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Three days of lessons. Includes: • Communicable diseases reading and question sheet • Non-communicable diseases reading and question sheet • Visual word wall • Vocabulary recording sheet • Cards for a large class T-chart • Student T-charts • Spreading and preventing disease activity Day 1: Introdu
This Health PowerPoint Bundle is the culmination of Four powerpoint presentations that cover "Noncommunicable Diseases & Disabilities". These presentations were made because I needed a visual reference to each lesson within each unit during lecture. Along with new visuals, each slide also contai
6th - 10th
With this lesson plan students will the difference between communicable and non-communicable diseases. Student will be able to give examples of each and understand general causes and methods of prevention. This integrated health lesson plan includes detailed lesson plans, lesson objectives, open
After reading about communicable and non-communicable diseases in, either in your health curriculum and/or using the provided informational text, students visit patient charts as ‘doctors’ making diagnosis. Students refer to their reading and record their findings on their doctor notes page. I say
This webquest is Middle School appropriate to assist in self exploration in a current WebQuest.Topics covered are Diabetes and Cancer.It includes graphic organizers, and colorful "politcal cartoons" which hold factual information.
Help your students stay healthy with this unit on communicable and non-communicable illnesses and diseases. They'll read informational articles written with grade appropriate language, complete fun, hands-on tasks, and finish up with a research project on an illness/disease of their choice. Step-b
3rd - 5th
Concepts covered in this health product include: Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders, Cancer, Non-Communicable Diseases - Various, and Physical and Mental Challenges. This product contains no-prep materials to help high school students learn health concepts in an interesting, teen-centered way. Th
★★★★★ MAKE LEARNING FUN! This is a real 52-card deck with Ace - King in four suits (hearts, spades, diamonds and heart) and it includes two Jokers. Each card also has non-communicable diseases information! The heart, club, spade, and diamond from each suit have this info :1) Key Facts2) Symptoms3
6th - 12th
Power point presentation dealing with the most common non communicable diseases. Information and pictures dealing with Allergies, asthma, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and many more.
This Health Unit Bundle is the culmination of four powerpoint presentations that cover the topic of Noncommunicable Diseases, our Interactive Notebook on the same subject, and our correlating Scavenger Hunt Games . We are offering a 10% savings + any current store sale, when purchasing these resourc
Crossword puzzle dealing with the major noncommunicable diseases and terms associated with them
7th - 12th
Looking to add a little depth to your noncommunicable disease unit? Do you have students who ask you about a bunch of different diseases and need a way to satiate their curious mind? Are you needing to a way to teach looking up information with a reliable resource? This set of 25+ graphic organizer
This Health Notebook is a resource for students to create an organized notebook for "Noncommunicable Diseases". This INB was made because I needed an organized way for my students to take notes for their Health Lessons. Before supplying the students with this INB, many students were not writing dow
Students will create a “twitter” page about a non communicable/chronic disease that will then be shared with the class. The goal of this assignment is that they will be creating an instructional tool for their classmates in a fun and interesting way. -Rubric Provided -Template -Teacher Example -Stu
7th - 12th
Students can guide their own learning through this activity! This assignment will allow students to choose a disease to research whether it be a communicable or noncommunicable disease!
5th - 12th
Noncommunicable disease matching activity. This was completed in my health class and was a great review for the kids. This activity is also helpful when used as an exit ticket.
7th - 8th
Noncommunicable Diseases Exam & KeyThis exam was made to accompany our Understanding Health & Wellness Bundle.YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN: the STEM Center's HEALTH CLASS Activities! - CLICK HERETerms of UseConnect with the STEM Center©Be sure to follow my TpT store by clicking on the Green
Intro worksheet to introduce what causes Non-Communicable Diseases.
This assignment will allow students to see if they are at risk for non-communicable diseases by looking at their behaviors and their heredity
5th - 8th
By the end of the lesson learners should be able to:State what is meant by a disease.Compare communicable and non-communicable diseases.Explain why masks and washing hands reduces the spread of communicable disease.
This includes lesson plans, activities, and assessments for a two-week unit on disease.
A short insight into what Communicable and non- communicable diseases are, as well as difference between virus and bacteria. Suitable for Whatsapp and online sharing. Enjoy!
7th - 10th
This is a concept map that compares communicable vs non-communicable respiratory diseases and further breaks up communicable disease from viral - bacterial.
9th - 12th
This is a test based on the power point called Diseases by pictures available from my store site. The test is an open notes test since it is quite specific and somewhat difficult.
8th - 12th

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