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OI, OY Bingo is a fun way to have students practice reading oi and oy words. There are 4 different OI, OY bingo templates in this packet. A picture is included for each word except for the words destroy, oyster, ahoy and avoid. Directions and word list are included. Looking for more BINGO activit

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Diphthongs: OI  & OY BINGO (Color and B&W)
This is a super fun way to incorporate the concept of diphthongs into your collaborative groups! It helps reinforces the skill of reading the words and recognizing the spelling pattern for some words. :)Want more Dipthong materials? Check the links below!:Dipthong Sort: AU & AW (Color & BW)D

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Oi and Oy Bingo
Dipthong (oi and oy) Bingo Game: Grab these 25 phonics based bingo boards! This is a perfect activity to practice reading, decoding, and recognizing words!Students practice decoding strategies, word recognition, phonics, social skills, and following directions.Use as...whole group bingo gameliteracy

Also included in: OI and OY


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oi oy Activities - The Big Phonics Bundle
When you download this bundle you will receive 11 interactive activities for teaching and practicing the oi oy phonics rule. These activities are ideal for either small group instruction or as activities for your independent literacy centers. The following activities are contained within the oi oy

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Oi Oy Phonics Diphthong
This 75 page resource includes the following: *Oi Oy Flash Cards *Oi Oy read, write the room *Spoiled Cowboy and Cowgirl story (UK and US version) *Oi Oy word sort *Yeehaa Crossword *Worksheets *Oi Oy Cowboy and Cowgirl color by word *Bingo *Howdy Partner Game *Giddy Up Partner Game *Roll, color rea

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Orton-Gillingham Phonics Diphthongs OI and OY Multisensory Activities
This diphthongs pack has everything you need to teach the diphthongs OI and OY. It is compatible with and Orton-Gillingham and other multisensory reading interventions. What is included in this diphthongs pack? -word lists -play dough mats -mini posters -cursive practice -diphthongs OI and OY clip

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OI and OY Games and Activities
This pack is full of fun activities to build your students' fluency with OI and OY diphthongs. Overview of What is Included in this Pack: * OI and OY word cards * OI and OY spinner game * OI and OY bingo * OI and OY word family game * 2 OI and OY board games * 3 OI and OY worksheets/sorts * OI and

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Phonics Practice Pack Unit 12 - Second Grade Sounds of oi & oy
This Fundations® (Level 2) Unit 12 compatible worksheet packet provides your 2nd grade students with extra practice and review of the sounds of oi and oy. Use these printable worksheets for morning work, word work, RTI, a double dose, or even homework! Here is what is included:Mark up words &

Also included in: Phonics Printable Bundle Pack Second Grade - Units 10, 11, & 12


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OI and OY Word Work
OI and OY Diphthongs Rockin' Phonics has activities needed for one week of learning OI and OY Diphthong words. Using Power Point, you have daily interactive slides to help teach the skill. The Power Point is designed to keep your students engaged while learning. Also included is a four day rotation

Also included in: Phonics Word Work BUNDLED


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Spelling & Word Work Station Activities List 30 oi and oy Words -TEKS
This set of word work activities is one list in a series of 36 lists. Each list contains a specific spelling pattern to work on. We study one list each week, and assess on Friday. (The Assessment page is also included--as well as the Practice Test we give on Thursday.) The list is made based on

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Diphthong Sort: OI  & OY (Color and B&W)
This purchase includes a suggested 5 day lesson with different activities you can do. • Day 1: Sort out the sounds between the vowel teams (the cards with the words)• Day 2: Sort out the sounds between vowel teams (the cards without the words)• Day 3: Collaborative practice to sort out the sounds be

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OI OY Diphthong [[Word Family GAMES!]]
This is a variety of games for the OI and OY spelling patterns. There are 4 games included, great for centers and word study. Let your students have fun and be engaged, all while learning and studying this word family! Goes great with WTW Sort 31. Printer friendly sets are included! Please note this

Also included in: Word Family Games BUNDLE #1! [[700+ pages]]


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Diphthongs: OI & OY Self-Correcting Puzzles
This is a great way to reinforce the skill of dipthongs! Students have to read the word and match it up! Simple as that!I've included different files of this. There are the self-correcting puzzles but also regular cards that they can do match up to help with the prepping if you're on the go! It's in

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TIC TAC TOE /oi/ and /oy/
This is a tic-tac-toe game used for reading words with the sounds /oi/ and /oy/ as in “soil” and “boy.” This also goes along with the 1st Grade Scott Foresman Reading Series. I have my students get in pairs. They pick any word, read it, and then mark it on their paper. Each pair only needs one

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OI and OY
Vowel Teams Worksheets: These FOURTEEN activities practice reading, sentence writing, alphabetical order, decoding, and sorting words with the glued sounds oi and oy.14 Worksheets Included...-1 Bingo Game: This product includes 25 bingo boards and a word list.-4 Buzzing Through Words +2 Word Box She


oi & oy game
Purchase another oi, oy game heret Purchase another oi, oy game heret Materials: This game is for 2-4 players. Each partnership needs one game board and coin sheet, one die, and a cup of round BINGO chips (one color for each player). Each player needs a recording sheet and a playing piece. Ho

Also included in: oi, oy games


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OI and OY Bundle
Worksheets, puzzles, bingo, and pocket chart sort to help students practice reading words with OY and OI.Worksheets2 sheets: Cut out the Oy/Oi words and paste them under the correct picture.1 sheet: Circle the correct spelling of the oy/oi word.2 sheets: write the oy/oi word in the given spaces.4 sh


Spelling & Word Work oi & oy  Week 22
I use this bundle of goodies weekly in my classroom for both spelling and my word work station. Each week my students get 8 new words that follow a specific phonemic pattern. We work on that pattern by play games, completing sorts, and working on the different spelling activities. Even if you don't

Also included in: Spelling BUNDLE Weeks 1-33


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Reading Street: Simple Machines BINGO - Diphthongs oi, oy
This Bingo game includes 6 different game boards that all include the phonics rule for the week in addition to the high-frequency words for the week. A great game to practice phonics and spelling skills in a small group setting!

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OI OY No Prep Phonics Pack
This no prep phonics pack has plenty of activities to help your student practice reading and writing words with the oi/oy sound. Please provide feedback! This 31 page pack includes: Writing words Drawing words Matching words to pictures Writing rhyming words Reading Comprehension Sentences Memory Ma

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Phonics Game: oi & oy
Play bingo and practice words with oi & oy.Three different bingo boards and word cards are included to allow your students to work in groups of 2 or 3 with their own word cards. Each duo or trio group gets the final four pages of this packet: 1 set of word cards to be cut out, as well as a diffe

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#12 OI and OY Words Bingo Card Game
This fun, developmental, sequential new phonics program is about to change your world! Much recent data proves that it has increased students' reading levels over two years in six months. The FREE Five-Star Phonics Pre-test/Post-test will guide your instruction by helping you to know which cards you

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Digraph Activities OI & OY
This packet was designed to teach and practice the digraphs OI and OY. It is the perfect packet to begin reading interventions on this skill, to work on with a small group or with the entire class. This is great for centers too. Included you will receive: Pre-AssessmentPost-AssessmentPostersChunk

Also included in: Phonics Activities Growing Bundle


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Orton Gillingham Activities: oi & oy vowel team word cards, sentences & games
This is a MUST-HAVE for everyone looking for quick word lists, sentences, activities, and games by specific concept/skill for your lessons. With 115 words and 32 sentences for this one concept, you can truly individualize your lessons. You can use the set in a variety of ways with your students incl

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