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This 27-page pdf file contains a cute plant observation log for primary age students and much more. The log includes: Cover page Page for recording daily observation in words and pictures Page for recording observation in pictures only (6 observations) Parts of a plant page (flower, leaves, and
Your littles will love watching their plant grow and keeping track of its progress in this fun and easy daily plant observation log! What You Will Get: *An Adorable Cover Page - "My Plant Observation Log" *"Planting Day" page for initial thoughts and observations *"My Observation" pages for 15 days
Students will draw their lima bean plants as they observe growth over time. There is also a place to make comments about what they see!The book is intended to be copied double-sided, folded in half, and stapled at the spine.Please throw some feedback my way; I so appreciate your purchase! :)I'D LOV
Observing clouds is a student favorite when learning types of clouds during a weather station or weather unit! Students draw and name the type of clouds they observe in the sky. The informational weather writing prompts incorporate author's purpose and are an engaging way for students to culminate

Also included in: Weather Unit

Choose how many pages you want in each booklet & print necessary copies for your class. Assemble books by stacking and stapling along the spine of the book. After introducing class caterpillars, begin regular observations of what is happening. On each page, the students can record what they see
I printed one of these for each day the students would be observing their plants and put them in a plant book. It's neat to watch how the observations change! This log contains a space to record the date, draw a picture, measure the height, and asks the question "How has your plant changed?" This en
In order to ensure teachers are getting the support they need, you need a way to keep track of when and how you observe and provide support. These teacher observation and support logs will keep you organized and on track. The teacher observation log allows you to quickly track the dates you have obs
This is the Perfect Plant Observation Log for any unit on plants! Included is a cover page, a 10 day picture recording sheet with a separate box for each day, and an unlimited amout of daily observation printables which includes a place for the student to record in writing what they see happening to
A simply activity to teach on the life cycle of a green bean. Includes six sequence cards with pictures and words, a cut and paste sheet and an observation log. In the cover page of the log students will label the parts of the plant and color the pictures. In page 1 students will draw a picture of h
Teaching students how to grow seeds is a great project for any age group, but I find it particularly helpful in upper elementary and middle schools science to plant seeds, observe and collect data, then use the information to create graphs. I also love any excuse to let my students go outside! This
I created this Seed Observation Log to accompany our science unit on plants. I give each student a lima bean (could be any bean). The students place a wet paper towel and their bean inside a baggy. I then tape the baggy to our window. Each day, the students take down their baggy and examine their s
Who loves planting lima beans at this time of the year? Students really enjoy taking on the role of a scientist and recording their observations. This is an easy way to do this and is referred to as an "Observation Log." It is generic in nature and can be made numerous times. It provides a small spa
I created this observation log to use with my 1st graders for the school science fair. We planted 4 seeds (one without soil, one without water, one without sun, and one control plant) to see what would happen over the course of a few weeks. Our plants and experiment were a hit at the science fair!Th
Students will draw their grass plants as they observe growth over time. There is also a place to make comments about what they see! The book is intended to be copied double-sided, folded in half, and stapled at the spine.
Are you growing butterflies with your class? Yes! Then you'll LOVE this butterfly observation log and caterpillar care reading passage.Introduce your class to the butterfly growing process with a caterpillar care reading passage and quiz. Then, incorporate scientific observation, drawing, and writin
In here you will find 2 week and 4 week moon observation logs. Students love to record what they see and try to figure out the phases of the moon! Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any questions!
My class loves to do this activity every year. We cut the top off a pumpkin, fill it with dirt without cleaning the seeds out and, in a couple weeks, we have pumpkins growing within our pumpkin!! I usually have them draw a picture of the inside when we first cut it open, draw what they think it will
Observing is a critical skill in science. Taking nature walks to observe and log a students surroundings is important. With this log students will answer questions and record the plants, animals, weather, and sounds around them. *Has places for sketches too for different types of learners.
This worksheet is used for interval recording. The form is simple and fast to use. This form allows the observer to quickly record student behaviors, type of classroom work, teacher's classroom management ability, student's behavior compared with peers, teacher interaction, and peer interaction.
This Class List Log form makes whole group observations quick and easy. Includes fields to record the skill/behavior being observed, name and notes for 20 children, as well as date, group being observed, and name of observer. Great for circle or center time observations! Be sure to follow me on fac
Welcome to Kiki's Classroom! Click the store logo to see more resources that'll help you bring this school year to a happy and successful close! Planting sunflowers with your little ones this spring? This simple, half-page observation log provides a handy place for your kiddos to record a drawing
This unit is a great way to get your kids writing about what they are observing! Watch Me Grow is a plant experiment exploring the needs that a plant has to survive. This packet contains teacher directions and a students observation book, to record daily plant observations. There are worksheets wit
Science Observation Log ready to print and go for all of your Science Experiments! This log follows the scientific method and can be easily adapted to meet any ongoing science experiment. Upload it into your virtual classroom for any grade level. It works great for reviewing and introducing the Scie
Whether you have a class of 35 or homeschool a handful, keeping records on your students' learning is critical. We've created a *free* printable observation sheet for your school-based problem solving, RTI notes, behavioral ancedotals, or simply, to make note of anything you need for data for an IE

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