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cvc Onset & Rime Worksheets - Cut Paste - Single Sound Focus
These cvc Onset and Rime Worksheets will help your students start reading and making words in no time! T16 worksheets students will make cvc wordsstudents will read cvc wordsstudents will identify cvc words in c-vc formatstudents will trace beginning letters, practicing letter formationYour little l

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Word Families Short Vowels CVC Onset and Rime Cards
This hands-on activity consists of word families that follow the short vowel CVC pattern. Place this activity at a center, use in your guided reading groups and/or use for remediation/intervention groups. Each word is broken into the onset and rime. The cards can be used to help students blend and

Also included in: Word Families Onset and Rime Cards BUNDLE


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Word Families Short A CVC Onset and Rime Cards
This hands-on activity consists of word families that follow the short vowel CVC pattern. For this FREEBIE, you get a sample of -at, -an and -ap word families onset and rime cards. Place this activity at a center, use in your guided reading groups and/or use for remediation/intervention groups. Thi

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CVC Word Families PowerPoint Games Onset and Rime Bundle
There are 6 CVC word families PowerPoint games in this bundle - one for each short vowel sound and a bonus game that includes all the vowel sounds. Your students will love the games; they're bright, engaging, self-correcting, and promote active learning. The activities are perfect for kindergarten,

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Onset and Rime Cards: Phonemic Awareness
Check out the BUNDLE HEREPhonological/Phonemic Awareness provides a strong foundation for early reading success. As students become more proficient in hearing, identifying and manipulating sounds (phonemes), they can move onto segmenting and blending words. A systematic and cohesive approach to teac

Also included in: Phonemic Awareness (The Bundle)


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Word Families Onset and Rime Cards BUNDLE
This hands-on activity consists of word families that follow various word patterns (CVC, CVCe, other short vowel patterns and other long vowel patterns). Place this activity at a center, use in your guided reading groups and/or use for remediation/intervention groups. Each word is broken into the on


Roll, Blend & Write It:  An Onset & Rime Blending Center
This onset & rime center activity gives students practice blending the sounds, reading the words and deciding if it is a real word or a nonsense word. It also includes beginning digraphs. This product works best if you have the Differentiated Instruction Cubes from teacher stores. Students ca

Also included in: Roll, Blend & Write It: A Blending Sounds Center Bundle


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Blending Onset and Rime Distance Learning
In this 20 page resource, students will blend the onset and rime (short vowel word families), and then cut and glue the correct picture to match each word. All words included are short vowels words (a, e, i, o, and u) (CVC). Five words are included on some pages and six words are included on other

Also included in: Blending Onset and Rime BUNDLE Distance Learning


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Onset and Rime Building Word Fluency Activities Bundle
Are your students struggling to decode words and it is impacting their reading fluency? Then this Bundled (all 6) Onset & Rimes resource is going to make decoding so much easier! It will improve their phonics skills by practicing breaking and chunking words into onset and rimes! CVC Short Vowel,


Onset and Rime Puzzles
These Onset and Rime Puzzles will help students develop their phonemic awareness by blending and segmenting words. These are also great for reinforcing word families and building fluency. It's perfect for a Literacy Center during reading groups. There are 60 puzzles in total. Check out the preview

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CVC Words Onset and Rime Word Building Activities and Reading Centers
Students will practice building, reading, and writing CVC words with these hand-on activities.INCLUDES:Onset-Rime Word Building CardsStudents match the picture/onset card with the corresponding rime card to build the CVC words. Includes 108 cards.CVC Words Game Choose a picture card and cover the co

Also included in: CVC Words Worksheets, Games, and Activities Bundle KINDERGARTEN


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Onset and Rime Worksheets - Includes VIC, QLD & NSW/ACT fonts!
12 Onset and Rime Worksheets including 6 different rimes.Alphabet to assist students and a blends worksheet included for extension.

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Onset & Rime Phonics Center
Students use foam tiles to blend onsets and rimes to make real and nonsense words. Students record their findings on the recording sheet. This is a quick and easy literacy center!

