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Will you be teaching math centers and stations in the classroom, using distance learning, hybrid learning or homeschool learning this year? Now, Counting Patterns and Number Lines Mega Math Practice 1.NBT.1 is adaptable to whatever learning situation in which you find yourself. Now DIGITAL for use w
Number Line Addition and Subtraction Print and Practice Differentiated K-2This unit has 35 printables to support your teaching of number lines to a variety of learners and levels of understanding. Designed to help you differentiate on the spot! The skills pages have the same look with different lev
These task cards are also included in the Fractions Task Cards Big Bundle at a HUGE discount! Check that out HERE. This resource includes 24 task cards to help your students practice the important skill of fractions on a number line. The variety of different task cards will ensure that students pr
These printable lessons and practice in understanding tape diagrams and double number lines will help reinforce your lessons in ratios and proportions, as well as prepare your students for their state tests. The word problems and diagrams are aligned with CCLS 6.RP.3 and clarify how and when to use
Number Line Practice Sheets {Numbers 0-10} Common Core Aligned: K.CC.2 Inside the Packet: -8 Number Line Practice Sheet Common Core Math Practice Sheets ENDLESS BUNDLE
Need additional resources with mixed numbers on a number line? This resource contains 8 worksheets featuring mixed numbers on a number line. 3 Worksheets require students to write both the mixed number and the improper fraction for a point on the number line. These sheets can also be used as asse
These printable double number line word problems are designed to use after you have taught this model of solving ratio problems. They will help reinforce your lessons in ratios and proportions, as well as prepare your students for their state tests. The word problems and diagrams are aligned with
Save $ by purchasing this combo pack of Number Lines for Sentence Strips (large, sentence strip sized number lines) and Number Line Practice Sheets! These products work perfectly together. Practice number sequence, skip counting, and counting up/back for addition and subtraction using these numb
I use this handwriting paper with my Kindergarteners, but I think it would be great for primary students in Pre-K, 1st, or 2nd grade too! These lines help my students practice correct letter and number formation. The blue line is the "sky line", the dotted line is the "plane line", the green line is
This is a 15-page document (plus a few pages of answer key) that is intended for an introduction to decimals. It includes tenths and hundredths with practice on number lines, word form, comparing, and adding and subtraction. The emphasis is on making sense of the numbers and the place value. All c
These write and wipe cards are perfect for a math station or center.Solve addition and subtraction problems using a number line.Includes:30 addition cards30 subtraction cardsblank cards to create your own problemsoptional recording pages
With the CCSS or the new edition of your math program, are you finding that you need to teach the concepts of fractions using number lines? Don't have many resources for extra practice? Fractions Number Line Practice should help! It contains three different activities to help your students use numbe
130 practice pages to practice finding 10, 20, 100 more and/or less than a given number. With 3- and 4-digit numbers. Practice and blank number lines. These were made to help my kids add and subtract 10 more, 10 less, 20 more, 20 less, and 100 more, 100 less. They are great for skip counting, too
Includes 4 number line practice problems for 2nd grade Texas math standard 2.4C. Great to use as a mini assessment, tutorial, or guided practice. Additional 2nd grade resources are just a click away! 2.2D Ahoy, Matey! It's Compare and Order Time! Solve and Sort Bundled Set 2.4A Recall Basic Facts
This set is perfect for your first grade and beginning of the year second grade students. These digital slides practice ordering numbers on the number line and finding missing numbers on the number line up to 120. It includes 40 task cards and randomizes 20 cards at a time so your students can pla
Round to the Nearest Ten Using a Number Line Practice or Assessment Sheets These sheets are great for practice and assessing students' ability to round 2-digit numbers to the nearest ten using a number line. You can use one as a pre-test and the second as a post test. These are also great for remed
Develop ninja-like proficiency among students when it comes to working with fractions on a number line. These skills-boosting drills each have a mini-lesson, followed by several simulated test questions (including open response) in line with Common Core Standards and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Worksheets al
This pack includes 8 pages of elapsed time practice with number/time lines for each problem. Can be used for classwork, homework, quick checks, progress monitoring, etc. Elapsed Time can be so hard for students to learn! I have finally found a way that helps students make sense of it....using numb
Students can build their addition skills with number lines, ten frames, 100 charts, and more! These activities are perfect for review, math centers, and just extra practice.*This is included in the Addition & Subtraction Practice - Bundle*Included:• 3 pages of addition number line practice (1-10
Number Lines to 20 Practice Sheets Inside the Packet: -6 Number lines to 20 practice sheets Get this packet in my Common Core Math Practice Sheets ENDLESS BUNDLE
Most of the examples on this practice page are adding and subtracting, with two "challenge" questions on modeling multiplying integers on a number line.All examples include integer expressions with parentheses that need to be simplified.Great for standardized test practice!LICENSING TERMS: This purc
This math activity is the perfect way to engage students, get them moving, and practice different number sense activities such as even/odd, rounding to the nearest tens and hundreds, placing a number on a number line, and telling the value of the underlined digit. The Number Sense Monsters packet i
This activity is brilliant to use as a whole class warm-up, whole lesson or small group activity. Display on a projector or interactive whiteboard and students can take turns following each monster's instructions on the numberlines and filling in the correct addition or subtraction problem. Or simpl
We are all looking for addition and subtraction strategies to help develop our students' number sense. I will provide you with step by step cue cards on how to incorporate "open number line" strategies into your daily math routine. You can post cue cards in your classroom for student reference. Alon

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