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All About Healthy Foods: Nutrition Unit for Special Education (autism)
This unit contains mini-books, interactive notebook foldables, worksheets, and file folder activities presenting information about food groups and making healthy eating choices. Students will be introduced to basic information on food groups, appropriate serving sizes of different food groups, and
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Special Ed Variety Worksheets
26 fun worksheets that include food and nutrition, time skills, money, math, Community jobs, Newspaper skills etc. There is a blank page in the document as well as a document that is for students living in California, I can change it for your state and email you that page. There is also two of my
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Food Nutrition Label Worksheet Life Skills Special Education
Food Nutrition Label Worksheet to practice reading and identifying different attributes about food products. Use any packaged food product that has a nutrition food label on the package to answer the questions. You might also like: Reading Nutrition Facts Task Clip Cards DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE POS
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Food and Nutrition Bundle for Special Education Science & Life Skills
Food and Nutrition Bundle Matching and Printable Ready to go Food and Nutrition printables with hands on sorting and matching activity. Would be great as a TEACCH center as well as adapted science for differentiated classrooms! These items are available separately in my store, but this bundle i
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BUNDLE Food & Nutrition Life Skills  ADAPTED Vocabulary Unit (Autism, SPED, SLP)
THE COMPLETE BUNDLE OVER 70% SAVINGS—CLICK ON PREVIEW This bundle includes all of the following: • 60 Word Wall Vocabulary Cards • 60 Pocket Chart Cards • 9 Adapted Interactive Books (with pocket chart cards) Titled: (EACH SOLD SEPERATELY) My Plate (Level 1&2) Is It Healthy? A Rainbow on My Plat
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Healthy Food Cards: Nutrition Games + Ideas for Students with Special Needs SPED
My kids beg to play with these cards! One of the most useful activities I've made. My high school students get SO into the games they try to hide cards up their sleeves and will launch themselves across a table to grab a card they want! Download and cut out these food cards to reinforce lessons in n
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Rainbow On My Plate Adapted Book- Nutrition- Colors  (autism, SPED)
Food & Nutrition Life Skills Vocabulary Bundle This Product Includes: Adapted Book--2 Levels Pocket Chart Cards to compliment the book
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Food & Nutrition Vocabulary Word Wall (60 words) Autism, SPED, Life Skills
60 Word Wall Vocabulary cards on Food & Nutrition. This product is included in the Food & Nutrition Life Skills Vocabulary Bundle
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My Plate Nutrition and Food Groups Adapted Book (Autism, SPED)
Food & Nutrition Life Skills Vocabulary Bundle Includes: Adapted Book in 2 different levels
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Free August September Math Literacy Back to School Special Ed Kindergarten
Free Sampler: You will receive three (3) free worksheets from my August September Unit Math and Literacy Cut and Paste packet. You may use these free worksheets as a quick assessment to determine if they will work well for your students. The Full Version August September Math and Literacy Cut and
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Health Lessons for High School 9-12: #1 Best-Selling Full Sem/Year Curriculum
★★★★-HIGH SCHOOL HEALTH LESSONS: This resource includes 183 Health lesson plans! It includes a 90-lesson, 18-unit set curriculum for one complete semester of Health, or add the additional 93 lessons included and teach this program as a FULL-YEAR HEALTH PROGRAM.-This curriculum is the #1 Best-Sellin
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Nutrition Lessons: 4-Week Nutrition Unit - #1 Best Selling Health Unit on TPT!
