheritance and Life Cycles (NGSS)
This product was made following the Next Generation Science Standards: 1-LS3 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits 3-LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes 3-LS3 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits With it, teachers can help students understand the concept of in
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NGSS Animal Traits, Organisms, Heredity, Inheritance, Structure & Processes
This science center activity lets students apply what they know about animal traits and adaptations. These skills reflect the Next Generation Science Standards for first grade but may enhance your curriculum or class units too. Learn about: frogs, horses, rabbits, butterflies, and turtles. Increa
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All About Organisms NGSS mini-book
This 35-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 3rd grade Life Science: 3-LS1 (From Molecules to Organisms), 3-LS2 (Ecosystems), 3-LS3 (Heredity), and 3-LS4 (Biological Evolution). It covers the following principles: what is an organism, what is a
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What Characteristics Are Inherited?  A Science Picture Activity for Heredity
Students analyze examples of inherited traits and circle INHERITED or NOT INHERITED for each one. Adorable graphics from Thistlegirl Designs make studying genetics and heredity fun. Enough examples to use some in class, give some for homework, some for review and still have enough left over for ex
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NGSS 3rd Grade Science Safari
Here is the unit you have been waiting for...a 3rd grade science pack that covers all of the "big ideas" for third grade science. Using 8 great science stations, you can use this Safari theme to get your 3rd grade students excited about learning science in a fun hands on way! This pack includes: -
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