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Kinderbykim's Rock and Roll Onset and Rime Packet
This reproducible set includes 28 onset and rime recording sheets. Plus one writing page to practice writing stories with their silly rhymes. Each darling fill in the blank page encourages children to practice word families.Use wooden cubes and a sharpie to write the word families on the cubes. This

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CVC Word Family Interactive Notebook Kindergarten Onset and Rimes {RF.K.2c}
CVC Word Family Interactive Notebook: This Interactive Notebook has been designed for kindergarten students for reference and practice of CVC words. This notebook has been designed to support blending and segmenting onsets and rimes of CVC words {RF.K.2c}. If you are not looking for a common core al

Also included in: CVC Word Family Word Work and Centers Bundle - Ultimate Edition


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Onset and Rime Puzzle Match-Up
Onset and Rime - Word Work - Literacy Stations These self-correcting puzzles make practicing onset and rime easy. You can put them into a workstation and be confident that they are practicing the skill correctly. This file includes 24 onset and rime match-ups in color. Customer Tips: How to ge

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LITERACY CENTER: Mittens Onset Rime Consonant Blends Rhyming Words
LITERACY CENTER: Matching Mittens Onset and Rime ActivityMATCHING MITTENS is a differentiated, literacy center for primary classrooms. The foci of the center are initial consonants, consonant blends, and rhyming words. Students will make mitten pairs by finding rhyming words. Emergent readers will s

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CVC Word Puzzles Short Vowels Onset and Rime
CVC Word Puzzles using short vowels. A total of 94 self correcting puzzles to print, cut, and laminate. A school year's worth of literacy centers. Children will practice blending and segmenting onsets and rimes and develop fluency reading word family words. The following word families are repres

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Winter Activities: DIBELS Onset Rime:  Cookies and Cocoa Set 1
DIBELS Cookies And Cocoa Onset Rime Winter Activities Set 1 Also Part of a VALUE BUNDLE… Save $5.00! CLICK HERE
 Preview the bundle on my YouTube Channel by clicking ★★HERE★★
 ★ Match each Cookie to a Mug of Cocoa to make a word… ★ Real or Nonsense? C-V-C ★ Prints nicely in color or grayscal

Also included in: Winter {BUNDLE VALUE} Winter Activities For K/1: Mini Books, Poems, Games, Math


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Word Families - Blending Onsets and Rimes
This pack focuses on the phonological concepts of word families. (*Updated May, 2017)'Onset' and 'rime' are terms used to describe phonological units of a single-syllable word.The onset is the initial consonant or consonant blend / digraph.The rime is the vowel and any final consonants. Words that s

Also included in: Ultimate Phonics Bundle for the Youngest Readers and Writers


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Blending Onset and Rime FREEBIE Distance Learning
**Terms of Use Update: You have my permission to use any of my freebies with students in your classroom for any means of distance learning during the COVID19 pandemic. Feel free to contact me in the Q & A section of my store if needed. Students will blend the onset and rime, and then cut and glu

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Onset and Rime Cards {Clip, Record, Assess}
Great for centers, small group, or partner work. -90 picture cards let students identify the onset and rime of a word by coloring, clipping, or hole punching the beginning and ending letters. (18 cards per vowel/color or black and white) -Recording sheets are included so students can write the wo

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Fall Activities - DIBELS - Onset Rime Build A Word - Makes 63 Different Sets
Use these DIBELS Fall Activities to practice Onset Rime (Real or Nonsense) ★ Build A Word Wheels – Set 1 – Different Ways To Use and Record ★ 63 Different Combinations of Wheels, so you can make 63 Word Builder Wheels with this set! ★ Includes 4 Word Builder Awards and 8 Recording Sheets

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Onset and Rime Exit tickets
If you like this, SAVE MONEY and buy Kindergarten Literacy Exit Tickets –BUNDLED I have written a post on how I use Exit Tickets in the Classroom Exit tickets are a great formative assessment. They are a quick way to determine if students get the concept that you have taught or if they n

Also included in: Kindergarten Exit Tickets Literacy Bundle


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