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Activities for Adding and Subtracting Using a Number Line: Game, Worksheets, Make your Own Book and More.... Game Activity Sheets Make Your Own Book Posters Answer Keys Game: 30 number line cards, 30 matching addition/subtraction equation cards, a game board, instruction card, and an answer key A
This set of 4 addition and subtraction games/activities encourage using a number line for helping to solve simple problems. Students will model addition and subtraction on the number line as a hands-on strategy for learning. They are ideal for an individual or small group. Children will delight i
Here’s a Valentines Day game that will give your K-1 students lots of practice adding and subtracting by counting up and counting back on the number line. When your students read a card from the set of 135 clue cards, they follow the directions and "hug a (love!) bug" by using a wipe-off marker to m
Introduce subtraction within 20 on open number lines with this animated PowerPoint. First, how to subtract on a number line is introduced. Students learn to put the two numbers on the number line and hop to find the difference. Then, students will play Beat the Clock. The students will try to
This folder game focuses on adding and subtracting on an OPEN NUMBER LINE between 0 and 1200. While working with a partner, students will each spin the spinner one time and land on a number. The partners will use the two numbers and cooperatively decided to create either an addition or subtraction
Your students will be able to subtract with the frog as he hops backwards on the leaves. A fun way to learn about subtraction and number lines at the same time! Enjoy! Included: Instruction page 46 subtraction task cards
Bundle of Donuts!! These products would cost $16.50, if bought separately. Save 20% by buying this bundle!!! top5bestyear This bundle includes: Devouring Donuts: Number Line 0-20, Subtraction, Active Learning Delicious Donuts: Addition to 20, Number Lines, Missing Addends, & Printables Delici
Use this card game to supplement teaching 7th grade Math Common Core Standard 7.NS.1 . Students take turns creating and modeling addition and subtraction integer problems to earn their score. The highest score after 10 rounds wins. My students loved this and said that it helped reinforce adding an
Number Line Roll is a great way to get kids interacting with and practicing how to move on the number line! This partner game requires very little maintenance and is easy to teach. Students roll a dice, then move their pawn forward or backward along the number line. Students gain understanding of
Merry Christmas Addition & Subtraction Number Line Koosh Ball Game This fun Christmas Themed SmartBoard lesson that teaches the following Common Core Standard for 1st Grade: Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 20 using the strategy of a number l
Looking for a fun and engaging way to LEAP through the Leap day this year? This frog number line game is great all the way through springtime and can be used to practice a number of addition and subtraction to 20 skills with 9 different versions to engage your students during math lessons or centers
Hop to It! A Game of Number Line Counting, Adding, Subtracting, & Number Sense is a pocket game for centers or small group use. It combines several kindergarten and 1st grade Common Core Math Standards (K.CC.A.2, K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.4c, K.CC.C.7, K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.4, K.OA.C.5, 1.OA.C.5, 1.NBT.C.5, a
Students have a hard time with negative numbers, and for good reason - they're confusing! Review integer addition and subtraction in a fun way with this dice game. The game includes a number line game board (easy to cut and assemble), rules sheet, optional recording sheet, and printable/foldable dic
Students will have fun playing this number line game! Roll the dice or play with a spinner to add or subtract numbers on a wiggle number line. Use the board with a sheet protector or laminate to use with counters as board game pieces! This game includes: - 2 Number line boards (addition starts at t
Students are often confused about which direction to go when performing operations on the number line. Even more challenging is adding and subtracting negatives! This movement game clears up the confusion!In this fun and interactive movement game, students stand on their number and are given a set o
Use an interactive life-sized number line game to teach subtraction within 10! This frog-themed subtraction game is perfect for interactive, hands-on learning. Players pick a challenge card and act out the problem on the number line. This game is appropriate for a mini lesson or a math center. C
This fun game can be used to teach subtraction on a number line provided by the teacher. Children can use erasers as manipulatives when counting back and work in pairs. Students can either cut out each line or use the sheet as a checklist.
2nd Grade Digital and Printable Math Centers is a great math resource that will take you through the entire year both in the classroom and while distance learning. Keep your students learning and diving deep with their math skills through the use of engaging, rigorous, and hands on activities that
This packet is perfect for students who are new to the number line or students who struggle with addition and subtraction on the number line. This Packet Includes: - 6 Different Anchor Charts - Student Number Lines (0-10 or 0-20) - Large Teacher Number Line (0-10 or 0-20) - Over 20 Practice Pages/A
Subtraction games and activities for first grade! This unit has plenty of activities, games, and worksheets to teach your students how to subtract within 20.GET THESE ACTIVITIES AND MORE BY PURCHASING MY MATH WORKSHOP BUNDLE FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! SEE MORE HERE!What's included:- Anchor charts for subtr
The Magic Of Math Unit 3 for FIRST GRADE focuses on: Week 1 Intro to Subtraction (Taking Apart, Taking From, How Many More, How Many Fewer) Week 2: Subtraction Strategies (Subtract All, Subtract Zero, Counting Back, Taking Apart Numbers) Week 3: Subtraction Strategies (Think Addition to Subt
Roll and Color Math Games for the ENTIRE YEAR! This pack has been updated to now include a roll and TRACE version of each game! Work on math skills and on number writing too! This pack contains 66 roll and cover games and 66 roll and trace games for early learners. There are 22 different desi
Additional and Subtraction: Over 100 pages packed with over 20 different addition and subtraction math center games and activities! NO FILLER PAGES HERE! This mega pack is aimed to develop number sense and the relationship between addition and subtraction. This bundle includes a variety of approa
Halloween math: number lines: number line activities: Halloween math centersThese Halloween math centers include 8 different Halloween math games, with 6 games using a number line. Perfect for math stations, centers, intervention groups, or project them on your SMARTBoard for whole group test prep!

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