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Students can use this version to circle when to use the articles el, la, los, las, un, una, unos, and unas based on amount, gender, and certainty.
NEW!Updated, expanded, and improved!DESCRIPTION:This product is a collection of notes, worksheets, and activities related to Gender and Definite & Indefinite Articles in Spanish. These are great resources for your Spanish 1 classroom as you're teaching your students about gender and articles fo
This lesson includes start up notes for students on how to identify the gender of a noun and decide the correct article to use with nouns in Spanish. Each note section is followed by practices that can be completed indidivually as homework or together as a class during introduction of the concept.
Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish - El, La, Los, Las - Un, Una, Unos, Unas - Includes 10 pages of exercises, a wall chart/poster (A4), Vocabulary Lists and Teacher Answers. These activities are ideal for a Spanish 1 level class. CONTENT: This Spanish resource contains 24 Pages: Summary
Click here for a video preview of Guided Notes! New: Includes link to YouTube version of notes for distance learning!Activity Information:Notes from the Profe Store are intentionally simple and straightforward to minimize direct instruction. For each lesson I have created a PowerPoint notes presenta
Click here for a video preview of Jeopardy-Style Games! Activity Information:No prep! Riesgos is a quick and easy powerpoint game that is all dressed up and ready to go! It starts with a chart of topics and point values. If you click on a number, it shows the answer. From that screen you click on th
Spanish 1 Grammar notes condensed to fit on two pages. Topics include definite and indefinite articles, possessive pronouns, subject pronouns, present tense verb endings, irregular verbs, ser versus estar using Place/Doctor, stem-change verbs, interrogatives, useful words, and questions. A second
Click here for a video preview of Schoology Collections!Interested, but not ready to take the Schoology plunge? Check out my Sampler!Activity Information:These digital activities are embedded in the Schoology online platform. If you are not using Schoology, please do not purchase this collection -
This digital Spanish Definite & Indefinite Articles scaffolded notes will help your students break down the important "need to know" information about articles in Spanish. These guided notes will provide students with in-context examples of definite & indefinite articles in Spanish. The easy
Are you teaching Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish? Then these notes are PERFECT for you! Included in this READY TO PRINT or UPLOAD to a Learning Management System zip file are: → Student notes in Word (100% editable)→ Student notes as a PDF→ Teacher key (PDF)→ Terms of use These notes cle
This worksheet focuses on article agreement in Spanish. Students are asked to state which article would match each noun. The worksheet features a total of 40 nouns, 20 for students to practice with definite articles and 20 for students to practice with indefinite articles. An answer key is includ
50 slides on the indefinite and definite articles. Includes notes and lots of practice.This is the same as my PowerPoint.
This note sheet follows my PowerPoint, ActivInspire, and SmartNotebook presentation on definite and indefinite articles. It is says exactly what is in the presentation. I call in Highlight notes because I use it for students who have a modification of receiving notes, students who simply have diffic
Notes to guide instruction and practice of definite and indefinite articles in Spanish, plus making nouns/adjectives plural. There is then practice of each skill for think, pair, share, or the like. Included is a rough fill-in of the notes as a key. I typically draw the chart on the board and fil
This note sheet follows my PowerPoint, ActivInspire, and SmartNotebook presentation on definite and indefinite articles. It is says exactly what is in the presentation minus a few blanks for the students to fill in.
Whole lesson power point presentation and handout on giving opinions and reasons about tv programmes and using the comparative.Lesson activities include:Recapping simple opinionsIntroducing vocabulary related to a range of tv programmesSlide with pictures of tv programmes suitable for pronunciation
This "Repaso Diario" daily review has been a life saver for my students and I. It is a quick activity that begins every class, and reviews something about the current unit we are on as well as each day's date. This establishes consistency & routine within the classroom as well as collaborative r
Click here for a video preview of Rainbow Readings! Activity Information:No prep - just print and go! Rainbow readings are a fun way to tackle reading skills, grammar, and comprehension while helping students identify their mastery of specific skills! Each one has a one-page reading passage with col
This packet will help your students go from recognizing vocabulary and grammar concepts from the chapter to producing complex sentences on their own. Both an editable Microsoft Word document and a PDF version are included in this zip file. Here are descriptions of each page of the packet: Pages
Save time with TEN weeks of pre-written lesson plans in Spanish! These are the exact plans that I used in my own middle school Spanish classroom. Topics include: Identifying people and things, definite and indefinite articles, masculine/feminine nouns, pronouns, AR verbs, ser, and adjectives for des
A THREE-page set of guided notes where students fill in answers on grammatical themes based on notes taken or conversations had in class. They then practice these grammar themes together.This set covers definite and indefinite articles (and the difference between them)There is also practice with the
Looking for a way to increase and enhance the day-to-day conversation skills of your Spanish 1 students? Here is a year-long product which contains over 80 different Partner Practices. 60 separate activities are set up so that students sit facing one another and converse back and forth with a pre-
Click here for a video preview of Quizzes! Activity Information:Spanish quizzes from The Profe Store move through isolated learning targets, from simple process questions, through basic conjugation/translation, to sentence creation, etc. Each comes with a self-assessment to help students identify wh
Click here for a video preview of Against the Clock Games! Activity Information:Against the Clockis a quick and effective formative assessment game! Not unlike mathematical timed tests in elementary schools, students race against the clock to complete 36 quick review questions. They make note of how

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