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Color By Context Clues
Working on context clues is a great strategy for speech and language students to build vocabulary. This no prep product will help prepare your students for their academic classrooms. I think you'll find that your older speech students will have a lot of fun learning vocabulary while creating their
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Out of this World Context Clues
This alien/space themed packet is designed to help students learn to use context clues to figure the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary. Students play the role of an astronaut exploring a new planet. They encounter aliens who speak a language similar to English, but with some very different words. T
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Context Clues Activities Pack
⭐ Help your students improve their reading comprehension with these 6 fun and engaging activities designed to give students confidence in using context clues to better understand what they are reading. Includes: ♥ Using Context Clues 1 and 2 (figuring out the meaning of nonsense words), ♥ 2 Clas
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Context Clues Teaching Binder
Hello! This binder is designed to teach context clues. It is most appropriate for students in grades 1 and up, but use your judgement. Too often, we get caught up in drilling a skill, rather than teaching the skill. I hope this binder will become your go-to for introducing and teaching this very dif

Also included in: Teaching Binder Bundle

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Master the Standards with Poetry Analysis CCSS RL 4: Context Clues
Students use the fun classic poem "Jabberwocky" to anchor their study of determining the meaning of words using context clues, Common Core Standard RL 4. This two day lesson for grades 6-9 is anchored with an entry task and exit ticket that asks students to evaluate their understanding of the stand

Also included in: ELA 7 Yearlong Curriculum and Pacing Guide

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Context Clues- Nonsense words
Students work in groups to come up with nonsense words, their context clues, a paragraph, and possible answer choices. There is a rubric for grading. I made this after doing an activity where we figured out the meanings of nonsense words in paragraphs.
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Upper Grades Progress Monitoring Tool for SLPs - Context Clues
Track progress throughout the year easily and efficiently with this progress monitoring tool. Easily collect data for baseline information, progress reports, or IEPs/evaluations for your junior high or high school students with this context clues activity. 4 different activities are included: 1. Ope
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Using Context Clues in Nonsense Sentences
Using context clues is a skill that we teach many of our students with semantics goals. Practicing it can get repetitive - which is why I wanted to make an activity that had some more room for creativity and fun. Included in the powerpoint are: an introduction/review of context clues and its importa
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Nonsense Words Context Clue Task Cards
One of my favorite vocabulary strategies to teach my students is how to use context clues to figure out the meaning of words they don't know. I would argue that it is one of the most important language skills for someone to learn! However, I find sometimes that my students will seem as though they'r
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Context Clues Using Nonsense Words BOOM CARDS freebie
Working on vocabulary can be a challenge and can get boring. That is why I created this digital task card activity to build vocabulary using context clues. NO PREP REQUIRED! Your speech and language students will love using this resource!***********************************************************
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Whether you are a 1:1 classroom, a classroom that is looking to become a bit more paperless or a classroom that would like to utilize Chromebooks™, laptops/computers or iPads® during reading and language arts, then this bundle if for YOU! I have combined 15 of my digital products for a HUGE savings
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Leveled Daily Work {Level 4}
This product will last you seamlessly from August to June - the ENTIRE school year! This resource contains 180 interchangeable leveled daily work pages to ensure that your students are completing different work each day. Print once, make copies of the student worksheets, and your prep work is done.
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Upper Grades Progress Monitoring Tool for SLPs - VOCABULARY
Gather baseline and progress data with this handy progress monitoring tool. This Vocabulary Bundle includes progress monitors for each of the following skill areas:Context Clues (Real Words)Context Clues (Nonsense Words)HomophonesSynonyms & AntonymsMultiple Meaning WordsAnalogies(Coming soon to

Also included in: Upper Grades Progress Monitoring Tool for SLPs - MEGA BUNDLE

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The BFG - Bundle
This item includes everything needed for The BFG novel study. Included items are: 1. Text Evidence (friendship, gentle giant) 2. Point of View (human, giant) 3. Character Traits (Sophie, BFG) 4. Critical Thinking Questions for each chapter 5. Context Clues (nonsense words/vocabulary) for each
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Gifted and Talented Activities - Fifth Grade
This packet has 100 printable activities for Gifted and Talented students. Fifth-graders respond to prompts like: What at school annoys you? or Where have you walked this week? or Who do you love the most? Decipher hidden messages. Identify the number of rectangles in a design. Compare and con
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Gifted and Talented Activities - Fourth Grade
This packet has 100 printable activities for Gifted and Talented students. Fourth-graders respond to prompts like: What is your favorite thing to do outside? or What are little animals afraid of? or How can you have fun with rocks? Unscramble Earth words. Decipher hidden messages. Identify the n
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Desk Name Plate - Tri-Fold - 3 Sided Flippable
Desk Name Plates or Name Tags- TRI-FOLD ★Students flip for reference they need. Serves as a pencil house, too! Graphics newly redone for clarity. ★Alphabet reference is done in a handwriting font, but it is available in choice of a reading font in my product listings section, or with text box t
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