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Engage your students with this week-long STEM challenge. The Challenge:The numbers are staggering: There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in theocean. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface, while some four billion plasticmicrofibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea. How
Let’s Dive into STEM with ocean themed exploration and observation centers! All the centers have teacher directions and materials lists, student directions and reflection pages, and STEM explanation pages. Using simple and easy to locate materials, the seven centers encourage discussion and explor
Included in this pack are colorful slides full of pictures of the oceans, continents, and landforms discussed in first grade. World and U.S. maps help to show students the relationship between oceans and continents. There are day by day directions for teachers along with ready-made activities. Acti
Everything you need to explore the ocean is right here!Simple to set up and easy to use projects are perfect for an ocean theme any time of the year!Kids will love learning about how fish breathe or how squid move with hands-on activities? Learn about tide pools, clean up an oil spill, and more!10+
Aligned with the NGSS for grades 3-5, this hands on approach engages students in recreating the 5 different ocean layers. Students also research the how each layer affects another. Materials (per group) clear jar food coloring corn syrup oil dish soap water rubbing alcohol funnels
This resource works on so many great technology skills. While students may be familiar with using snap cubes (or counting blocks or whatever you call them) to make designs, it brings the skill to a whole new level to do it digitally. 10 Ocean Theme designs in 4 different levels for differentiation b
Distance Learning/Digital Learning with ocean pollution - Georgia Science Standard S3L2b (GA Standard - 3rd grade)! PLEASE READ: This is a PDF file! It was made as a PDF so it could be put into different platforms for digital learning. It is not interactive. It is a lesson that can be sent to
Ocean plastics are one of the greatest threats to our marine life and have great health effects for us as well. In this project, students brainstorm, design, and build a model to clean the ocean pollution by choosing to focus on surface pollution, deep ocean pollution, or microplastics. Students are
Are you in need of some fresh new Ocean Animal activities? Give your students the chance to explore and research about marine life with this Low Prep STEM activity. Students can research, plan, and create their own solution to an oil spill over the ocean.Students will learn about current events and
Updated 6/12: Preschool Ocean Animals STEM Unit now includes Letter Match, Color Sort, and Extra Counting Sheets. Your preschoolers will have a blast with this 37 pages resource filled with Ocean Fun! It's never too early to get students learning about the ocean, and when paired with literacy, math,
This integrated package contains worksheets and activities suitable for a multi-day STEM lesson for 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th graders. Students will use engineering principles of research, design, feedback loops and reflection, cost and materials analysis as well as reading, writing, math, speaking and l
STEM challenges are activities in which we give students real world challenges that involve the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math.You will find that the STEM activities in this product utilize technology. With the Scratch Coding, students are given problems to solve in which they ha
A hydrometer is a device that measures the content of salt in water. The steps to build this hydrometer are described and use simple materials. BB's are the key ingredient. The hydrometer can be used to compare water solutions that have different amounts of salt such as tap water and simulated ocean
In this lesson, students explore currents and design their own experiment related to currents. This lesson incorporates the use of various instructional strategies and has formative assessments embedded into the lesson plans. This lesson plan meets the Virginia Standards of Learning for Design an I

Also included in: STEM Lesson Bundle

Print, laminate, cut and use! Great to use with your guided reading groups or any read aloud. Questions will help improve your students written response to the mClass TRC assessments. Question stems start with level F.
Create Your own Ocean Animal!The ocean can be a dangerous place to live, but marine animals have special adaptations that help them survive.Challenge: Can you create an ocean animal with 2 adaptations for survival?Day 1: Sketch animal, create animal using salt dough clay*Day 2: Paint animal, write p
Project Description The purpose of this project is to collaborate with group members to design, build, and test a scale-version of an ocean current drifter. An ocean drifter is a device that is designed to follow the flow of ocean currents. This project is based off the Student Drifter Program throu
Tentacle Trek teaches students about the most common sources of plastic pollution in the ocean, while encouraging interaction and play within a group of 2-4 peers in a fun, short activity. In this game, players will each play as an octopus racing to reach their home coral reef, navigating through a
This lesson integrates STEAM concepts and standards with reading, writing and cultural competency. It is suggested for use as a review project or with teacher support. It contains a 4 part adaptable lesson plan with materials for the following:1. Class discussion prompts2. Webquest with fill in not
Dive into a writing adventure as an ocean Explorer with this ocean expedition writing prompt.
Challenge your students to be creative and use their problem solving skills to create a sea creature!
Back to School STEM is a perfect way to build community through team building! These four STEM activities are based around Fred the Worm and his misadventures. Students must help Fred out of some tricky situations as he travels around the United States.Included**Teacher Instructions: objective, ma
I Can Build Summer Edition books and anchor charts is an easy and manageable way to add STEM to your classroom with real photographs during a summer, beach, camping, and/or America theme. The American themed cards can be used for 4th of July, voting/election times, USA, and President’s Day.Blocks an
***Updated 7/17/18: Earth Science STEAM Activities added to bundle*** Engineering~Math~Art~ScienceGet all 6 themed bundles of STEM/STEAM activities and challenges in this huge, money saving bundle. This bundle now includes 51 STEM/STEAM activities to last the whole year! The activities cover 6 scien

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