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This 11-page file includes lesson and activities for introducing German students to the German Personal Pronouns in Nominative and Accusative.It’s designed to go with Deutsch Aktuell 1, Kapitel 8, but can be used for any German beginner course.The worksheet contains the following activities:-Activit
Teachers can create a great independent work packet from this resource by giving students the activity and answer key for self checking.Students will identify each of the twenty-nine pronouns on the activity sheet as either nominative, objective, or possessive. Shapes with nominative pronouns should
With this set of forty-eight task cards, students distinguish between nominative and objective pronoun case. Each task cards contains a unique sentence with a bolded word. Students must identify which tense is being used (nominative or objective) and what part of the sentence is represented by the
This worksheet presents a 12 sentence story about fictional "Sal's Shake Shack" and asks students to identify the pronouns in each sentence.
Use this Powerpoint for quick and effective instruction. Students will be able to identify pronouns used as predicate nominatives using simple and quick steps. The Powerpoint defines and describes predicates, nominatives, and pronouns. Teaches students how to quickly identify correct pronoun used as
With this set of forty task cards, students distinguish between nominative and objective pronoun case. Each task cards contains a unique sentence with a blank space. Students must identify which part of the sentence is missing (subject, subject complement, direct object, indirect object, or object o
This Powerpoint presentation is a lesson about nominative and objective pronouns. It defines them and gives examples for each. The presentation includes group practice as well as a short individual assessment for the students.
This is a resource to help students practice differentiating nominative, objective, and possessive pronouns. Included in this resource: Definition posters for each type of pronoun: nominative, objective, and possessive A sorting game A record sheet for the sorting game An exit slip
This resource introduces and practises using pronouns with the accusative, dative and nominative cases in German.
Learn the nominative case pronouns by singing them to a well-known children's song!
Grammar Worksheets - PRONOUNS - This FAQ sheet presents pronouns through questions and answers. It makes a great review or outline for your PRONOUNS Unit. Students will also benefit from it as a study guide! Description and examples of Pronouns First, Second, Third Person Number Case Intensive/Ref
This document includes many different activities for teaching and reviewing personal (nominative, objective, and possessive), demonstrative, indefinite, relative, intensive, reflexive, and interrogative pronouns. It also includes specific quizzes on personal pronouns and one on indefinite pronouns a
If your students are having trouble identifying and classifying pronouns, here is the PowerPoint for you! Teach your students all about pronouns with these multiple lessons from Catch My Products. These standards based, gradual release lessons in PowerPoint teach kids what they need to know about pr
This PDF is a solid Summative Assessment for Grammar Skills focusing on: 1. Identifying Noun Functions: Direct/Indirect Objects, Objects of the Preposition, Predicate Nominatives, & Subjects. 2. Identifying the use of word as a noun, pronoun, or adjective This test contains 30 sentences; 20
This document allows students to practice distinguishing between nominative and objective case while coloring!
This 80 point assessment tests students knowledge of pronouns, pronoun types, antecedents, pronoun usage, etc. There is also a mixed review of appositive and predicate nominatives (nouns). This Word document is easily adapted to suit your needs. I have a Noun/Pronoun Jeopardy that compliments thi
My grammar units all come with eight nifty teaching tools for you to use in your very own classroom! Each tool, excluding the note slides, are just one page, so they are extremely easy to print and impressively simple for your kiddos to keep track of!Below are the teaching tools included for each to
If your students are having trouble identifying and classifying pronouns, here is the plan for you! Teach your students all about pronouns with these multiple lessons from Catch My Products.These standards based, gradual release lessons in ACTIVINSPIRE SOFTWARE for PROMETHEAN BOARD use teach kids wh
This introduces subjective (nominative) case, objective case, possessive case, and reflexive/intensive pronouns. It is a double-sided foldable. I suggest cutting and pasting the 2nd page onto the back of the first page before printing it. All copiers are different and usually don't line the pages
Dear Purchaser: This packet of practice exercises and an assessment will give you what you need to be certain that your students will know how to place subject and object pronouns. Yes, many experts opine that we should NOT burden students with skill and drill exercises because we might make them h
This Freebie is a basic practice worksheet for pronoun case and agreement. There are fourteen case questions where students select the correct pronoun from two options. A wide variety of types of questions includes who and whom, reflexive, with comparisons, its and it's, as well as nominative and
There is a page for each of the following: subjects, direct objects, indirect objects, objects of the preposition, and predicate nominatives. On each page is a definition, examples and explanations, and some practice sentences. There is also a quiz provided. Keys are included for each of the practic
This is a fun play to help students recognize and use predicate nominatives correctly. This play is not meant to take the place of teacher instruction but is designed to be used as an engaging supplement to reinforce skills taught. It may be used as a mini-lesson or as a follow-up to a mini-lesson.
Salve! My students create their own vocabulary binders in Latin 1 and use it through all Latin levels. I actually store them in the classroom during the summer and until they graduate. Too many binders were lost in moves or damaged by pets, siblings, etc. This pronoun handout can be printed double s

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