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A primary level MyPlate assessment that requires students to label each section of the plate, add foods to each group using a word box, and outline the plate with the corresponding color.
This resource includes 4 ACTIVITIES, 1 PROJECT, a QUIZ, a REVIEW SHEET and a TEST to complete your study of Nutrition and save you tons of time! These resources are designed for a high school or introductory college level Anatomy & Physiology course. All resources in this chapter are EDITABLE so
This is AWESOME! A test, a modified test, a test retake, and a PowerPoint review is included. This test covers the major nutrients and the food groups. This assessment is used after students complete the nutrition unit. There is a 63 page PowerPoint which helps students to review the information. R
Food for thought....this test will review with the students the importance of eating healthy using the food guide. The test format includes multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answers, and graphic organizers. In addition, I have also included a set of student flashcards as well as answers to
This assessment is aligned to essential standards for both 4th grade science and health. It is broken down and labeled by the particular standard for which it is aligned.Includes a range of questions aligning to a levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and includes multiple choice, true/false and short answer.
This is a 20 question test that covers the food groups and basics of the organs in the digestive system. The first 14 questions are multiple choice and the last 6 questions students have to list the organs in the digestive system in order. There are 2 versions of this test for students with wanderin
Some health topics can be intimidating and sensitive to teach. This 5th and 6th Grade Health Unit on Food & Nutrition aims to support you in delivering a clear message with organised content, including assessment, rubric and worksheets. This product is 100% editable so you can modify to suit y
This Nutrition Matching Test, measures students understanding and recognition specific vitamins and minerals in specific foods.
Test CoversInfluences why people eat what they doIdentifying the six major nutrients and provide examplesMajor Nutrients and how nutrients benefit our bodiesIdentifying and understanding MyPlateTest FormatFill in the BlankTrue or False QuestionsFill in the Blank with a Word BankEssayAn answer key is
This test can be used as an end of unit test, a check for understanding, or even a homework assignment for older students. It is in a WORD document so the buyer can easily change the title of the assignment.
Nutrition: Food Log Assessment 5 pages (4 pages plus 1 title page) PDF Format This 4 page lesson introduces students to the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods. This product includes tips for adding variety to meals and snacks, an introduction to food recording, and reflection questions
Students taste a variety of food items and evaluate the taste, texture and visual appeal! After tasting each item, they will score and describe the taste, texture and visual appeal. Then, they will give each food item a total score by adding up those categories and writing an overall impression of t
The students will be provided with a “client” and they are responsible for creating a day of healthy meals for your client. They will want to take into account any dietary restrictions and/or medical conditions. They will be using the SuperTracker program to analyze how healthy their meals are for t
Covering strands i, ii and iii including command terms
A healthy living - healthy eating summative assessment on identifying and using nutrition label facts to make positive food choices.
This is a test that can be used in a Family Studies, Home Economics, Family Consumer Science/Food Science, or Culinary Arts course. The test includes evaluates knowledge based on healthy eating and diets, maintaining a healthy weight, calories, BMR, food advertising techniques, body image, body type
This is a Test based on NUTRITION. It covers the following topics: Carbohydrates, Protein, Food Pyramid, Vitamins and Healthy Meals are among some of the areas covered on this exam. It is worth 50 points with 5 matching questions, 4 multiple choice, 5 true and false questions, 3 short answer
I am making this free because I am very passionate about helping students and their families understand HOW and WHY to improve the quality and variety of foods in their diets. This is a really practical and engaging way to apply what was learned during a nutrition unit. The students use what they
This resource is a PDF file of a written test for Kindergarten which assesses whether students are able to identify healthy foods. This test is one page long. All the students have to do is circle the healthy foods in green and the unhealthy foods in red. It is very easy to complete. Also included
Please preview the test before you purchase! What you see is what you will download! End of unit leveled test to assess the following long-term objectives: I can explain the impact diet and exercise have on my body systems. I can explain how my body processes food. Concepts Covered: 1.)Macronutrie
Nutrition Fun Packet Lesson Plans (lots of pictures too)MUST HAVE FOR 3/4/5 GRADE TEACHERS or any teacher that is teaching about HEALTH, NUTRITION and PE. (Many different lessons for each core subject matter)THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Nutrition pre and post test.• A fun review game the students can do
This activity has 2 documents that go with it. This one and the Planning Packet (you can find it in my store). The following is the information I give my classes when we do the activity: Locate a recipe for a rich food. Convert this recipe to a heart healthy recipe. Prepare both recipes and conduct
This is a test to see what students have learned about nutrition and physical activity. It is in True/False format.
This assessment is used at the end of a Nutrition Unit. Students will be asked to assess their own personal eating habits, discuss healthy eating habits, how eating habits impact all areas of health, and factors that influence food choices. Students will then be asked to view a menu and pick 3 po

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