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"One Bottle of Pop" is a story that incorporates the 3 partner songs "One Bottle of Pop", "Don't Throw your Junk in my Back Yard" and "Fish and Chips and Vinegar". The repetition built into the story helps the students learn the tunes quickly in a fun and engaging way. I have included the story, Orf
Do you need FUN, attainable partner songs to teach harmonic singing? This arrangement of "One Bottle Pop" is paired with two other silly songs and an Orff arrangement. Teach the songs in unison with the Orff accompaniments first, then add the harmonic singing a capella. This expandable guided music
3 Page PDF Document for song 'One Bottle of Pop.' This song is loved by ALL of my classes. They love the silly lyrics and are able to learn about singing in a round. Lesson idea: Teach song, and then experiment with different ways to sing in a round. A great introduction to singing in parts.
This is a fun music video I made for my grade 1-2-3 Montessori kids to use while we are distance learning. The video teachers them how to sing a simple 3-part song:One bottle of pop...Fish & Chips & Vinegar...Don't throw your trash in my backyard...It is instructional and then gives the chil
Two-part bicenia for equal, mixed, or a combination of voices.
This is the song "One Bottle O' Pop", notated on a single staff in Treble Clef, in the key of F major, in 3/4 time. All art done by me :) I am in the process of creating a song collection complete with full verses, fun title fonts, and black and white illustration (ideal for coloring!) as something
Are you looking for some fun and silly songs to sing with your little ones. Your classes are sure to enjoy these fun and silly, camp songs that can be sung in the classroom or around the campfire! This could be used by general and music teachers a like. This set includes lyrics, guitar chords, and
A fun printable for summer camps! This print-friendly booklet is perfect for summer camp sing-alongs. Great for new and old campers alike! This 2nd version of the book is editable in case your favorite song isn't included! Colorable pics throughout the book as well a colorable front page!Ama LamaA

Also included in: Summer Music Bundle

32 Simple, fun, crazy, silly songs for group singing, each with only two chords each. Perfect for beginners who want to learn a slew of songs in a short amount of time or seasoned veterans preparing to lead a group jam or sing-a-long with songs anyone can pick up in a trice. Songs using F & C7
I have collected songs to use in first grade with chords for a ukulele (or guitar). Some pages have history about the song. There are 34 songs, but only 3 appear in the previews. Enjoy! Alabama, Mississippi 4 Apples and Bananas 5 Down By the Bay 6 Dreidel 7 Five Green and Speckled Frogs 8 Five Gree
Tim Rasinksi, Kent State Reading Education Professor, teaches about the magic of song in the classroom. How easily humans can memorize the lyrics to a song, feeling the rhythm and rhyme along the way. When we have the words to a song in front of us as we are learning, we are improving our reading. S
19 Songs Kid's Love for 2-Octave Diatonic Boomwhackers: This collection of easy to intermediate arrangements for Boomwhackers is intended to be used with a standard diatonic C-scale set on the top staff and a second set with octavator caps (or the larger, lower-octave set) playing the bottom staff.
You’ve had sets of Boomwhackers® forever, but what do you do with them? In this resource, we take you through a sequential process that will help your students in Grades 2-5 learn to read rhythms, melodies, and chords.There are 55 musical examples for students to play, with fun accompaniment tracks.
Sight Words Sentence Centers BUNDLE of 224 sight words word cards (link to REAL PICTURES in the description!) for kindergarten and first grade (and possibly higher - check out the word list in the preview picture to see included words!) with illustrated sentences for perfect and fun sight word pract
My Pop Bottle Biography Projects will truly FOSTER a LOVE of reading and writing informational text among your students while allowing them to be creative thinkers and learners. Your students will LOVE this project because they will have an opportunity to use their imaginations as they learn about a
These second grade music lesson plans contain 52 lessons for the whole school year! Please click on the “preview” of this product to view sample lessons from this set. Click below to view my other set of second grade music lessons that includes resources and mp3 sound files:Second grade music lesso
These water label tags are GUARANTEED to motivate your students! 39 pages of motivational sayings (some in both color and black & white). There’s something for every occasion! The perfect healthy treat to reward your students! **Your students will keep refilling these bottles and keep them on th
Summer Picnic and Barbecue clip art and line art bundle! "Al Fresco" includes 36 outdoor eating clipart illustrations created from my original hand painted artwork! Each design comes supplied as a full colour png, as well as black and white outline versions (in png and jpeg formats). All images ar
This is a multi-day project to complete the NGSS Standards of either 5-LS2-1 or MS-LS2-3, both of which include developing a model to describe the movement of matter among living and nonliving things in the ecosystem. In this ready-to-print project, students design a model to show how matter and ene
This lesson focuses on Roy Lichtenstein’s style using benday and Andy Warhol’s style of using color schemes in his pop art. This lesson can be taught in three main ways: Drawing a pop bottle, Drawing a can in correct perspective, and Drawing a portrait using correct proportions. I now include the s
STEM Project for Third, Fourth and Fifth grades.Using an old CD, a balloon, and a water bottle (with a pop-up top), students will create their own mini-hovercraft and explore the near-frictionless properties with their group.For a list of materials, please click here! This link will take you to a pd
These printable articulation Play-Doh Bubble Play boards are great for the non-reader and are quick and easy to use. Each Play-Doh Bubble Play board targets one phoneme and are used to engage children in interactive fun while working on speech sounds and providing fine motor practice as well. Play-D
STEM Middle School Classroom ProjectUsing an old CD, a balloon and a water bottle (with a pop-up top), students will create their own mini-hovercraft and explore the near-frictionless properties with their group.Save Money, buy a bundle!!! This activity is also available as part of one of my 16 pack
This Alphabet song effectively teaches BOTH the letter names AND sounds. Included are supportive materials to teach beginning reading skills. Children LOVE singing with us while viewing our mini-movie! The tune is 100 Bottles of “Pop” on the Wall! This product comes with a Mini-movie of this Singa

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