Nutrition Lessons-★★★★Whew! This 4-week "Nutrition Unit" is TPT’s #1 best selling Nutrition unit! It is 369 MB and includes 260 pages of step-by-step teacher instructions and a 447-Slide PowerPoint, my "Nutrition Unit" is now newly enhanced and updated! ********************************************
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Middle School Health Lessons 6th-9th Grade-#1 Best-Selling Middle School Program
Middle School Health Lessons - ★★★★This is TPT's #1 best-selling 6-9th Health curriculum!Get 212 lessons in this #1 Best-Selling Middle School Health curriculum. The lessons are divided into many different “Ready-to-Teach” programs; meeting your teaching needs whether you have 6th – 9th graders, or
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P.E. Lessons: # 1 Best-Selling Full Year 6th-12th P.E.Curriculum
P.E. Lessons: ★★★★Get TPT's # 1 Best-Selling Full Year 6th-12th P.E. Program!Get standards-based kid-tested fun units, lessons, games, activities, cardio workouts, weightroom and strength-training programs, curriculum mapping, fitness testing, FITT Plans, easy-to-Incorporate “Common Core Standards
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Health Nutrition Lesson: Food Label Scavenger Hunt - 42 Food Labels to Read!
Nutrition Lesson-★★★★42 Food Labels to Read! This is my best selling lesson! This product is also the #1 best selling "NUTRITION" lesson on the whole TPT website! AND, This resource is taken directly from my Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and my Middle/Junior High School Health
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Reference Charts  Math ELA Social Studies & Science BUNDLED Reference Sheets
Give your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students the reference tools they need to be independent learners. This bundled set of 4 subject reference sheets is great for homework folders, use in centers and to use as helper reference charts at school, home, or in special education classes. The bundle gives
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Health Curriculum: Independent Study Nutrition Unit
Nutrition Lessons-★★★★This 21-Lesson Independent Study Nutrition Unit makes teaching Nutrition easy for any 6th - 12th grade teacher! It's perfect for alternative schools, summer schools, home schools, students with an extended absence, Health Credit Retrieval, Self-contained Classrooms, and the
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Energy Drink Sub Plans: "Energy Drink Dangers" Grades 6th-12th
Energy Drink Sub Plans -★★★★"Energy Drink Dangers" Grades 6th-12th This substitute lesson plan is such a great lesson, you may end up wanting to teach this fun lesson yourself!! **************************************************************** ★One buyer described this lesson with this comment: "
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Fast Food Choices - 3 Days of Fun Lessons on How to Choose Healthier Fast Food!
Fast Food and Nutrition Lessons-★★★★These are fun "unhealthy versus healthier" fast food choices lessons and includes an art project too! This resource is a student favorite! They have so much fun with this informative restaurant group activity! This is also one of my "BEST-SELLING" individua
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Health Lesson: Fat and Sugar Nutrition Lab in Your Classroom!
Fat and Sugar Nutrition Lesson-★★★★Set your room up like a science lab and see how students are shocked to see the sugar and fat in products. Help students visually fill a baggie with teaspoons of Crisco to see how much saturated fat is in pizza or an ice-cream cookie! This is one of my "BEST-S
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Weight Room Strength and Conditioning Unit: Programs, Workouts, and FITT Plans
P.E. Curriculum BUNDLE: Weight Room Strength and Conditioning Unit: Programs, Workouts, and FITT Plans This lesson is taken directly from my Full Year 6th - 12th P.E. Curriculum, which is the “#1 Best-Selling P.E. Curriculum” on the whole TPT website! *********************************************
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Daily Living Skills-Cooking Workbooks Bundle Pack
Here’s a cost-saving way to create a cooking unit for your students. Begin with KITCHEN BASICS—and teach about safety; cleanliness; cookware, bake-ware and tool vocabulary; measurement and kitchen organization. (Pgs. 41) Add NUTRITION—and have students learn about food groups, a balanced diet, the
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All About Food Bundle (Nutrition, Measuring and More!)
This is a bundle of 17 of my activities all about food. 1. Food groups cut and paste - Find pictures in magazines 2. 10 Good Health Habits (2 pages) 3. Food Groups - Plan a well balanced menu for one day 4. Food Storage 5. Food Group Challenge 6. Alphabet Food Find - List foods that start with ea
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Reading Nutrition Facts Task Clip Cards Life Skills Food Labels
48 differentiated Task Cards that ask the reader to identify specific items on a nutrition fact label and basic math when calculating servings, measurements, and calories. (16 simplified, 32 advanced nutrition facts labels) Great for small group lessons and work task bins. You might also like: W


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