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Welcome to the Fantastic Food Trucks PBL project! This project will lead your students through an amazing and in-depth journey as they design all aspects of their very own food truck business. With the provided grade-appropriate support, your students will design their menu, plan the layout of their
This bundle will span you the length of an entire school year with a different no bake recipe every Friday for cooking in the classroom. Traditionally, cooking inside of the classroom is not something that we hear, talk about or even teach. It's something our students do at home with their families.
Not Grade Specific
Sofía is hungry, but she doesn't like anything her family is having for dinner this week. On Monday, they have pasta. Sofía doesn't like pasta! On Tuesday, they have chicken and rice. Sofía doesn't like chicken and rice! On Wednesday, they have vegetable soup. Sofía hates vegetable soup! On T
3rd - 6th
This Food Chains and Webs Resource pack includes:Book Titles related to Food Chains and Webs p. 2Food Chain Vocabulary Matching with Answer Sheet p. 4Food Chains Vocabulary Flap Book p. 5Food Chain Vocabulary Interactive Notebook p. 6Consumer, Producer, Decomposer Interactive Notebook p. 7Herbivore,
2nd - 4th
In this fun and exciting digital PowerPoint game students uncover hidden images as they say their speech sound 100 times. Press the play button and watch as the arrow moves up and down the number line. Press the button again and the arrow will stop on a number, either a 5 or a 10. This number reveal
Help your patience approach feeding therapy in an engaging, objective, and positive way with this NO PREP resource! These "food science experiments" provided leveled activities to help your patient "research" a variety of foods. These worksheets are perfect for therapy activities or home programming
Not Grade Specific
If you already own my Food Webs Lab then this is the supplemental product to purchase.Otherwise, The Complete 5E Food Webs Lesson Plans Are HereFood Webs - Everything you need to teach a unit on the energy flow through and ecosystem. Each lesson plan follows the 5E model and provides you with the ex
This package includes 7 pages of notes and activities to introduce food chains and food webs to your class.Pages include:-What are you eating? - Informational notes about producers, photosynthesis, consumers, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, decomposers, and scavengers. All vocabulary is explaine
Food words are a great place to start with kids learning their first words. Teaching toddlers or young children sign language is a helpful communication tool in getting their needs met. Learn how to sign "apple", "cracker" and dozens of other food words to practice all day, every day.See ideas for h
Save 30% with this discounted bundle! This fun and engaging PowerPoint game is a great way to target speech sounds. The game is no prep and opens in PowerPoint on most devices (including computers and iPads) - making it easy to access and use. This game is great for 1:1 or group work!How it works:St
Not Grade Specific
Just add you targets and you are ready to play! No need to print! These work great on both iPads AND computers (that means smart boards too)! ❤ My students have so much fun with these! Not only are they editable ✎, they are also interactive. Each game board includes interactive tick boxes ☑ for stud
A fun, interactive activity way to learn food in Spanish with your elementary learner. printable, no prep, distance learning or homeschool activity. Product includes your choice of four hands-on interactive activities - two writing two speaking. Students "shop" from the grocery store and put the i
This unit contains both a printable packet version AND individual JPEG files for each document so that you can easily upload to Google Classroom. Since they are in JPEG format, students should be able to write on the documents in Google Classroom.Find the Unit One Bundle HERE!Find the Unit Two Bundl
Food Groups No Prep Printable Food Groups Printable “No Prep” Food groups color and trace Trace the foods in food groups Color and match Writing pages for foods in groups Count and circle the foods Circle the smallest Circle the largest Working with numbers 1-8 color-cut-paste Count and match the
PreK - K
Who doesn't love Mexican food? Teach your students more about it (besides tacos and burritos of course) and have them research about it. This product comes with three different activities, it requires no preparation and it works great as sub plans too!1. Label the Mexican Dishes2. Describe each dish
4th - 12th, Adult Education
Complete set of " flash cards for VIPKID L2-U6 Food/Meals Vocabulary words are in small chart form. You can fold accordion style for easy storage or to isolate specific vocab cards while teaching or you can keep them as is. Charts are grouped by nouns, verbs, math and sight words(sight words and ver
Student task: accurately answer yes no questions when presented a stimulus picture featuring food.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *This product is part of Yes or No Questions - Bundle 1* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *WHO IS THIS FOR?Students on the Autism Spectrum, in Early Childhood, Early Interv
Making Inferences No Prep PowerPoint ActivityIncluded in Your Purchase:-15 PowerPoint slide activity that requires students to make inferences based on evidence in the text.This product is part of the INFERENCE BUNDLE: ***Save 20% by purchasing the Inference Bundle***What if I need to ask a question
These worksheets are visually appealing and will excite your students to learn all about food chains. Included are three worksheets that your students can complete to solidify their knowledge of food chains. An open-ended question is posed to them at the bottom to encourage higher-level thinking. S
These No Prep Worksheets are a great activity to target basic yes/no questions, good for students with autism and special needs after having learned the food vocabulary.Click here for Food Yes No Questions Boom Cards.There are 18 pages to be printed on photo paper and laminated. Have the students an

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In this digital PowerPoint game students color in fun fast food clipart while targeting their speech goals. You can choose to target a particular phoneme in a chosen position or use the open-ended coloring pages with the provided editable worksheet. Please open the provided preview and video to lear
This is a hand drawn chart to help students learn food vocabulary in Spanish. The definite articles and pictures have been provided and students just have to fill in the blanks. The answer key is as follows:1. el cafe 2. el desayuno3. el cereal4. el almuerzo5. la leche6. el jugo de naranja7. el sa
5th - 12th
This product contains 63 Fast Food themed worksheets. All worksheets contain pictures for non-readers. Word lists are also provided on the bottom of each sheet. Targets include: K, G, R, L, CH, SH, TH, S, V, J, R, L blends, R blends, S blends and vocalic ER. Worksheets are perfect for therapy sessio
Material Covered:What is a food chain?Trophic levels of an energy pyramidProducersPrimary consumersSecondary consumersTertiary consumersQuaternary consumersDecomposersAutotrophsWhat happens if a part of a food chain is damaged?Herbivores, Carnivores, + OmnivoresWhat is a Choice Board?A choice board

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