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Printable math number line, labeled by ones, from 1-100. Perfect for math lessons, small group work and student use. Laminate for durability so students can use with an Expo marker again and again. NOTE: Due to the larger size (approximately 20" in length), this product does require a small amount o
Printable Number Line 1-100. Prints on two pages. Perfect for skip counting/multiples patterns. Also great for showing addition, subtraction, multiplication or division on a number line. Great for all grade levels.
Use these pumpkin themed number cards in a variety of ways in your classroom! Great for a number line, games, flashcards, etc. Includes numbers 1-100. For more pumpkin themed fun, you may like: All About Pumpkins - Print & Go Math and Literacy Pack Halloween Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture A
This crisp and clean number line is a great addition to any classroom! The simple, minimal design makes it accessible to all types of learners. Some assembly required: cutting, laminating, and hanging ;) ***Please let me know what you think by taking a second to leave a review.*** Many thanks!!
PreK - 5th
An owl themed number line for use in your classroom. 5's & 10's are color coded for easy skip counting, and to help kids see the patterns in the numbers. Can be used as a vertical number line, or in a 100's chart form. Great to cut apart for math center games as well!
K - 2nd
Use these apple themed number cards in a variety of ways in your classroom! Great for a number line, games, flashcards, etc. Includes numbers 1-100! Also see Apple Picking Skip Counting Mat & Cards for more apple fun! Pumpkin Number Line Cards also available!
Practice with your child counting 1 - 100 with Froggy the Frog on the number line. This PowerPoint is a series of 10 videos I produced separately on YouTube. The vivid colors in the PowerPoint show will enhance learning and make learning fun for your children. The animated and moving images will
Valentine's Day Math: Fill in the missing numbers (0-100) and count the shapes (circles, triangles, squares, hexagons, hearts). Here's a great way to work on grade standards for counting and cardinality (K.CC.A.1,2); geometry (K.G.A.2); and operations in base ten (1.NBT.A.1).Includes Number Sets:
Hi Tpt!Here's a double-sided Numberline tool for your classroom (great for subtraction and addition questions) and mastering the 'counting-on' strategy.Page 1: Numberline from 1-100Page 2: Create your own numberline - practiceInitially, I had a few laminated for each table group. I eventually printe
K - 4th
These hot pink zebra numbers 1-100 will look great in any classroom. Place them on your calendar, numberline, table groups, classroom library, where ever you wish! Now your class will be cute and stylish! ENJOY If you like, please rate me :)
This product is a large number line for classroom display. The colors match my, "Hedgehog Theme Classroom Decor." It is easy to assemble. Suggestions for assembly are below:I recommend laminating the number line prior to assembly. Cut out each part of the number line evenly, along the dotted black
Black, bold numbers, 1-100, with a black and white polka dot frame.
30 Boom Cards What is My Number 1-100 Number line. Students identify numbers 1-100 using number line. Greater than and less than clues are given for student to determine possible number.. They receive instant and automatic feedback.Boom cards are online games that provide instant feedback and online
K - 3rd
This number line is on adorable colorful bunting! There are two rows on each page (landscape). When printed it should be cut in half lengthwise and placed consecutively on the classroom wall!
PreK - 4th
Montessori Number Line, 1 to 100. A number line is a useful tool in any classroom but I wanted a number line that was visually consistent with teaching Montessori math- so I made one! Printed on 23 standard size pages and pieced together- no specialized printer is necessary.
PreK - 1st
1-100 Number Line Solid number line and a tracing number line. Numbers 1-100, great for daily counting or writing practice. Print on card stock or laminate for years of use. Great music to pair with this activity "Let's Get Fit - Count to 100" by Jack Hartmann: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v
This number line comes with a blank so that you can add or take away additional numbers.
PreK - 3rd
Cute Monsters! Monster themed number line from 1-100 for use in a primary classroom. Includes monster counters so you can "jump" from number to number. Enjoy!
This number line is the perfect addition to any classroom! Includes numbers 1-100 on 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper (35 sheets in all) perfect for easy printing at home. The colorful rainbow border works great with almost any classroom decor!
PreK - 4th
Printable Number line 1-100. 20ft. long.
PreK - 3rd
This number line will complete any classroom decoration with earth tones or a nature theme with plants. There are number 1-100 and you simply print, cut and place on the wall for a display of number in your classroom. There are two versions, if looking for something a little more simple there is a n
Use this resource to help your students practice adding on the number line while connecting to self. Each time a student loses a tooth, move the Tooth Fairy along the Number Line to keep a running tally of how many teeth have been lost in your class. This is a fun way to practice using a number li
The possibilities and opportunities for students to practice using their numbers 1-100 are endless with these number line segments! - It's as simple as this: cut, glue all segments together and laminate to create number lines for individual students. - You can create a whole number line or lamina
This 1-100 Number Line Bundle includes strips for 0-100 for you to print and display as an entire number line. The bundle includes three different color options: black for printing on colored cardstock, full color filled, and partial color filled.

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