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This download is a pdf file of a chart you can use to document out of seat (bathroom, pencil, etc.) and off-task(talking, making noises, etc.)behaviors. Each page includes a column for 19 student names. This chart is intended to be used for one class period. This is great for co-teaching or inclusi
Data sheets can take so much time and effort to make. Sometimes you just need something you can print off real quick and go! These behavior charts and logs are designed to monitor off-task behaviors such as talking, leaving their seat, playing with objects, and other off-task behaviors in the class
The On Task/ Off Task Behavior Data Form for Google Drive allows the observer to easily record a student's percentage of time on task during an observation. Attractive printouts can be shared with parents or school teams. If you haven't tried out google sheets, go ahead and try this form. It is ve
FREEBIE! This little document was born from a parent need! She needed a behavior chart to help motivate her daughter into staying focused and on-task during class time to help her do her best in class. The grid is divided into five day increments, each day split into six hour-long segments of time.
This one page file contains an Off Task Behavior Monitoring Tracking Sheet. It is quick and efficient to fill out when observing a student who is exhibiting many periods of off task behaviors. You have a column to add specific comments about what behaviors were observed.
Time On Task, Time Off Task Behavioral Data Sheet **Perfect for Behavioral Data, Evaluations, RTI, Special Education! Observe 2 students for 10 minutes. One student will be the control and the other will be the target student. Write in behaviors that you typically see. When you see the behaviors
Educators can use this chart to track specific problem behaviors for students. Useful for students who are having an FBA conducted, is being evaluated or re-evaluated for behaviorial reasons, and/or for educators who need to document for referrals.
Use this chart to track off-task behaviors and frequency.
This is a customizable on task/off task behavior card. This is a great visual reminder to possibly be used with a cuing system if a student struggles with being on task. This card shows the student exactly what being on task should look like. In addition, if the student is off task, it shows them wa
This is a classroom management tool that I developed after attending a workshop on discipline. My sixth graders get "so involved" in some of the topics we discuss in ELA that they can't wait to share their ideas, so they blurt out. Of course, other times, they are off-task as well. I've developed
This is for those kiddos that are constantly disrupting instruction by seeking negative attention. Basically this plan is a way to correct the behavior in a discrete way without interrupting instruction. There is also a goal setting component and positive reinforcement for the student. This plan can
This resource is a fully editable Google Slides file that you can adjust to fit your specific needs.I created this with the secondary classroom in mind (I teach 8th graders with very BIG personalities), but it would also work very well in an elementary school classroom or even at home!This chart doc
These reproducible forms and the accompanying explanation assist with behavioral data collection of off task behavior in the classroom. It will also assist in understanding how these behaviors are impacting the classroom environment and academic achievement. Tish Holub Taylor, Ph.D.
Do you have students in your class who have difficulty with off-task behavior? Do they have difficulty knowing when it's time to work and when it's time to play? This behavior management visual might do the trick! How does it work?Proactively set the card to the green side. Give your student tim
This easy-to-use and thorough form will help you collect anecdotal and quantitative data on students' off-task behavior. Great for IEP writing, proving the need for an aide ratio, or just for accurate record keeping!
This self-monitoring form can be used with some sort of timer or buzzer. It can help students who struggle to stay on task to monitor themselves every 5 minutes - was I on task or off task?If the student cannot self-monitor, an adult or peer can also monitor.
In the era of data collection and RtI, I utilize this form to collect, analyze and monitor student behavior. I have left the form in a .docx format so you can edit and use your own codes.
This behavior incentive chart was created for a student who is severely off task, his baseline data is 10% of the time on task. So far it has worked wonders in increasing time on task and decreasing outbursts.
Need data to support an off task student? Attached is a chart to use to monitor a student's off task behaviors. Divide the number of minutes you observed the student, by the number of off task behaviors to find the frequency (percentage) of the off task behavior.
These cute cards can be laminated and attached to individual desks or work areas with velcro dots. This visual prompt helps students stay on task with minimal verbal prompting from the teacher. More to come.
Have students disrupting your classroom, but don't want to stop your instruction to get on to them for their behavior? Just hand them one of these simple off-task behavior cards. They are simple and shaped like a stop sign in order for your disruptive or off-task students to understand that they are
This handout will be great if you are a school psychologist trying to take on/off task behavior in the classroom! On/Off task behavior observations are great when collecting data on a child (noted as "T" for "target" on the handout), especially one with attention difficulties. The handout includes
Use these cards to correct off task behaviors or reward a student when you notice them doing something great. The cards are designed with hip hop and pop culture figures.
The On Task/ Off Task Behavior Data Form for Google Drive allows the observer to easily record a student's percentage of time on task during an observation. Attractive printouts can be shared with parents or school teams. If you haven't tried out google sheets, check out this video. Google Sheets

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