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no print articulation

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This is a NO PRINT, fun and simple activity to target articulation in teletherapy and face to face sessions. It contains 17 challenging picture searches, each with multiples of target words. The following sounds/blends are included:/d, t, k, g, f, v, s, z, th, sh, ch, j, l, r/ and BLENDS: s, l, rTh
K - 8th
This game is an easy, no-prep way to target any speech sound in words, phrases, sentences, or conversation using the PRINTABLE OR DIGITAL version (see below)! It can easily be used for individual students as well as groups.... even with mixed articulation/language groups! This game is fun for upper
3rd - 12th, Higher Education
These sound loaded articulation scenes are great no print option for working on carryover in sentences and connected speech. Use these scenes in mixed groups, too. Scenes can be used to elicit language and target phonemes at the same time. Now includes a Boom Card deck with moveable pieces! Click HE
Not Grade Specific

Also included in: Custom Bundle Beatrice P.

*Now Includes Sound Effects!* These dinosaur speech therapy Boom Card activities include interactive articulation and language activities, making it perfect for distance learning and teletherapy! Students can move images around to create their own visual scenes while targeting their speech and langu
These handy digital cards are perfect for teletherapy or just to have to grab-n-go! Target articulation sounds in multiple levels: phoneme, syllable, word, phrase, and sentence all on one page! Includes: Early and Later sounds (all positions) All positions of words 4 cards (initial, medial, final,
Not Grade Specific
Articulation Easy Readers for Speech Therapy Carryover contains over 50 specifically designed reading passages in both NO PRINT INTERACTIVE PDF and NO PREP MINI BOOK formats written at an easy reading level to provide tons of carryover practice for speech therapy students for prevocalic /r/, vocal
Do you need something to target articulation that's flexible and no print/no prep? And can be used for mixed groups and homework? This resource checks all the boxes!This resource contains 21 SCENES, each one targeting a different phoneme in mixed word positions. The following sounds are included on
PreK - 5th
Are you looking for a fun articulation activity to use with dot markers or colored pencils in speech therapy? Well, look no further. This print-and-go activity includes 36 WORDS and PICTURES for the following phonemes in all positions: k, g, f, v, l, s, z, j, r, m, n, b, p, d, t, TH, SH, and CH ,
These ocean speech therapy Boom Card activities include interactive articulation and language activities, making it perfect for distance learning and teletherapy! Students can move images around to create their own visual scenes while targeting their speech and language goals. There are four differe
Are you tired of printing, laminating, cutting, storing, and hauling articulation cards for speech therapy? Only to realize that some cards have been lost or destroyed? It's time to be done with all of that, and get a complete set of DIGITAL articulation cards!This interactive PDF can be downloaded
Would you rather cards for Vocalic R for speech therapy! NO PRINT DIGITAL SET ADDED with Prevocalic R included!Each card uses silly and fun questions to target Vocalic R. No matter what your student answers, they will be using their target sound. There are two-three pages for each vocalic (er, ar, o
NO PREP! PRINT AND GO! Say the target words from the word list, find the picture hidden among Christmas themed pictures (Santa, elves, present, ornaments, toys), then color it in!Includes 13 target phonemes (1 page per target phoneme). Word lists as follows:/k/: card, cow, donkey, cup, duck, key, mo
Feed the dog bones as you uncover your speech targets! Your students are going to have so much fun playing this interactive game! You can use this game in teletherapy on a computer, on a smartboard or on your iPad! As the dog eats the bones, you will also hear munching sound effects. FIND MORE GAMES
❄ Need a quick way to practice articulation in a fun winter theme? Grab your bingo dotters and this pack! Also includes a Google slides option with moveable pieces for distance learning, teletherapy, or for a no print option. This product is available in a money saving BUNDLE!✅ Winter NO PREP Articu
Perfect for teletherapy or face to face sessions. Includes stimuli for WORDS, PHRASES, SENTENCES, and PARAGRAPHS. It also includes editable PDF data forms so you don't have to print that either! Save time, energy, and printing!! Use during therapy, to screen, informally assess, and progress monitor
Not Grade Specific
Build images of sweet treats as you practice your speech sounds. Targets include: ch, g, f, k, l, r, s, sh, th, r blends, l blends, s blends. Each target is targeted in initial, medial, final and mixed positions (across 4 different image puzzles). There are 41 boom cards in total. ➜ The same 4 image
Not Grade Specific
The No Print Articulation Screener is great for SLPs on the go who need a quick way to measure progress and performance. The screener contains pictures that are very similar to a basic articulation screening tool, but this is all digital. 45 consonant sounds are assessed in all positions of words, f
This activity targets articulation sounds with a fun Groundhog Day theme! The first card is a menu card to choose your desired speech target (see below for included sounds). For each sound, there is a picture of a groundhog waiting to come out of the ground with a list of 12 target words (not pictur
1st - 5th
These Consonant Cluster Speech Therapy Car Mats are designed to provide picture cueing for children with phonological impairments, apraxia, or articulation disorders who are working on /s/ and /l/ blends or who exhibit cluster reduction. The mats help students put consonant clusters together using p
Save time and ink with this pack which is perfect for your iPad or computer! As an SLP, I know how valuable our time is so with this material, there is absolutely no printing, cutting or laminating needed! Included in this 137 card pack: ~45 Initial /r/ trivia cards with answers ~45 Medial /r/ tri
Need articulation flash cards that are easy and quick for on the go therapy? These no print articulation flash cards are perfect for any busy SLP. Get 100 productions while having your students figure out the riddle! Your students will love this no print articulation game! ***Get the growing b
These fall speech therapy activities come with 3 options - print and go worksheets, articulation Boom Cards, and a digital speech PowerPoint version. This will have you covered for in-person sessions, teletherapy, and distance learning packets! No matter what this school year brings, you'll be ready
This fully interactive pdf (No Print) Speech Therapy Articulation digital BUNDLE targets r and r-blends, s and s-blends, l and l-blends, sh, ch, j, and th in words, phrases, sentences and conversation!How does it work?First, students choose a character to begin.Then practice the character's name and
This deck of BOOM CARDS™ contains 41 cards targeting articulation while building a city map using the drag and drop feature of Boom Cards™. Each of the 39 cards has 12 buildings/cars to drag and drop onto the blank map in the middle of the card. As the student drags a part to the middle, the target

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