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Give a fresh spin to the standard obituary characterization writing activity with this easy-to-use worksheet where students choose a character who died in a work of literature and submit an obit information summary sheet to the town’s local newspaper.Instead of writing a typical newspaper obit, stud
7th - 10th
Tired of having your students make an invasive species "wanted poster?" Have them write an obituary instead! In this project, students will choose an invasive species to research, but also take it a step further by understanding its role in the ecosystem and brainstorming ways to eliminate the unwan

Also included in: Ecology Bundle

RIP Gatsby! In order to lament Gatsby’s death and explore Nick’s complex attitude toward Gatsby in light of his death, students will write an obituary, eulogy, or elegy for Gatsby, from Nick’s point of view. I use this to a) allow some creative writing (which students LOVE), b) assess my students'
This project combines art and research and is a fun way to introduce or wrap up a unit of study on the Renaissance. Students are asked to choose an important figure from the Renaissance and complete a half-face portrait and research and write an obituary for their famous person.This 15-page unit inc
Hosting a character funeral is the perfect way to practice writing, comprehension, characterization, and literary analysis skills. This 2-day lesson standards-aligned lesson will give you all the resources you need for a character obituary, elegy, or eulogy writing assignment and a funeral to analyz
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Joan of Arc Reading, Worksheet, and Obituary AssignmentThis short, simple worksheet gives a brief biography of Joan of Arc for students to read and gain an insight into her short, but amazing life. After reading about Joan of Arc, your students answer several questions before completing their own ob
This student directed writing lesson for grades 6 - 8, puts a higher level thinking twist on learning how to write an obituary. Students love this assignment! Teaching it is fun too, especially since the grading time for the teacher is significantly reduced.Included in this lesson:1. Steps for te
Fun project for use with short stories and poems that include a dead character. Can be used as a light-hearted project or for making connections with the text. Also good to use with Lake Superior State University’s Banished Word List—make a gravestone and an obituary for an overused, worn out word
Julius Caesar Obituary & Shakespeare Analysis WorksheetThis wonderful, cross-curricular assignment has students read Mark Antony's famous funeral oration from Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar" and answering a set of CCSS-aligned reading analysis questions. Students then write their own obituary
This product features an engaging activity that will fit in perfectly with your unit on Edgar Allan Poe or on Halloween! Students get the chance to create the epitaph for the gravestone of one of the most revered authors in American literature. The activity encourages students to be thoughtful with
This is a member of about 55 other activity templates that are based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory. This template uses the following multiple intelligences: linguistic, interpersonal or intrapersonal. This template was designed as a mixed ability level cooperative learning activity for middle
This product asks the students to write an obituary for a chosen book character to celebrate their life. The students will start by filling out a survey based on the character's life. The will then take that information to write their obituary. I include an instruction page with examples and expla
This "write-your-own obituary" allows students to reflect on the legacy they want to leave behind. Students read the inspiring story of Alfred Nobel and the creation of the Nobel Peace Prize, then write their obituary, structuring it like an authentic obituary. Examples of obituaries are included
Turn your classroom into a graveyard with this obituary writing activity and gravestone creation art project! This obituary writing activity is the perfect writing activity to use with your students as you wrap up a novel unit or short story unit. It can also be used as a poetry response activity or
Need a "fun" or at least different way to get students writing and excited about historical figures or literary characters? Try having them write an obituary. This HyperDoc is all ready for you to integrate into Google Classroom. You will find links to videos and other resources, a rubric, and step-
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a one page graphic organizer/template that guides and teaches students how to write an obituary. Students are given the definition of obituary, and directions to fill all the boxes. To make it easier for students to understand the obituary format, I broke the obituary up into specific part
Make it SimplEasy! Here you have two worksheets to print. The first explains the assignment to the student and what the obituary should entail. The second is the grading rubric that makes it soo simpleasy to grade!
9th - 12th
Fun creative writing assignment!!! I have used this for many years. I love the product which students create from this task. Product Includes:(1) actual assignment sheet which describes the task and expectations (2) a check off criteria sheet for students to stay organized and to make sure they have
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a complete unit that can be taught alone. It is an opportunity to introduce students to modern spoken word poetry and to practice test taking skills. I use this as companion to Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes. (I do this teach this novel to my 9th graders at the beginning of the year. It is
Template for students to research a famous person, celebrity, write an obituary of someone who recently died etc ...Do one together, model and then have students choose a person (provide a list if possible). Assist and then have students present the information about their famous person. Categories
Students must choose a FAMOUS person who is STILL ALIVE to write an obituary on. It can be a movie star, musician, athlete etc.The information needed about famous people can be found online. Items you cannot find you need to MAKE UP. It is OK for you to make someone be married, or have kids that don
9th - 12th, Higher Education
This teaching resource will look at an IGCSE English Section A question.We will be be identifying techniques in obituaries.The Two Texts we will be Discussing are from Newspapers: 1. “Nelson Mandela Obituary” - The Guardian.
7th - 11th, Higher Education
This is a blank template to use for any assignment that can relate to a figure who has died. This is in a word doc so you can alter it.
The obituary: not what you would think of as being a wonderful way to engage your students in expository writing; rather than it being a bleak and sad occasion, turn it into the positive, albeit solemn in this sad time of such loss during the corona virus. With an activator of guess the individual

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