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This is a Bingo game that I use with my small groups in reading. The game is for four people to play. The game gives students practice at identifying and reading words with the -oa and -ow sound. Students could also play this game in centers or stations as well. This will go great with Harcourt Less
This resource helps students become fluent at decoding words with vowel teams oa, ow, and oe. Students will be actively engaged in their learning. This resource can be used for whole class practice, or small group instruction.
Vowel Pairs Bingo oa, ow Players: 2-4 Materials: buttons (not included), 4 different bingo cards, and word cards Directions: One student draws from the word cards and reads it out loud. The other students and that player then cover up the correct word with a button. Uses: I have used this resour
Fun partner or small group activity to help students practice reading words with oa and ow!What's included:8 picture bingo boards ( 8 color, 8 black and white)-call out word cards8 word bingo boards-call out picture cardsTeacher call out sheetThe call out cards allow this to be a partner activity or
This packet of word work activities focuses on long o vowel teams spellings -o, -oa, -oe, and -ow. I always struggle with fitting in the appropriate amount of word work time into my whole group phonics instruction. I love using these activities in my word work center for group and independent practi
This activity is great for a mixed review of long and short vowels (all vowels included)! Included are 12 BINGO cards in color and 12 in black/white, making this a great game for the whole class or in small groups!Spelling patterns reviewed - Long and Short A - CVC, CCVC/CVCC, CVCe, -ay, -aiLong and
You will get 5 activities to go with this skill. All five activities are print and play.Activities included: roll, read, and write gametic-tac-toe gamestretch the soundsfour in a row game stamp the soundsWant to try out a FREE sample before you buy? Try the a-e pack FREE: A-e Spelling and Word W
This simple Bingo game is intended to provide fun review opportunities for students who have learned the common vowel teams ee, ai, ay, oa and ow. Print the file and laminate pages 1-4 and then cut out the words on pages 5 and 6 to pull for Bingo-style play. My students love games as review. I
These fun BINGO activities are bound to be a class favorite! The following vowel team boards are included in this pack: -long a: ai & ay -long e: ee & ea -long e: ey & y -long i: y, ie & igh -long o: ow, oa & oe -long u: ew, ue & ui Happy Teaching! Whitney
Looking for a pack that has everything you need to help teach the long 'o' sound!Look no further!!Included in this resource bundle are loads of fun and engaging activity to help your students master the long 'o' sound with the included spellings of oa, ow, oe, o-e!!!These activities include:- Long '
This LONG O word work resource contains a variety of differentiated centers, activities, printables, and interactive notebooks templates! Save money when you purchase the discounted bundle: Long Vowel Word Work BundleThis pack focuses on o_e, oa, and ow spellings.Centers included:- Word Sort: sort p
I use this bundle of goodies weekly in my classroom for both spelling and my word work station. Each week my students get 8 new words that follow a specific phonemic pattern. We work on that pattern by play games, completing sorts, and working on the different spelling activities. Even if you don't
This bundle contains ALL of my phonics bingo games. I use these during small groups and centers to practice different phonics patterns. There are 24 total sets covering the following phonics sounds: short vowels long vowels with silent e R controlled vowels ee/ea digraph th,sh, and ch words with ng
This set of word work activities is one list in a series of 36 lists. Each list contains a specific spelling pattern to work on. We study one list each week, and assess on Friday. (The Assessment page is also included--as well as the Practice Test we give on Thursday.) The list is made based on
OA and OW Vowel Digraph Game PackReading and spelling words containing vowel diagraphs can be challenging for children who are learning to read. This pack contains a word list which contains OA and OW vowel diagraphs in words that are decodable. These words have been used to create four reading game
Vowel Teams Bingo is a fun interactive way for students to learn to read words ending with Vowel Teams. Kids love to play Bingo! Why not learn at the same time? This fun game can be played in small groups or in a large class. This game includes: *24 different Bingo Cards *36 Calling Cards with pi
Bundle of 26 phonics bingo resources! Fun partner or small group activity to help students practice reading words with different chunks and digraphs.What's included for each phonics skill:8 picture bingo boards ( 8 color, 8 black and white)-call out word cards8 word bingo boards-call out picture car
What’s Included:30 No Prep, Hands-on Dice Bingo Games-13 games that focus on one long vowel pattern-ai, ay, ea, ee, ew, ey, ie, igh, oa, oe, ow, y (e), and y (i)-8 games that focus on 2 patterns with the same sound-ai and ay, ee and ea, ey and y (e), ie and igh, oe and oa, oo and ew,ue and ui, ui, u
This pack provides a different and unique way of integrating BINGO into your classroom. There are two different options to use in your classroom depending on grade level and ability. The first option allows the students to simply fill in the focus sound or letter to complete the word that matche
Worksheets, puzzles, bingo, and pocket chart sort to help students practice reading words with OA and OW.Worksheets2 sheets: Cut out the OA and OW words and paste them under the correct picture.4 sheets: Write the oa/ow word in the boxes given. (2 sheets are blank and 2 sheets give some letters for
Teach students the OA and OW long O digraphs with this interactive activity pack! Great for whole group and small group instruction and RTI interventions! In this Product: Small Group Instruction Materials: -Leveled repeated readings phonics sheets -Leveled comprehension quizzes -Running record re
This packet was designed to teach oa and ow long vowel reading strategies. It is the perfect packet to begin interventions on this skill, or to work on with a small group or entire class There are pre and post assessments, practice papers, real vs. nonsense sorting activities, flashcards, puzzles, a
In this game, students place their playing piece (I use counters) anywhere on the board, roll the dice, move that many spaces and then have to read the word or words in the space. If they read them correctly, they get to cover a square on the bingo board that corresponds to the number of words they
If your students love using Bingo Dabbers, they will love this easy Phonics Resource. They can spin and Dab their way into learning a new set of phonics skills with Diphthongs and Vowel Teams words. So easy to set up! You'll love it and they will, too! Sign up for my NEWSLETTER and get a FREE Set

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